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Shlomi Regev, Partner, Alter Attorneys at Law

Shlomi Regev


Helena Ben-Baruch, Partner, Alter Attorneys at Law

Helena Ben-Baruch


Udi Shostak, Partner, Alter Attorneys at Law

Udi Shostak


Nir Horenstein, Partner, Alter Attorneys at Law

Nir Horenstein


Amichai Pery, Senior Partner, Alter Attorneys at Law

Amichai Pery

Senior Partner

Anat Tenne-Engel, Senior and Managing Partner, Alter Attorneys at Law

Anat Tenne-Engel

Senior and Managing Partner

About Alter Attorneys at Law

Alter Attorneys at Law is Israel's leading tax firm, advises Israeli and foreign clients, and specializes in legal representation before the Israeli tax authorities and courts. The Firm was founded by the Late Dr. Avraham Alter in 1990 and is now owned by six partners who have been with the Firm since its inception.

The Firm has a tradition of creativity, innovativeness, and excellence and has been ranked for many years among Israel’s top tax law firms, both by international ranking guides (such as Legal 500 and Chambers) as well as by Israeli ranking guides.

Practice Areas
The Firm provides tax advice to domestic and foreign clients and specializes in legal representation before Israeli tax authorities and courts in all tax instances, including voluntary disclosures, international taxation, real estate taxation, value-added tax, corporate taxation, and trusts. The Firm has a proven track record in its field, including obtaining approvals for tax rebates and/or reduced tax, concerning demands of the authorities, as well as obtaining precedents in matters of taxation in the Supreme Court. Thus, for example, the Court recently ruled in favor of the Firm’s clients in the Zelichov case, and in the IM Segev case, contrary to the position of the Income Tax Authority.

The Firm is well known for creative tax planning and approvals and precedent-setting decisions with the Israel Tax Authority. Based on this reputation, the Firm is considered as the leading office in Israel in all aspects of the voluntary disclosure procedure and handles the most significant number of voluntary disclosure requests in Israel, including the most complex. The Firm provides comprehensive tax advice, working alongside leading tax experts, public accountants, and lawyers, to ensure that clients receive the best tax solutions. Because of the Firm’s reputation as Israel’s leading tax law firm, it serves as a professional address for lawyers, public accountants, and tax consultants when seeking solutions to complicated tax issues. The Firm is a Cooperation Partner Member of the WTS Alliance, a global network of select consulting firms represented in 100 countries around the world, and focuses on taxation, legal, business, and financial advice.

The Firm’s Staff – Commitment to Excellence
Anat Tenne-Engel, Adv. (CPA) – Senior and Managing Partner – LL.B and Accountancy, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Specializes in all tax areas. She is considered one of Israel’s leading tax experts and has successfully handled hundreds of transactions and tax matters before the various tax authorities, successfully achieved tax arrangements, minimizing tax liabilities, while guaranteeing the finalization of proceedings. In the last few years, she has been involved in capital settlements, trusts, international taxation, activity-sales, and settlement of conflicts with the tax authorities. Adv. Tenne-Engel previously held positions with the Israel Tax Authority. Lectures before various forums on tax matters and publishes professional tax articles and responses, in the written media.
Amichai Pery, Adv. (Accountancy) – Senior Partner – LL.B, and Accountancy, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Specializes in international and local taxation issues, with an emphasis on employee incentive taxation (options, stock, phantom plans, etc). Adv. Pery has planned, established, and accompanied hundreds of tax shelters, of both individuals and corporations, including handling and regulating such activities before the tax authorities. Adv. Pery specializes in reporting and regulating foreign income of individuals, trusts, foreign tax shelters as well as in counseling new immigrants and returning residents. Has practical experience in accompanying overseas activities, including before foreign tax authorities, with an emphasis on US taxation. Adv. Pery specializes in tax litigation and recently was successful in the Zelichov and IM Segev judgments. Adv. Pery is a fighter pilot and lieutenant colonel (reserves) In the Israel Air Force.
Nir Horenstein, Adv. (Accountancy) – Partner – LL.B and Accountancy from the Tel Aviv University, Cum Laude, and an LL.M. and M.B.A., Summa Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Adv. Horenstein is the joint author of various books in the tax field, as well as the author of hundreds of professional articles in the financial press. Adv. Horenstein represents individuals and corporations, including representation in Israel of international public concerns located in Europe, the United States and other countries, and serves as the Israeli expert for international tax practice firms. Adv. Horenstein is a lecturer in tax matters at the Israel Bar Association, the Bureau of Appraisers and other professional forums.
Udi Shostak, Adv. (Economics) – Partner – LL.B and Economics, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Previously served as a teaching assistant at Tel Aviv University and Ramat Gan College. Author of numerous journalistic and professional articles. Specializes in international taxation, multinational tax shelters, accompanying Israeli’s operating in Africa, trust arrangements and oversea funds, taxation of online sales, option and controlling shareholder’s taxation, with a specific specialty in mergers, divestitures and Value Added tax issues.
Helena Ben-Baruch, Adv. (Accountancy) – Partner – LL.B and Accountancy, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Specializes in capital market taxation, trust taxation, international taxation, mergers, and divestitures. Co-author of a capital market taxation book and authors professional articles in various tax matters. Provides tax advice to some of the largest entities in the Israeli market, including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, trust funds, venture capital funds, and real estate development companies. A partner in precedential tax arrangements in the field of corporate restructuring, employee stock options, taxation of passive income from securities, foreign income taxation, capital gains taxation following corporate divestitures, foreign resident and returning resident taxation.
Shlomi Regev, Adv. (Accountancy) – Partner – LL.B and Accountancy, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Specializes in international taxation, planning and construction of holding structures and international activities, tax treaties, accompaniment and portfolio management with foreign tax authorities, taxation of employee compensation (options, RSU, etc.), taxation of trusts, taxation of nonresidents and returning residents/new immigrants. Adv. Regev has obtained preliminary approvals and arrangements with the tax authorities in the field of international taxation, taxation of compensation of employees and controlling shareholders, taxation of foreign residents and returning residents, taxation of foreign companies, etc. Adv. Regev advises and accompanies Israeli and multinational corporations concerning tax matters in Israel and abroad, (with particular emphasis on US taxation issues).

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