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Residential Development, Public Works, Industrial and Commercial Construction


Founding Year 1978
Address 7 Ben Zvi St., Avisror House, P.O.B. 442, Beer-Sheva 8410302 - View Map
Phone 073-2555555מוקדמכירותארצי*5508
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Yoram Avisror, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Marketing, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Yoram Avisror

Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Marketing

Yitzhak (Jackie) Avisror, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Yitzhak (Jackie) Avisror

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Eli Avisror, Chief Executive Officer, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Eli Avisror

Chief Executive Officer

Moshe Avisror, Company Founder, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Moshe Avisror

Company Founder

About Avisror Moshe & Sons

Avisror Moshe & Sons is a leading private construction company in the Israeli real estate industry. The company is involved in entrepreneurship, management, and the execution of real estate projects - residential buildings, sheltered housing projects, industrial, commercial, and office buildings. Avisror holds the "C" (unlimited) classification as a registered contractor for government infrastructure and development projects.

Avisror was founded in 1978 by Mr. Moshe Avisror, who now serves as its President. His sons Eli, Jackie, and Yoram now hold vital positions in senior management.  Avisror uses state-of-the-art technologies under the ISO 9002 standard of the Israeli Standards Institute, which guarantees quality control, detail planning, quality, and high service consciousness. Avisror’s employees, managers, and engineers are leaders in their respective fields and leave their mark on construction sites throughout the country. Avisror is noted for its stability and financial strength. Throughout its years of operations, Avisror has been responsive and responsible. The decisions it has made in acquiring land, building projects, and entering strategic partnerships have earned it a sterling reputation among Israeli financial entities, clients, suppliers, and the entire real estate field.

Reputation and Rich Experience in the Israeli Real Estate Market

Avisror has many ongoing residential, commercial, and office construction projects:

Be’er Sheva • Avisror’s flagship project is its “Grand Avisror.” This is the most innovative and invested project in the southern region, and offers four luxurious 30-story towers, an underground car park, a separate spa club with a gym and a resident’s synagogue. This unique complex is in an attractive location on Tuvihu Boulevard, next to the Grand Canyon. Two towers are already fully populated, and the third tower is under construction. The execution phase of the fourth tower has begun, and marketing is underway • “Avisror in Neve Noi” – a unique cottage complex in the much desired Neve Noi neighborhood • The “Avisror on the Park” project – offers 192 housing units in eight 7-story buildings in the city’s park neighborhood built near an artificial lake and amphitheater. The project combines housing units that will be marketed as part of the government’s housing plan, and units that will be sold in the open market • The “Avisror in Ramot Hadarim” project – another new neighborhood next to the sought-after Neve Noi neighborhood. Avisror has begun marketing the city’s most significant project, with 1,100 housing units in 10 towers and four buildings of 7 to 15 floors, in a mix of 3, 4, 5 rooms and penthouses. The highlight, for the first time in Be’er Sheva, is five-room housing units, with terraced balconies.

Rehovot • The “Avisror 431” project in West Rehovot – an entire neighborhood comprising  960 housing units in 12 luxurious towers of 12-20-floors, 3-floor boutique buildings, and a 12-acre green park core. The “Science Towers 2” project in the Science neighborhood – after the success of 2 17-story towers in the Pecan Garden neighborhood, Avisror began marketing the third tower with 19 floors.

Ashkelon • “Avisror on the Water” – a unique 92 unit project in 6 boutique buildings with only ten housing units along with a nine-floor building.  The project was built to a high standard, with most of the units overlooking the lake and the future park.

Green Yavneh • The “Avisror on the Park” project in the Neot Shamir neighborhood – the project is now being marketed and offers 3, 4, 5, and 6 room units,  penthouses and garden apartments.

Government Controlled Price Projects Along With Open Market Housing • Beer-Sheva, Ashkelon • Gedera • Be’er Ya’akov • Rishon Le’Zion.

Income Yielding Real Estate and Strategic Partnerships With Well-Established Companies

Among the many commercial projects, which Avisror has built:

Avisror Center at Avisror Towers on Reger Blvd., in Be’er Sheva – a prestigious business center with a commerce – office mix, with branches of leading chains such as Ronit Raphael, Opal Balance, Pizza Hut, Super Cofix, Shufersal Express, and other selected businesses. The office floor in the center is populated by medical practitioners and other professionals.

Avisror House in Be’er Sheva – This diverse commercial and office center houses a dynamic consumer environment and offers an excellent strategic location.

Avisror Center in the Park Neighborhood – a 16,000 square meters commercial and office center that will serve over 25,000 residents and passers-by on nearby Route 25.

Or Ness House – an office tower next to Avisror House. The project is in the planning stages.

Ha’Keren House in Be’er Sheva – excellently located and nearby the Leonardo Hotel, the municipal building and the Dead Sea factories – a 5-floor building with offices in a variety of sizes.

Industrial Buildings in Be’er Sheva and Yeruham – Avisror offers rentals of industrial buildings of various sizes.

Various projects in planning – commercial and office space close to Assuta Hospital in Ashdod, commercial and office space in Be’er Ya’akov, commercial space in Ashkelon’s popular Agam neighborhood, commercial space in Bat Yam’s Kommiut neighborhood, and commercial space in Gedera.  In Yeruham, Avisror will soon construct a shopping and office center, in Bat Yam, a new complex will be erected on the border with Rishon Le-Zion, with 9.5 dunams of land being rezoned for commercial, office and residential use.

Renewing Israel

The company has begun working on urban renewal projects in Ashdod and Rehovot:

  • The President’s Project includes the evacuation of 186 units and the construction of 1,126 units and commercial space in 10 buildings.
  • The Herzl Project includes the evacuation of 72 units and the construction of 387 units and commercial space.
  • The Kiryat Moshe Project in Rehovot. The plan has been approved. Avisror has signed up 75% of the tenants in 3 different neighborhoods. The project is expected to offer 700 units.

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