Afcon Holdings Ltd.

Infrastructure; Construction; Electricity and Electro-mechanics; Control and Automation; Communication and Teleprocessing


Founding Year 1945
Address 4 HaTavor St., Sgula Industrial Zone, Petach Tikva 4914602 - View Map
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Yaron Krisi, CEO, Afcon Holdings Ltd.

Yaron Krisi


Israel Raif, Chairman, Afcon Holdings Ltd.

Israel Raif



Afcon Holdings Ltd is active in the fields of infrastructure and construction, development and embedding of technologies, control, automation, communications, and trade. Afcon plans and executes construction projects with high systems volume, and also develops high-end technologies. The company's solutions in any given project are merging of capabilities, honed out of an array of technologies and experience, as well as service and maintenance abilities, that Afcon offers its clients. This combination of skills, its human capital, its strength and financial stability permit Afcon to present uncompromising quality and safety standards to its clients. Afcon employs 1,400 employees and has five branches in Israel and Romania, in addition to activities and partnerships in the U.S., India, and China. Afcon works under a variety of business models including SPC, GC, EPC, joint ventures, subcontracting, and maintenance (IFM). Afcon's annual revenue totals about 1.7 billion NIS. Afcon is part of the Shlomo Group - one of Israel's largest business groups in Israel.

Areas of Expertise
Multi-System Infrastructure Projects – Afcon’s activities as a primary contractor include planning and engineering on two fronts. On the first front, GC and construction for the public sector, including malls, hotels, office buildings, logistical centers, and IT hubs. On the second front, Industrial construction and electrical works, process facilities for the chemicals industry, the pharma sector, microelectronics as well as power plants. Afcon offers clients turnkey projects, involving electrical works, sanitation, HVAC, and EPC projects of photovoltaic power plants and wind farms. Afcon has its own plant for “made-in-Israel” high and low-voltage electric switchgear and disconnect switches. In addition, Afcon operates in the natural gas industry and offers Pressure Reducing and Metering Stations (PRMS), natural gas compressors and decompressors (CNG), and in-factory NG retrofitting. Afcon has unlimited contractor classification and has a recognized contractor license for government works as well as OSHAS18001, ISO 9000, 14001 certifications. Afcon operates servicing units in the field of HVAC and ventilation systems with countrywide reach.
Systems Technologies, Control and Automation, low-voltage systems – Afcon carries out projects in the field of control for buildings and industry, by providing notification and PA systems, “Safe City” projects, parking control systems, fire detection and extinguishing, multimedia, meters and remote reading. For parking lot management, and for security systems, Afcon develop both the hardware and the software, including state-of-the-art sensors and motion detectors, unique solutions for border checkpoints and port gates. Afcon developed its own SCADA – (AfconPulse). Afcon’s advanced technologies enable it to participate in Israel’s leading projects. Afcon has a large service department deployed nationwide, in the field of very low voltages.
The Trade Division – Ateka Company – imports, marketing and distribution of electrical, control, electronics and robotics equipment in Israel. It represents about 40 leading manufacturers and brands from world wide, such as ABB, Omron, and General Cable. The company maintains significant inventories for immediate response to its customers’ needs. The company’s engineers and salespersons provide continuous service from pre-sale to post-sale maintenance.
Communication and IT – Tadiran Telecom – development, manufacturing, distribution, implementation and maintenance of diverse IT and communication solutions. Tadiran has unique know-how and expertise in Unified Communication & Collaboration systems (UC&C); Contact Centers; recording systems; cloud services and communication infrastructures. Tadiran is the manufacturer of the Coral product and developed the Aeonix (pure IP) Contact Center and the Dispatch Console. Tadiran markets and sells in Israel, as well as in the U.S., China, Russia, and India.

Selected Infrastructure Projects
Wind Farms in Sirin and Gilboa – entrepreneurial (SPC), construction (EPC), and maintenance (O&M) of wind farms with 25 wind-turbines (44m height each) generating around 22MW. These are pioneering, innovative and first-of-their-kind projects in Israel. The farms have begun producing electricity starting in the first quarter of 2016, and sell electricity to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) at a fixed rate.
Arna Jerusalem – constructing a security system, fire detection and warning system, general PA systems, surveillance and video control, communications, entry verification, access monitoring and card authentication systems. This is a key project which presents the variety of solutions based on the AfconPulse program developed by Afcon.
Power stations and sub-stations – implementation and management of electricity infrastructure and equipment at the power stations and substation of Dalia-Zafit, Nesher Ramla, Sorek, OPC Rotem, Dead Sea plants, Machteshim Ramat Hovav, Vishay Dimona, Ashkelon desalination. A year ago, the company was tasked with erecting 14 transmission stations for the electrification of the national railway network.
Clalit Health Service Logistic Center – execution electrical systems, HVAC, sanitary installations, refrigeration facilities, control, communications and fire detection, with strict compliance validations for facilities storing medical equipment.
An international Hi-Tech Company’s factory in Kiryat-Gat – erection, and installation of electrical infrastructures and instrumentation, as well as the fire detection system (aspirating) for the three generations of the factory as built over the years. The works are carried out at all levels of the installation, and are done in compliance with stringent international standards.
Smart Campus for an international Hi-Tech Company – Afcon completed and handed to the client a complete turnkey project, design-build method, most technologically advanced building in the world (smart building), including licensing, LEED Platinum certified with a particularly challenging schedule. The project included the erection (from scratch) of one of the most advanced campuses in the world (Smart Campus), and among others, construction of offices, development labs, cafeterias and kitchens, and underground parking, on an overall area of more than 70,000 sq.m. with a scope of about 600 million NIS.
Global Tower project – the design-build project of a parking lot, commercial zones and offices in partnership with BST company, with an area of over 120,000 sq.m., including the execution of electromechanical systems in the project by Afcon system.
Yehud-Monasson project – construction of three residential towers, shared public spaces, and construction infrastructure as well as parking spaces, with a total area of 40,000 sq. m. Recently, the company was granted another project adjacent to this site, with two extra residential towers.
The company was recently tasked with a large contingent of national and public projects, including the blood-bank project, Meir Logistical center, initiating, erecting and managing Court buildings in Tiberias and Safed, the Port of the South, student dorms in the College of Management in Rishon LeTziyon, Aragaman tower, and the Mobileye campus project which will become the company’s global research center, and will be set-up in Jerusalem. with a cost of close to 1 billion NIS. This places Afcon amongst the largest infrastructure and technology companies in Israel.

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