Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.

Insurance and Long-Term Savings, as well as Non-Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pension Funds and Provident Products, for Private, Corporate and Business Clients


Dani Naveh, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.

Dani Naveh

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Clal Insurance Enterprise Holdings Ltd. is part of the IDB Development Group, which holds 35% of its shares (through a trustee appointed by the Supervisor of Insurance), while Bank Ha'poalim owns 9.5%, and the remining shares are held by the public. Its shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Clal Insurance’s share of the insurance market in terms of gross earned premiums was 16% (as of the end of 2017), and the volume of assets managed was NIS 191 billion (as of the end of December 2017).
Standard & Poor’s “Ma’alot” rates Clal Insurance at “ilAA+”. Clal Insurance owns insurance agencies, pension, provident and advanced training funds, as well as corporate credit providers, employs 4,300 employees and works with 2,000 insurance agents. All these activities position Clal Insurance as one of Israel’s leading insurance and long-term savings groups.

Long-Term Savings
Clal Insurance provides comprehensive solutions in long-term savings, including, life insurance, pensions, provident funds and other financial solutions for both private and corporate clients from all sectors of the economy.
Clal Insurance has a market share of 14%, in terms of assets, of the Israeli long-term savings market, and its new pension funds now manage more than NIS 52 billion of assets for their 600,000 members, while the provident funds now manage more than NIS 34 billion of assets (as of the end of December 2017).
Within the context of life insurance policies, Clal Insurance has a 20% market share in terms of assets, with a total annual premium volume of NIS 5 billion (in 2017).
Clal Insurance manages its clients’ funds with the utmost of care and has returned some of the best yields available in the Israeli market. Clal Insurance’s clients enjoy the full confidence that a large, informed, responsible and professional body manages their money.

Non-Life Insurance
Clal Insurance is one of Israel’s leaders in the non-life insurance field with an annual premium volume of NIS 2.3 billion (in 2017). Clal Insurance offers a broad spectrum of insurance plans for individuals and businesses, in the vehicle, home, and property insurance fields, all of which are managed professionally and expertly, with an understanding of the unique needs of all clients.

Health Insurance
The health insurance division of Clal Insurance recorded annual premiums of NIS 1.9 billion (in 2017)and offers its clients variouspersonal health insurance options, such as nursing insurance, and overseas travel insurance. The basket of private health insurance offeredby the Clal Insurance enables its policyholders to choose the right coverage that meets their needs, with proper pricing and professional guidance, while understanding the trends and changes in the industry.
Because of its involvement in the health insurance sector, Clal Insurance was awarded “The Company of the Year in the Health and Long-Term Care Insurance Sector” title in 2017 rankings by “Adif” and insurance and finance journalists, as well as “During the Year in the Health Insurance Sector” and “Innovation in the Health Insurance Sector” of Adif. In the Service Index of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority published in June 2018, Clal Insurance won first place among all companies in the category for digital tools in the health insurance sector.

Canaf – Clal Finance Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clal Insurance, is one of the largest and most influentialfinancial companies as well as the largest non-bank institutional investor in Israel. Canaf, the Group’s investment arm, manages more thanNIS 191 billion of assets (as at the end of December 2017), including pension and executive insurance funds of policy holders, as well as the equity and insurance reserves of the Clal Group.

Service and Innovation
Clal Insurance is intensively involved in improving service to its agents and clients and is leading a service revolution based on innovative and advanced digital tools that enable service and the management of insurance and savings products from anywhere and at any time.
As part of this approach, Clal Insurance launched a new client site –
Clal Insurance Online, through which its clients will be able to make their transactions, including purchasing comprehensive and compulsory motor insurance, to purchase policies and coverages in all areas of health – transplant surgery, serious health problems, nursing care, personal accidents, foreign travel, apply for a loan, change an investment track, update personal information, view insurance and savings information, open a new claim in all sectors, track the status of any claim, etc. All this by using a computer, tablet or mobile device, through a user-friendly and readily accessible interface.
As part of this process, Clalnet, the agents’ website, a site which organizes all information about clients and employers, has been upgraded and added new capabilities that streamline the work interfaces. In addition, the websiteis accessible to the agent and is adapted to mobile devices, allowing agents maximum flexibility and access to the information they need on a regular basis from anywhere and at any time they choose.
These new advances are besides other digital interfaces and the unique collaboration withhi-tech and start-up companies in the Insurtech world.
For the fifth consecutive year, Clal Insurance was awardedthe Superbrand brand. Superbrand, which is active in 70 countries and with over 26 years of experience, is an organization that identifies companies that have showed brand excellence in their respective countries.

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