Cal – Israel Credit Cards Ltd.

Issue of Visa, Diners and MasterCard, Credit Cards, Clearing of Visa, MasterCard, Diners, and Isracard Credit Cards, Development of Non-Bank Credit Products


Founding Year 1979
Address 13 T'futzot Israel St., Givatayim 5358331 - View Map
Phone 03-5723572
Fax 03-5723723
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Levy Halevy, CEO, Cal – Israel Credit Cards Ltd.

Levy Halevy


About Cal – Israel Credit Cards Ltd.

Cal is the leading credit cards company in the payments and non-bank credit worlds, providing financial solutions to about 3.5 million cardholders and 100,000 businesses. Cal issues and clears the world-leading credit brands MasterCard and Visa, and is the exclusive representative of Diners Club in Israel. Cal prioritizes its customers, and works constantly to adapt to a dynamic and everchanging world, while encouraging technological innovation, developing non-bank credit programs and advanced financial products, and promoting strategic partnerships. The company works from its headquarters in Givatayim and several other sites (Ashdod, Upper Modi'in, Tefen and Netivot). It is owned by the banks Discount (72%) and FIBI (28%).


Israel Discount Bank – 72%,

The First International Bank of Israel – 28%

Business Partnerships with Cal

As a competition-generating company in the payments and credit worlds, Cal leads in the long-term strategic cooperations with all of Israel’s banks and leading retail chains and commercial entities in the market. Cal leads the non-banks member clubs fields, and partners with the largest member clubs: Shufersal – Israel’s largest supermarkets chain, with more than 600,000 customers; Family365 in cooperation with HaMashbir (365) and Bitan Wines; Fly Card (with El-Al), that offers the most attractive conversion of points (miles) in the frequent flyer club; Cal H&O with H&O and Carter’s; and more. Cal cooperates with the various partners to upgrade the value offers in Israel and abroad, and expand the customer base through digital, innovative and fast recruitment processes in various channels. The member cards offer unique and exclusive benefits on card transactions in many content worlds, fixed and dynamic discounts and refunds for buying in the chains, that generate very high customer loyalty.

Credit with Cal

As part of its customer-orientated approach, Cal develops the data world as a platform that offers better understanding of the customers’ needs and wishes, in order to pick the best solution for each customer from a variety of advanced products and innovative alternatives. All with strict risk management and fairness to the customers.

For Private Customers: Cal offers its customers (and customer of every Israeli bank) various loan channels, customized for any purpose, directly to their bank account. The company enables cardholders to control their card expenses and preset the monthly billing sum in accordance with the expected income and expenses, delivering maximal budget management flexibility to its customers.

For Business Customers: Cal offers businesses that clear through it with investments and working capital financing and state-guaranteed loans. The company offers unique solutions that simplify and streamline the cashflow management process, such as online preponing of credits, credit transaction factoring and more. Cal financial services enable businesses to manage their transaction and payments efficiently and optimally.

Clearing with Cal

The company offers advanced and secure clearing services in businesses and online, and developed high-quality security mechanisms that guarantees increased revenues for businessowners in an accessible and secure manner. From the understanding that different businesses have different needs, Cal constantly works to expand its services so that they would provide added value for the clearing businesses. Cal has unique cooperations with the Chinese payment giants Alipay and WeChat, enabling Israeli businesses to receive payments through these payment apps.

Payment Solutions with Cal

Cal invests heavily in developing innovative, smart and fast payment systems. The company works to offer its customers a safe and convenient payment option through a variety of payment technologies: magnetic stripe, EMV and Contactless. Cal issues cards in accordance with the new payment model and based on the international security standard for smart and contactless payments, as part of the transition to a world of smart transactions. Cal payments solutions, which are based on using its credit card, deliver cost-saving to the cardholders through unique benefits and value offers that are customized for them. Cal advanced benefits website offers customers exclusive discounts and sales in broad content worlds: attractions, cinema, entertainment shows, vacations, spa, culinary, tourism and more. Cal also offers consumers useful digital discount vouchers for fashion, cosmetics, leisure and food chains.

Digital with Cal

Cal adapts to the new financial world and leads an ongoing process of digital transformation, with an emphasis on customer experience as part of making the services available for cardholders and businessowners. Cal invests heavily in building its digital assets in order to enable maximal convenience and access to transactions and information on the website and app. The Cal app enables private customers to monitor their charges, watch transactions in real time, remain abreast of their credit line status, retrieve their PIN code, block their cards (in case of loss or theft), take loans, change invoicing dates, spread payments, block debit orders and more. The Cal4Biz app enables businesses which clear with Cal to monitor the business activities continuously, watch the coming invoice without typing a password, find or cancel transactions, prepone the monthly invoice and more. Cal prioritized its customers, and provides them with a variety of communication channels for a professional quality response through phone, voice, business chat, social networks, frontal service, and is also the only company in the market that enables service through WhatsApp chats.

Cal Invests in the Human Resource

Cal sees its human capital as a precious asset, and works hard to develop its human resource as an ultimate value, from the belief that organizational cohesion supports a company’s organizational and business growth, Cal invests in a variety of activities for employee welfare, communication and ongoing dialogue, development and training for all of the ranks, occupational diversity and creation of a professional development outlook. Many of the company’s managers started their professional career in it and grew in-house.

Cal’s Corporate Responsibility

Cal has a Platinum Ranking in the Ma’ala Corporate Responsibility ranking. The company is committed to community service and invests a lot of resources in social action for benefiting underprivileged populations in the Israeli society. Cal social responsibility is based on two principles: connection to the business core and allocation of financial resources alongside with human resources in the form of corporate volunteering. Cal leads numerous social projects that connect the company’s business operations with community service, while cooperating with many associations and social organizations.

Cal’s Environmental Responsibility

As an inseparable part of its corporate responsibility, Cal works to protect the environment and implement sustainability principles out of its core values of responsibility, fairness and transparency. Cal includes environmental considerations in its decision making process, and recognizes the importance of environmental management systems that support efficiency and resource saving.

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