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Founding Year 2000
Address 11 Ben Gurion St., Bnei Brak 5126015 - View Map
Phone 03-6177676
Fax 03-6177980
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Ron Fainaro, Chief Executive Officer, Leumi Card Ltd.

Ron Fainaro

Chief Executive Officer


Leumi Card is one of Israel's largest credit card companies and is based in Bnei Brak where it employs 1,500 staff. It is a leader and innovator in the financial sector offering a full range of issuing, acquiring and clearing services as well as payment solutions and lines of credit. Leumi Card has issued more than 2.6 million credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and offers acquiring services to more than 40,000 merchants.

Other Senior Executives
Vardit Givandeter
EVP, Head of Consumer Customers

Gilead Kehat
EVP, Head of Human Resources and Staff

Nir Nussbaum
EVP, Head of Business Customers

Ohad Maimon
EVP, Head of Business Development and Strategy

Yaron Tiktin
EVP, Chief Credit Officer

Tomer Alkobi

Meir Aharoni
EVP, CIO and Head of Operation

Sagit Dotan
EVP, Head of Customer Service and Sales

Tobi Fischbein

80% – Bank Leumi Le’Israel B.M.
20% – Azrieli Group Ltd.

Leumi Card for the Private Sector
Innovative Products and Services – Leumi Card invests heavily in business development to expand the range of innovative products and advanced digital services that it offers its customers, both on its website and app. Leumi Card’s advanced digital services enable users to receive real-time information regarding their card transactions and account status, to purchase cardholder benefits, to either activate or block cards, to request or transfer funds, to obtain information and services via SMS’s, to receive account statements by email and much more. The Company also offers its Facebook followers unique benefits and efficient and responsive customer service.
Customized Credit Solutions – Leumi Card offers a wide range of financial solutions tailored to its customers’ needs and based on their monthly expenses and repayment ability. The various credit solutions enable the company’s customers to manage their expenses with greater flexibility- either in the repayment of their loan or the ability to choose the monthly payment amount.
A Range of Visa and MasterCard Cards – Leumi Card issues and operates a variety of credit cards that are tailored to its cardholders’ requirements and which enable them to manage their affairs prudently eg. “Payback” credit cards that provide reimbursements on purchases and “Executive” cards that offer bespoke benefits in Israel and abroad for various workplaces.

There are two types of cards available:
1. Bank cards – cards that are issued in cooperation with Bank Leumi for their customers.
2. Non-bank cards – cards that are issued by Leumi Card for all other bank customers, mostly in collaboration with third parties.
Cards issued by Leumi Card can be further categorized as follows:
• Deferred debit cards – the debiting of all transactions made by the cardholder is deferred to a date of choice (the 2nd, 10th or 15th of the month).
• Revolving credit cards – the cardholder chooses a fixed amount to be debited each month with the balance of the debt deferred to the following month, plus any accrued interest.
• Prepaid cards – the cardholder loads a fixed amount from which all subsequent transactions are debited.
Leumi Card also offers affinity/co-branded cards in association with the leading consumer clubs of Israel. Benefits program that has made its mark – Leumi Card rewards its customers with a range of diverse and attractive benefits that mesh with their daily routines and generate added value. Cardholders can choose from hundreds of “1+1” (pay for one, get one free) benefits (movies, attractions, plays and shows) as well as monthly benefits and exclusive offers from leading chain stores. As part of the “Leumi Card Pay-Back” service, leading online shopping sites directly credit customers’ cards. As part of its emphasis on innovation, Leumi Card developed a product, which enables the loading of a public transport card (Rav-Kav) with an existing credit card.
It won the “product of the year” award in the Smartphone purchases category. Similarly, the company has developed a mobile payment service that uses the TAP method on smart (EMV) terminals.
Leumi Card customers also benefit from the “fun to discover discounts” scheme – fixed discounts of up to 12% with each transaction made at thousands of businesses across the country.
Service Excellence – Leumi Card assigns top priority to ensure that the customer comes first. This customer-centric approach affords its clients a clear advantage, especially in the world of credit, where the cardholder’s personal needs are of paramount importance. Leumi Card is noted for its extremely high service standards. This is reflected in customer satisfaction polls where, year after year, Leumi Card continues to be ranked in the top tier in both the credit card category and overall. Moreover, the loyalty rate of Leumi Card customers is the highest in the credit card sector.

Leumi Card for the Business Sector
Leumi Card works with its business sector customers (merchants) by providing both acquiring and ancillary services – clearing, loans, business credit cards and other financial and marketing solutions. The Company has acquiring products, which are tailored for brick & mortar, on the move and e-commerce merchants. Leumi Card’s range of acquiring products enables every business, whether large or small, brick & mortar or Internet-based, to benefit from bespoke, standard or varying acquiring services.

A Variety of Acquiring Solutions:
• Acquiring for leading card brands – Visa, MasterCard, Isracard and UnionPay.
• SMART packages for small and medium-sized businesses – including acquiring services, instant crediting of the merchant’s account and modern POS terminals – all for a fixed and transparent monthly fee.
• Clearing and early crediting to improve cash flow – advancing merchant’s monthly payment to pre-agreed dates.
• Internet acquiring – acquiring on e-commerce sites via a payment page.
• Cross-Border acquiring solutions.
• Acquiring from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
A Variety of Credit Solutions for the Business sector:
• Procurement card for large companies – enables the payment of all business expenses and gives companies a fixed rebate on transactions they make.
• Business credit card – gives the business owner a range of benefits and possibilities for account management and full control of their expenses.
• Business loans – a business loan for any purpose.
A Variety of Digital Tools for Business Management, Marketing and Advertising:
• Information and instruction execution 24/7 – reviewing and executing instructions on Leumi Card’s website and business app.
• Biz Manager – A report portal that displays comparable sector segments and provides analysis that assists in business decision making.
• Advertising and marketing tools – free advertising packages for acquired merchants.
• Business data via SMS – current data sent to the merchant.
• Dedicated professional customer service center to help Leumi Card’s customers grow and expand.

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