Dexia Israel Bank Ltd.

Municipal Banking Services Corporate and Public Sector Finance


Founding Year 1953
Address 19 Ha'arba'ah St., Migdal Ha'Tichon, Fourth Floor, Tel Aviv, 6473919, P.O.B. 7091, Tel Aviv 6107002
Phone 03-7647600
Fax 03-6868336
Email [email protected]
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Levana Shifman (Fintz), Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Dexia Israel Bank Ltd.

Levana Shifman (Fintz)

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Olivier Gutman, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Dexia Israel Bank Ltd.

Olivier Gutman

General Manager and Chief Executive Officer


Dexia Israel Bank Ltd., focuses on banking services to the Israeli public and municipal sectors, including short and long-term credits, deposits, current accounts and other banking services, while expanding its activities to new fields, especially those with an affinity to the public sector. The Bank holds a 40% market share of managed credits for the municipal sector.

Other Senior Executives
Zohar Tze’elim
Senior Deputy General Manager – Legal Advisor

Guy Turnowski
Business Deputy General Manager

Elad Fisher
Chief Financial Officer

A Leading Municipal Bank
Dexia Israel Bank, this year celebrating its 65th year of service, is the leading bank for financing local authorities, municipal corporations and water and sewage corporations in Israel. The Bank has the expertise and close familiarity with the municipal sector and its unique characteristics, and provides its customers with banking services and tools adapted to their specific needs.
The Bank was initially established as “Otsar Ha’Shilton Ha’Mekomi” (“Local Government Treasury”), and in 2001 the Bank’s controlling interest was acquired by the international Dexia Group, which held its controlling interest until March 2018. Today, Dexia Israel operates as a bank without a controlling interest.
Being the leader in municipal finance is the Bank’s DNA.

Company Rating
The Bank is rated ilAA / Watch Pos by Standard & Poor’s Ma’alot, (an Israeli securities rating company).

Strategic Goals
In 2017, the Bank’s Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan, which further to its full implementation, the Bank’s return on equity is expected to be, on average, between 2019 and 2021, over 10%, while continuing to be a leading Bank in the following main financial indices – operating efficiency, quality of the credit portfolio and capital adequacy.
In addition, the plan is expected to maintain and strengthen the Bank’s status as the Home Bank of the local authorities, while expanding the activity to new areas.
The Bank’s business strategy also includes expanding the credit activity to additional sectors, primarily those with an affinity to the public sector, including infrastructure financing, financing of yielding real estate properties leased to public entities, financing leasing transactions and financing transactions for the purchase of means of public transportation.
For further details regarding the Bank’s strategic plan, see Immediate Reports published by the Bank, including a presentation published on November 12, 2017.

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