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Founding Year 2001
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Ehud Barzily, Adv. Founder, Udi Barzily – Law Office

Ehud Barzily

Adv. Founder

. Ofer Rachmany, Adv. Manager, Udi Barzily – Law Office

. Ofer Rachmany

Adv. Manager

Karin Zuckerman, Adv. Manager, Udi Barzily – Law Office

Karin Zuckerman

Adv. Manager

Maya Nitka, Adv. Manager, Udi Barzily – Law Office

Maya Nitka

Adv. Manager


Udi Barzily – Law Office is one of Israel's leading tax law firms. It was founded in 2001 by Adv. & CPA Ehud Barzily, who has served as Deputy Head of the Israel Income Tax Authority, Director of its Land Betterment Division and as Legal Advisor to the Israel Income Tax Authority. The Firm provides its clients superb personal service, adapted especially for their needs. It serves major Israeli companies and projects, as well as international clients.

Other Senior Advocates

Adv. Tal Sasson

Adv. Suzanna Michaelov

Adv. Liron ben mayor

Adv. Yaniv Barzily

Practice Areas

The Firm, with its 8 attorneys, is well experienced in all fields of tax law and provides its clients with a diverse range of legal services, such as counseling, tax planning, accompanying large transactions, accompanying REIT’s, major Israeli real estate transactions, tax disclosure, litigation and representation before tax authorities and judicial instances. The Firm provides all services related to international taxation. The Firm handles, inter alia: income tax, capital market, corporate tax, VAT, international taxation, capital gains tax, mergers, divestures, and acquisitions, option programs for employees, public issues, the investments center, real estate counseling – including purchase tax, and land betterment tax.
The Firm handles all tax issues concerning transactions made by Israelis, foreign residents, and foreign investors.

Customer Service
Udi Barzily – Law Office aims at providing its clients high quality personal, professional service, that stands up to the standards offered by leading law firms in the US and Europe. The expert team of the Firm focuses on the client, with maximum attention to its unique needs, adapting the service to best suit the business nature of each client, to its full satisfaction. Many local guides consistently rank the Firm as a leading firm, providing professional quality service. At the same time, the Firm was recently chosen as one of the leading law firms in the field of taxation, including real estate taxation.

The Firm provides legal services and comprehensive counseling to a wide variety of clients, including many leading Israeli companies and business projects, as well as large international clients. Among the Firm’s clientele are public entities, private companies, public companies, Israeli and international projects, and major Israeli real estate companies.

Community Service
The Firm provides “Pro-Bono” legal service in many cases. The Firm also promotes tax matters of national importance, with the work of its founder, Udi Barzily, who is chairman of the committee for municipal rate reform. The Firm took part in drafting the negative income tax law proposal, and in preparing other tax laws.

Firm Management
Udi Barzily, LL.M. (summa cum laude) and CPA. He served in the Income Tax Authority for over 10 years in many senior positions: Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax Authority (96-00); Manager, Real Estate Betterment Tax (96-99); Legal Advisor, Income Tax Authority (99-00). Several times, he was a candidate to become Income Tax Commissioner (Head of the Tax Authority). In 2000 he resigned from public service and joined as a Partner with Meitar, Liquornik & Geva before opening his own firm. He serves on public committees, which discuss tax reforms and has participated in both Rabinovitz Committees, serving as Chairman of the Subcommittee, which discussed international taxation and lowering taxes in Israel, took part in preparing legislation for negative income tax and taxation law for new immigrants and returning Israelis. He has served as chairman of the public committee for the reform of local taxes. He was also a member of the tenders committee of M.I. Holdings, which discussed the privatization of Bank Leumi and Israel Discount Bank and served as Chairman of the Public Council of the Israel Sports Betting Board.

Karin Zuckerman, Adv., LL.B. Academic Center for Law and Business, Ramat Gan. Served as Coordinator of the Committee for Municipal Rates Reform and has authored many articles in the professional and economic media. Karin has been with the Firm since 2007.

Ofer Rachmany, Adv., LL.M. International Taxation, International Taxation Center and LL.M. European Law, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Advocate Rachmany has worked at leading CPA and law firms engaged in international taxation, and in the Netherlands.

Maya Nitka, Adv., has practiced law for the past 13 years. Previously, she served as supervisor for the real estate tax unit of Israel Income Tax (central unit) as an expert in real estate taxation of TAMA 38 projects in general and evacuation-construction projects.

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