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Aharon Tirer Attorney and Notary, Founder Owner and Senior Managing Partner, A. Tirer – Law Office & Notary

Aharon Tirer Attorney and Notary

Founder Owner and Senior Managing Partner

About A. Tirer – Law Office & Notary

In 1968, some two years after completing his legal studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Aharon Tirer opened the Firm. At its outset, the Firm specialized in commercial and civil matters, financial claims, torts, real estate, counsel to prominent companies in the business/commercial sector, counsel for various transactions in the economy, combination transactions, real estate, contractors, and consultation projects. Over time, the Firm branched out and specialized and focused on personal status, family, inheritance, and estate issues–which became the Firm's focus areas.


Roy Tirer, Advocate

Owner and Managing Partner

Einat Tirer, Advocate

Owner and Managing Partner


Shlomo Erdinast, Adv.

Orit Mor-Siniver, Adv.

Hilla Goren, Adv.

Mirit Hiller, Adv.

Dedi (Yedidya) Mandel, Adv


Karin Pfefferkuchen, Adv.

Adi Peer, Adv.

Amir Cohen, Adv.

Daniel Levin, Adv.

Office Manager

Mira Adamsky


Meital Danino, Advocate

Criminal Sector

Meital Shabtay, Advocate

Jackie Matza Advocate

CPA, and Jurist

Amir Haim Pincus

Rabbinical Pleader

Personal Status Law, Divorce, Family Law, Inheritance and Guardianship, Family Capital Management – This is the Firm’s foremost and leading field, and it has counseled on the following issues for over 53 years – personal status, divorce, family wealth divestitures, and has provided guidance for enlightened management on ancillary issues such as tax aspects. The skilled office staff handles divorce disputes, complex custody proceedings, dealing with parental alienation, and preventing the perpetuation of a state of disconnection, proven and exceptional experience in creative and fearless investigations by custodial experts and professionals, residency arrangements, and parental capacity. Disputes between heirs and family disputes over estates, business disputes between partners within the business and within family businesses, financial agreements, divorce, and complex family arrangements, while finding solutions to such disputes and preventing them in advance.
In the field of personal status, the Firm has some ten advocates who handle multiple family disputes – objections to a will, drafting a will, handling all aspects of inheritance disputes, estate disputes between heirs, both in conducting a court and/or rabbinical court dispute and reaching agreements between the heirs, estate divisions, including expertise in conducting proceedings at all judicial instances, both at the Grand Rabbinical Courts and the District Courts and/or the Supreme Court on various appeals forwarded from the Family Courts. The Firm has extensive experience in appearing and conducting proceedings at the Supreme Court and in proceedings when it sits as the High Court of Justice.
Commercial Departments – The Firm also specializes in the commercial-civil field. The civil department provides ongoing advice to commercial entities, construction entrepreneurs involved in various real estate transactions, receiverships, liquidation of companies, and services to said bodies in the Labor Courts and the Execution Offices. In addition, the department handles the representation of private individuals and various financial claims, ongoing consulting for commercial businesses while accompanying real estate transactions, real estate combination transactions, consulting for contractors and accompanying construction projects, etc. The two departments’ activities are integrated, as the civil department also hands asset breakups between spouses and provides civil- legal backing as a result of divorce and estate disputes that include real estate, companies, various rights, treatment of estate and guardianship assets, which also include, as a matter of fact, funds, rights, and real estate.
Adv. Shlomo Erdinast has worked with the Firm since 1981, is active in the Firm’s civil department and the inheritances and estates department Adv. Erdinast was the commander of the “Pier” military position during the Yom Kippur War and was certified as a lawyer in 1979. His extensive experience in law and the unique knowledge he has gained in managing complex estate issues involving assets abroad has enriched the Firm professionally. Adv. Erdinast is active in various forums that assist abducted IDF soldiers, the families of those missing from the Sultan Yaakov episode, and those abducted from Mount Dov. He is also active in the academic world.
When it comes to financial claims in the real estate and capital markets, extensive knowledge in the real estate field and an analysis of company reports are required. This field is headed by Adv. Meital Shabtai, with her 15 years of specific experience in these fields. She provides relevant advice regarding complex family cases and the legal points related to companies and commerce when dealing with the family field.
Litigation Department – The Firm has a long-standing litigation department, and its professional team has extensive experience in appearances at various judicial instances. Adv. Einat Tirer, with over 25 years of appearances before various judicial instances, especially in the management of investigations and evidence gathering, including witness interrogations at the highest level of professionalism. Adv. Tirer handles cases that involve a high level of complexity and litigation, including some of the most significant cases of divorce battles. Adv. Orit Mor-Siniver, a brilliant litigator, appears daily at all judicial instances, has reached a high level of expertise in complex and high-level business cases in the largest inheritance and estate cases in Israel, maintains media silence, without personal and financial exposure of clients.
Execution Department – The department has extensive experience collecting debts, extensive knowledge of Executive Office proceedings and is equipped with up-to-date software that enables direct contact with the Execution Office, real-time decision-making, and foreclosures on magnetic media.
Criminal Department – In the criminal field, which deals with disputes in the divorce niche when it flows into criminal proceedings and legal investigations, also works with the assistance of external counselors working together per case. The department provides clients with everything involved in this field, including preliminary stages of police investigations and preventive indictments.
Taxation – Jackie Matza, CPA, as an external consultant, provides solutions to the taxable niche in the family field. Jackie Matza served for the ten years as Head of the Israel Income Tax Authority, and has extensive experience in inheritance tax planning and complex transactions following the disposal of family wealth, real estate, companies, etc. He also advises clients who are interested in various issues in his field of expertise.
Branches Abroad – The Firm has several branches abroad and representatives, which are available for foreign law cooperation, located in many centers around the world – Russia, the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, and more. These branches enable cooperation and the management of estates, properties, and division of family wealth, including cooperation in the context of child abductions and international law, including coordination between courts abroad, which gives excellent added value concerning estates with high valued foreign properties, and when a combination of a procedure abroad is required with procedures in Israel (child abduction/Hague Convention, habeas corpus).

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