Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M.

Domestic and International Banking, Financial and Investment Activities


Founding Year 1902
Address 34 Yehuda Halevi St.,Tel Aviv 6513616, Israel - View Map
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Hanan Fridman, President & CEO, Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M.

Hanan Fridman

President & CEO

Dr. Samer Haj Yehia, Chairman of the Board, Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M.

Dr. Samer Haj Yehia

Chairman of the Board


Leumi is Israel’s oldest banking corporation and one of the leading and largest corporations in the Middle East. As of 31 December 2018, the Group’s total assets amounted to NIS 460.7 billion, while shareholders' equity reached NIS 35.3 billion. Leumi Group’s credit portfolio at this period amounted at to NIS 279.2 billion, deposits of the public reached NIS 364.6 billion, net profit totaled NIS 3.3 billion and net return on equity reached 9.5%.

Senior Management

Ronen Agassi, CPA

Head of Capital Markets Division

Bosmat Ben-Zvi, CPA

Head of Risk Management Division

Hilla Eran-Zick

Head of Human Resources Division

Eilon Dachbash

Head of Retail Banking Division

Omer Ziv, CPA

Head of Finance Division

Shlomo Goldfarb, CPA

Head of Accounting Division

Shmulik Arbel

Head of Corporate Division

Sharon Gur

Head of Internal Audit Division

Irit Roth, Adv.

Head of Legal Division

Hanan Friedman, Adv.

Head of Strategy, Innovation and Transformation Division

Shay Basson

Head of Technologies Division

Ilan Buganim

Head of Data Division

Eyal Ben-Haim

Head of Operations Division

Leumi Always
Bank Leumi was founded in London in 1902 as a result of Dr. Theodor Herzl’s vision. Upon the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Bank Leumi served as the central bank for the new state and issued the country’s first banknotes. Since then, Leumi has been instrumental to the development of the State of Israel, playing a vital role in a range of sectors – from national infrastructure, agriculture, industry and real estate, to commerce, academia, hi-tech and research.

The Leumi Group today operates some 208 branches throughout Israel, in addition to branches and offices located in key financial centers across the globe. Leumi provides a wide spectrum of high quality banking services to all types of customers, starting with households, through small and middle-market businesses, and up to large corporations. These services are provided through specialized business lines, suited to all customer segments, and are backed up by the highest standards and uncompromised professionalism. The Group provides additional services through its subsidiaries: ‘Leumi Partners’, the investment banking arm; ‘LeumTech’, the high-tech banking arm; and VIDEA, the digital portfolio management company.

In recent years, Leumi has invested extensive resources in developing and enhancing its technological capabilities in order to provide customers with the most advanced banking services. Today, ‘Leumi Digital’ leads the digital banking field in Israel, with a wide variety of innovative online banking services which are available to customers 24/7 via various digital channels.

Business Lines
Retail Banking Division
The Retail Banking Division provides full banking services to households, small businesses and private customers through 186 branches located across the country. The Division also includes the Mortgage Department.

Corporate Banking Division
The Corporate Banking Division is comprised of two Departments: The Commercial Department and The Corporate Department. The Commercial Department specializes in providing banking and financial services to middle-market companies through 22 commercial branches across the country. The Corporate Department provides funding and financial services to big businesses, corporations and multinational companies. The Department also finances construction and contracting companies involved in large-scale real estate and infrastructure projects.

International Banking
This business line provides commercial banking services to individuals and Israeli companies operating in international markets. This includes Leumi USA, Leumi UK and Leumi’s representative office in Shanghai, China.

Capital Markets Division
The Capital Markets Division manages the Bank’s nostro portfolio and operates Leumi’s dealing rooms (Israeli Securities, Foreign Securities, Forex and Derivatives) in order to provide capital market services to the Bank’s customers, including institutional customers.

Data Division
The Data Division is responsible for leveraging the data assets of Leumi Group in order to improve the Bank’s value proposition to customers. The Division is also responsible for Leumi’s mobile-only digital bank – ‘Pepper’, and the Bank’s Marketing Department.

Strategy, Innovation & Transformation Division
The Strategy, Innovation & Transformation Division leads all measures needed to adapt the Bank’s operating model to the ever-changing banking industry. Whilst doing so, the division is responsible for carrying out digital innovation across all the Bank’s business lines. The division manages ‘Leumi Digital’ – the Bank’s advanced online digital channels which include the website, mobile apps and self-service digital stations located at all branches.

LeumiTech provides comprehensive financial services to Israeli startups and high-tech companies operating in Israel and abroad, while addressing the unique needs of the tech industry. Based in Tel Aviv, LeumiTech also operates in global tech hubs such as London, New York and Palo Alto.

Leumi and the Community
Ever since its establishment and alongside its business activities, Leumi has always been an active partner in the society and community in which it operates. This legacy has been manifested in recent years in the Bank’s activities in promoting education, culture and the arts, while working towards reducing social gaps and providing equal opportunities to youth in Israel.

In 2018, Leumi invested over NIS 41 million in activities for the benefit of the community, through donations and sponsorships to some 450 social and educational organizations. These activities were attended by dozens of thousands of youth and adults from all sectors of the Israeli population. In addition, more than 4,700 bank employees took part in volunteer work in various programs throughout the country.

For over 17 years Leumi has been a strategic partner of “Aharai!” (‘Follow Me!’), a social and educational association engaged in developing young leadership, as well as encouraging social involvement among youth and young adults across Israel. Leumi is the organization’s main donor and supports the ongoing growth of the organization’s activities in the periphery. The Bank’s CEO serves as Head of the Association of Friends of “Aharai!”, while more than 1,000 Leumi employees volunteered in the organization during 2018.

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