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Industry, infrastructure, concessions, residential real estate development


Founding Year 1968
Address 12 Bareket St., P.O.B 7113, Petach Tikvah 4917002 - View Map
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Shapir is Israel's leading industrial, engineering and infrastructure group. The Group, established 51 years ago, initiates and executes complex projects in Israel in the fields of engineering and infrastructure, employing thousands of skilled workers under the guidance of strict and professional management, while maintaining a firm commitment to the environment and maintaining uncompromising quality and strict adherence to timetables.


Senior Management

Yehuda Segev

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Harel Shapira

Chief Executive Officer –
Shapir Engineering & Industry

Israel Shapira

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Gil Shapira

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Chen Shapira

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Amit Birman

Chief Financial Officer

The Group has gained a solid reputation in the field, owing to its many years of experience in planning and managing large projects, where technological innovation and unique solutions are implemented in complex and diverse projects. Such projects include tunnels, interchanges, bridges, marine engineering, and more.

The Group leads the market in long-term investments in mega projects in the private and public sectors. These include funding capabilities in partnership with leading financial entities, planning, construction, maintenance, independent operations in projects throughout the concession period. As part of its vision, and considering the fact that its projects will have an impact for generations to come, the Group has championed the protection of the environment and ecological awareness in all its projects, using water recycling facilities, a construction that blends with the landscape, while maintaining a constant dialogue with the natural values interfacing with its work.


Industry The Group is Israel’s leading producer of raw materials for the construction and infrastructure industries and invests heavily in improving its processes and uncompromising quality control. The Group owns a cement plant, a series of quarries throughout Israel with reserves of raw materials to last decades, concrete plants, asphalt plants, plants for the production of rafters and prefabricated elements, as well as metal raw materials through its holdings in Packer Steel. The raw materials are transported to construction sites by the Group’s hundreds of trucks.

Infrastructure As Israel’s most active infrastructure group, Shapir is involved in most infrastructure projects undertaken in Israel. The Group is now working on a large-scale project at Ashdod’s new port and on Highway 16, which will be another entrance to Jerusalem, from the south of Israel. Over time, Shapir has been involved in the paving of thousands of kilometers of roads nationwide, such as the expansion of Highway 6 northward, Highway 531 and its connection to Highway 20, the Makabit Road – Highway 471, the Ra’anana South interchange, the Krayot bypass road and the Krayot interchange, Highway 3, and more. Shapir has also been involved and continues to be involved in the construction of many bridges, such as the Akbara Bridge, the Mivtza Kadesh Bridge, the Gilo Bridge, and more. Shapir has exceptional skills in the excavation of long tunnels, including the railway to Jerusalem (A1) and the tunnels for Highway 6 north. Moreover, Shapir specializes in complex marine projects, including the construction of the new Haifa port, the first stage of Ashdod’s Ha’Yovel Port, the construction of piers in Haifa, the coal unloading pier in Ashkelon, the gas pipeline replacement project and more. Shapir is also a partner in large-scale construction works, such as power stations, airports, railway stations and more.

Concessions The Group initiates and builds large-scale projects in collaboration with the public sector, under the BOT or PFI method, whereby the Group finances, builds, operates and maintains the project for an extended period, after which ownership of the project reverts to the State. This year, inter alia, Shapir was involved in the Highway 6 north project, expanded the Israel Knesset building in Jerusalem, constructed and began operation of the National Parking Lot in Jerusalem, constructed  and began operation of the Fast Lane Highway to the entrance to Tel Aviv, constructed the Bezalel Dormitories in Jerusalem, as well as many other construction and infrastructure projects. In addition, the Group is a partner in several projects involving the distribution of natural gas in the northern and central regions, as well as the natural gas project at Ben-Gurion Airport, six plants in Alon Tavor, and more.

Residential real estate development The Group initiates and builds thousands of residential units in various parts of the country. Shapir is currently building 1,500 residential units in Harish’s B’Tzavta neighborhood, as part of the Ministry of Housing’s “Planning and Building” project. The Group’s entrepreneurial and engineering capabilities ensure that the projects are at the highest standards and provide the homeowners the assurance that they are getting full value for their investment.

Over time, the Group has shown steady growth which is matched by profitability in all areas of operation. This growth is a result of the Group’s long-term strategy, which is based on striving for excellence in every field in which it operates, diversifying the fields of operation, and relying on independent sources to supply the Group’s needs while utilizing the accumulated knowledge, technical and engineering capabilities, and specializing in working with customers while adapting to a dynamic world with changing demands.

Shapir Group shares have been listed for trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since late 2014 and have recently been added to the TA-35 Index. Moreover, the Group has issued bonds to the public. In 2018, the Group’s turnover totaled NIS 3.1 billion.

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