Cal – Israel Credit Cards Ltd.

Issue of Visa, Diners and MasterCard, Credit Cards, Clearing of Visa, MasterCard, Diners, and Isracard Credit Cards, Development of Non-Bank Credit Products


Founding Year 1979
Address 13 T'futzot Israel St., Givatayim 5358331 - View Map
Phone 03-5723572
Fax 03-5723723
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Levy Halevy, CEO, Cal – Israel Credit Cards Ltd.

Levy Halevy



Cal Ltd. is a leading company in the field of payments and non-bank credit. Cal issues some of the world's biggest credit brands such as, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club, and handles its clearances. Moreover, the company clears the most common e-wallet accounts in China: Alipay and WeChat.

Cal offers its clients a variety of advanced financial solutions, all this while using groundbreaking technologies with a corporate infrastructure that is client-geared and promotes cooperation in the retail and financial sectors. Cal employs about 1,500 employees in its Givatayim, Ashdod, and Modi’in Illit offices, who provide financial solutions to about 3.4 million cardholders and tens of thousands of businesses. The company is owned by Israel Discount Bank (72%) and First International Bank of Israel (28%).

Private clients – Card Holders
As part of its focus on the client, Cal offers its customers a variety of communication channels to best provide them with quality, rapid, efficient and accessible support. Moreover, Cal works to facilitate data as a platform, enabling it to better understand the desires and needs of its clients.

Communication Channels
Cal App – offers a variety of activities, services, and information, among which are: viewing charges and transaction tallies, receiving the PIN code, blocking a card in the event of theft or loss, taking a loan, ordering benefits, chatting with a representative and more.
Cal on WhatsApp – chatting with a human representative via Whatsapp, by clicking a link or saving a dedicated Cal number as a contact.

Advanced Credit Solutions
Fixed Monthly Debit – Allows the client to set a monthly amount to be charged according to income and expected expenses.
Customized Instant Loan – transferred directly to the customer’s account. The loan can be taken as part of the client’s credit limit, or beyond it.
CalChoice – a card that allows maximum flexibility in budget management, while being able to choose the billed amount each month.

Customer Benefits
Cal offers its clients with a variety of benefits, tailored to their needs.
Experiences Store – Cal’s advanced benefit website in diverse content worlds: leisure, cinema, entertainment shows, kids shows, spa, restaurants, etc.
Traveling Abroad Benefits Package – a variety of benefits from planning the trip, to coming back.
Digital Vouchers – coupons purchased via Cal’s digital wallet for usable in a variety of chains, in sectors such as: fashion, entertainment, supermarkets, etc.
CalCashBack+ a website which permits obtaining rebates on online purchases carried out through leading online merchants such as:, ASOS, eBay, AliExpress, and more.

Variety of Consumer Loyalty Programs
Cal is the leader in the field of customer clubs in Israel, including: Shufersal – a card offering benefits, a sign-up bonus and fixed discounts on products in the Shufersal and Be chains. FLY CARD – where every purchase offers frequent-flyer points with El-Al, at the most cost-effective rate on the market. PowerCard – offers benefits and rebates for any purchase made in Home Center, Beitili, Mega Sport, Zer4u, ToysRUs, and more. Family365 – a joint club for Cal, ‘Club 365’ and ‘Yinot Bitan’, which provides benefits and refunds for every purchase at Yinot Bitan, and stores which form part of the Club 365 collective. Cal-H&O – fixed and variable rebates and discounts in the H&O chain. CalFixnet – Refunds of up to NIS 1,000 a year for foreign currency online shopping, overseas and in a variety of retail chains in Israel. Miles & More – Automatic accumulation of frequent-flyer miles in Lufthansa and its code-sharers. In addition, Cal set up loyalty programs suited to every customer’s lifestyle: Hitech Zone, Shaveh Club, the Armed Forces Club, the Police Officers’ Funds club, Yoter Club, Yahad Club, etc.
Diners Club – a Cal brand that provides benefits in the restaurant, culture, leisure, cinema and vacation sectors, on top of varying monthly discounts in a variety of businesses, nationwide.
Diners Extra – refunds up to 1,000 NIS of bills and household expenses annually.

Business Clients
Cal provides solutions to its business clients via a variety of advanced clearance services, alongside cutting edge financial management and innovative credit solutions.
Clearance Solutions for Businesses
• Clearing at the Business – With an advanced terminal that supports EMV technology and enables safer transactions, by having the client type in his PIN code.
• Online Clearing – Embedding a secure payment page on the business’ website.
• Smartphone/Tablet Clearing – Using the Cal-Pos app, credit cards may be accepted simply, safely and conveniently a smartphone/tablet, anytime, and anywhere.
• Alipay and WeChat Clearing – A clearing solution for businesses that serve Chinese tourists who make purchases in Israel through Alipay or WeChat.
• Chat Service for Businesses – chatting with a representative for on-demand support, in real time.

Credit Solutions for Businesses
• Online Loans – Cal offers businesses loans on the Cal Business website or the Cal4Biz app, with approval within 3 minutes.
• Online Credit – Allows the business to pre-cash online via the Cal Business website or the Cal4Biz app.
• Credit Transactions Clearance – Improving cash flow by early clearance of credit card vouchers.

Growing Together
Cal’s management sees its human capital as a precious asset and invests in hiring quality employees, who will partake in the company’s development and success. Many of the company’s executives began their career at Cal and grew with the company, over time.

Corporate Responsibility
Cal is committed to contributing to the community while helping disadvantaged sectors in the Israeli society. The company stresses combining organizational resources with financial allotments for the community, and fosters participation in social endeavors by employees and managers. Cal has been graded “Platinum” under the “Ma’ale” ratings for corporate responsibility. The company’s flagship social responsibility program, “To Wish and to Dream is Cal”, the goal of which is to fulfill the dreams and needs of the “Yeladim BeSikui” non-profit’s beneficiaries, children who live in boardinghouses, some with no family support.
Cal Giving a Chance – A joint social venture with “Yeladim BeSikui”, where Cal customers benefit from discounts in a variety of businesses across Israel. Simultaneously, in every card transaction at a business registered in this program, the business makes a donation to “Yeladim BeSikui”.
Synergy – A program that integrates senior executives from Cal as voluntary members of Boards of Directors of social organizations, in cooperation with JDC Israel.
Shi’ur Aher (“A Different Lesson”) – Cal works through the Shi’ur Aher association to support equal opportunity in education. Cal’s employees teach financial-education classes in schools where underprivileged students study.
Israeli Journey – a program in partnership with the Association of Disabled IDF veterans, and the “Masa Israeli” non-profit, supporting and assisting the injured of the IDF while participating in riveting and group-related activities. In addition, Cal has other social ventures that link the company’s business activities to its contributions to the community.

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