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Entrepreneurship, real estate marketing, housing, construction and infrastructure, holiday villages, shopping centers, recreation and leisure.


Founding Year 2007
Address 8 Ha-Tan St., Givat Ze'ev, Jerusalem - View Map
Phone 972-2-5000418
Email [email protected]
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Hanoch Kass, Chairman and Owner, Kass Group

Hanoch Kass

Chairman and Owner


The Kass Group is a real estate entrepreneurship group founded in 2007 by Hanoch Kass, an international business executive and entrepreneur. Kass, which operates in Israel and Georgia, began as a real estate marketing and development company, and within five years of its inception, has become one of Israel's largest real estate companies, with over 2,000 housing units completed with outstanding success. Kass' uniqueness in marketing stems from the fact that even as a marketer, it bears the responsibility for the whole construction bureaucratic procedure including project approval, banking support, close and strict supervision of the lead building contractor, etc.

A Leading Entrepreneurial Company
In recent years, Kass focused its activities on real estate entrepreneurship, with marketing only a secondary field. Evidence of its impressive prosperity is the total volume of its holdings today – 150,000 square meters of income-producing real estate in the form of various malls and shopping centers in Israel and abroad.

Unique Specialization in the Jerusalem and Surrounding Areas
Kass specializes in real estate entrepreneurship in the Jerusalem, Givat Ze’ev and Ma’ale Adumim areas, where it has completed over 2,000 housing units and over 100,000 square meters of commercial space.

Extensive Real Estate Activity in Georgia
Through its entrepreneurial arm abroad, Kass has been focusing on Georgia, which it has identified as its next hot real estate destination. Considering the country’s low corruption index alongside flexible bureaucracy, Kass has acquired and initiated hotels, business centers and office towers, and the management of nature reserves throughout Georgia in prime location areas. Kass is currently considered one of Georgia’s five largest entrepreneurial companies and it continues to grow and prosper.

Prominent Projects in Israel
Design City Complex, Mishor Adumim – Kass initiated the establishment of Design City – the largest design center in Israel and the Middle East, covering 55 dunams with 100,000 square meters of built-up area. Kass was able to market 80% of this project in just eight months. The complex is expected to open in 2021.
Magic Kass, Ma’ale Adumim – Kass also initiated the establishment of Magic Kass, an indoor amusement park which is Israel’s largest. The complex will have the first amusement park facilities of its kind in Israel, along with stores in the field of babies and children. The complex is expected to open in 2021.
Givat Ze’ev Shopping Center – Kass initiated construction of the Givat Ze’ev Shopping Center covering 2,000 square meters.
Agan Ayelot, Givat Ze’ev – Kass took part in initiating the Agan Ayelot project in Givat Ze’ev and brought it to full occupancy with 1,500 new families in just three years. The construction included 1,500 housing units, a complex with 150 beautiful villas and a luxury complex with 40 exceptionally high standard housing units.
Yavniel – Kass initiated two residential and commercial projects that include 52 housing units in the community overlooking the Sea of Galilee.
Atlit Mall – Kass initiated the Atlit Mall construction, which covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The mall features a variety of shops and a ballroom with breathtaking sea views.

Notable Projects in Georgia
Operating Georgia’s Nature Reserves – Kass won a tender to operate Georgia’s nature reserves for the next 45 years and It intends to build a suspension bridge in the center of which a diamond-shaped bar will be erected which will be the tallest hanging bar in the world.
Kass Boutique Hotel A 5-star boutique hotel in the center of Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. The hotel has 82 luxury rooms and two presidential suites.
Kass Business Center – a sophisticated complex located in Tbilisi that includes offices, commercial areas, event centers and a hotel. The complex covers an area of15,000 square meters.
Tsalka Holiday Village, Georgia – a unique holiday village of 100 bedrooms In the Tsalka Nature Reserve.

Young, Dynamic and Active
Kass is considered a young and dynamic company in Israel’s relatively conservative real estate market.
One of the well-known hallmarks of Kass is the conceptual and design creativity it adopts.
Kass’ approach is: “Strive to find creative solutions” outside the box “that allows the company to stand out in projects that have a particularly attractive return on investment for the company and the customers.”

The Company’s Vision
Kass aims to be an international entrepreneurial company in real estate and in a wide range of projects that are considered massive generators of traffic, nature reserves, theme parks, attractive hotels, etc.

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