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BdiCode 2020 edition is published during a very difficult period for Israel’s economy. The Corona crisis affected significantly economic growth in 2020.

IMF forecasts Gross Domestic Product to fall by 5.9% compared with 3.4% in 2019. This fall in output does not fully reflect the economic impact. In 2020 and 2021, the number of business bankruptcies is expected to rise significantly. In addition, new ventures will be postponed or cancelled.

Some of the new unemployed will not be able to reenter the job market and will become chronically unemployed. Therefore, the consequences go beyond any regular slowdown and the crisis economic and social price is far above the expected loss of output, estimated at $24 Billion. In spite of this very negative figure, certain main indicators have remained positive.

In 2020, inflation will remain low and a 3.5% of GDP surplus is expected in the Current Account Balance of Payments, similar to 2019. In addition, if the IMF forecast materializes the economy will grow by 4.9% in 2021.

Moreover, the peace accords with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan and maybe other Muslim countries should contribute positively to Israel’s foreign trade and to joint ventures.

This 2020 edition of our BdiCode, our sixteenth review of Israel’s leading companies, presents analysis of the business code for excellence and business leadership, a cross section (from all sectors and industries) of leading companies in the Israeli marketplace, and by segmentation – holding, industrial, service, construction, commerce, and capital market companies, as well as law and accounting firms, and a cross section of each of the sectors.

BdiCode ranking considers quantitative and qualitative parameters such as turnover, profitability, growth, risk taking, payment ethics, and “the best place to work.” Ranking “the best companies to work for” raised the idea of investment in human resources to the top of the daily agenda for managers of leading companies. The strength of the ranking lies, inter alia, in the fact that it makes companies look inward and to examine themselves. Among the special rankings are the ranking of the leading Israeli municipalities/ councils. We make every effort to include new factors each year, which are important to the marketplace.

Tens of thousands of copies of this BdiCode 2020 (in Hebrew and English) are distributed in Israel and abroad, and they introduce you to Israel’s leading companies – the backbone of the Israeli economy, sectoral surveys, and economic analysis, which are a prime business tool for examination and recognition of the marketplace. In addition, BdiCode is available in its special website:

Many companies chose to present themselves as part of an expanded profile in our book. They were given an opportunity to detail their operations, products, technologies, market status, and international connections.

We would like to thank our BdiCode employees who have faithfully invested much effort in this book’s publication and have made it possible for us to present you with this quality and professional work.

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