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Founding Year 1968
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Aharon Tirer Attorney and Notary, Founder Owner and Senior Managing Partner, A. Tirer – Law Office & Notary

Aharon Tirer Attorney and Notary

Founder Owner and Senior Managing Partner


In 1968, some two years after completing his legal studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Aharon Tirer, opened his own office. At its outset, the Firm specialized in commercial and civil matters, financial claims, torts, real estate, counsel to prominent companies in the business/commercial sector, counsel for various transactions in the economy, combination transactions, real estate, contractors, and consultation projects. Over time, the Firm branched out and specialized and focused on personal status, family, inheritance, and estate issues–which all became the Firm's focus areas. Today, Aharon Tirer serves as owner and senior managing partner of a thriving and leading firm and has led it for over 40 years in his field of expertise. Over 20 years ago, Roy Tirer, his son, and Einat Tirer, his daughter, joined the Firm and have been running the Firm for an over ten years. The Firm now has 17 advocates, consultants, interns, along with skilled administrative staff.


Roy Tirer, Advocate

Owner and Managing Partner

Einat Tirer, Advocate

Owner and Managing Partner

Other Advocates

Shlomo Erdinast


Orit Mor-Siniver


Hila Goren


Mirit David


Dedi (Yedidya) Mandel


Reut Daniel


Karin Pfefferkuchen


Adi Peer


Aharon Tirer’s Credo -“Sensitivity to clients and giving them full value for their money.” This is Advocate Aharon Tirer’s Credo in personal status issues. More so, he adds “the Firm has always placed the best interest of the children first, sometimes even if the client had to be coaxed to realize their interests in a manner consistent with the best interest of the minors. In this sensitive field of personal status, we must protect the children and prevent them from being harmed as much as possible, while providing professional and practical legal counsel to the client.”

Legal Fields
Personal status law, divorce, family law, inheritance, and guardianship–these are the primary fields of the Firm. The skilled office staff handles divorce disputes, conflicts between heirs and family struggles over estates, business disputes between partners within the business and within family businesses, financial agreements, family mediation, and complicated family arrangements, while finding solutions to such conflicts and preventing them from happening in advance. The Firm also handles the most famous personal status issues in the country and the most complicated and challenging divorce struggles, including precedents known to the Rabbinical Courts and the civil Family Affairs Courts, by common-law partners, publicly known individuals, as well claims regarding application of the wiretapping law, child abduction and The Hague Convention, etc.

In personal status, there are 10 advocates who handle all variations of family disputes – objections to a will, drafting a will, dealing with succession disputes, estate disputes between heirs, whether involving a struggle at a civil court or at a rabbinical court, and the distribution of an estate, including expertise in the management of proceedings in the high courts, both in the Rabbinical Grand Court and Magistrate’s Court and/or the District Court and/or the Supreme Court on various appeals that arise from the Family Courts.

Commercial Department
The Firm also has the requisite expertise in commercial and civil law, offering ongoing advice to commercial companies, construction developers involved in various real estate transactions, receiverships, liquidation of companies and providing services to those bodies in the Labor Court and the Execution Office. In addition, the department handles the representation of private individuals, and in various financial claims, provides ongoing advice to companies in the commercial business field, while also counseling real estate transactions, real estate combination transactions, consulting for contractors and construction projects, etc.

Litigation Department
Advocate Einat Tirer has for over 20 overseen court appearances, particularly involving investigations and discoveries. The department is involved in cases involving a high degree of complexity and litigation, including the most significant cases of divorce disputes.

The Claims Execution Department has extensive experience in collecting debts and extensive knowledge in execution proceedings and is equipped with up-to-date software that enables direct contact with the Execution Office, real-time decision-making, and foreclosures in magnetic media.

The Criminal Department counsels clients in all aspects of this field, including preliminary stages of police investigations and preventive follow-up to indictments, restraining orders, etc.

The Taxation Department provides an answer to the tax niche in the family law field. The former Head of Israel Income Tax heads the department.

Representative Offices Abroad
The Firm has several overseas branches Russia, United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Canada and more. These extensions enable cooperation and estate management, including coordination between courts abroad, a fact that gives excellent added value to estates with assets abroad, and when a combination of an overseas procedure (child abduction / Hague Convention, habeas corpus) is required.

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