Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd.

Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Construction


Founding Year 1990
Address Al-Karem (Al-Shagor) Building, Fourth Floor, Umm El-Faheem - View Map
Phone 972-4-6316726
Fax 972-4-6316727
Email [email protected]


Fathi Fawzy, Chief Executive Officer, Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd.

Fathi Fawzy

Chief Executive Officer

Badia Fawzi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd.

Badia Fawzi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Aref, Chief Financial Officer, Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd.

Mohammed Aref

Chief Financial Officer

Mohammed Fathi, Director of Human Resources and Entrepreneurship, Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd.

Mohammed Fathi

Director of Human Resources and Entrepreneurship

Ibrahim Fawzi, Director of Operations, Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd.

Ibrahim Fawzi

Director of Operations


The Fathi Brothers Group was established in 1990 by Mr. Mahamid Fathi. The Company is for the most part, a cooperative amalgamation of brothers who contribute their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of construction and development, along with their reputation of years based on reliability, professionalism, and quality. Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd. is one of Israel's leading companies in the field of construction and the development of apartment towers and public buildings.

Other Senior Executives
Adv. Mahajanah Nazar
In-House General Counsel

Ajabria Omar
Chief Engineer

The Company is active in a variety of primary areas through specialized divisions, with an emphasis on a multi-organizational and a managerial operating concept, all said to achieve continuity, management, and execution of the projects and to achieve the best results.
The Company is meticulous in complying with the strictest of standards and holds the “Unlimited Classification” (C5) contractors classification. As such, it is a recognized contractor for government and public works in the institutional and public sectors, as well as in residential construction.

The Company has Several Divisions:
The Entrepreneurship and Investment Division
This division handles the whole chain of initiation, from the stage of identifying the assets, the target, the location, the acquisition, the improvement of the land, along with the planning, licensing, marketing, and sales processes.
Selected projects include – The Fantasy Project in Yokneam offering 46 villas • The Fantasy Project in Harish Park with eight residential towers offering 147 residential units • The Teva Project in Srigim, offering 46 residential units.

The Execution Division
Fathi Brothers Building Construction Company Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading contracting companies. Over time, the Company has completed many large-scale projects that have contributed to fruitful cooperation with various entrepreneurs, all with meticulous attention to the customer’s satisfaction. The Company considers its finalized projects as showcases and takes pride in its projects. The Company has always been meticulous in its efforts to ensure the highest standards of work and quality, in addition to its strict adherence to timetables, discipline and an attentive ear to the engineers and architects of the project planners and entrepreneurs.
The Company has a team of 150 people, employing engineers with many years of experience in supervising and carrying out construction work. The Company also uses subcontractors and supervises all phases of the project.

The Execution Division Specializes in Two Types of Construction:
• Residential construction – construction of residential building towers, saturated construction, villas, and cottages.
• Institutional public buildings – municipal buildings, offices and corporate warehouses, schools, kindergartens, community centers, sport centers, gymnasiums, guest houses, senior citizen homes, and auditoriums.

Selected Projects – Siena Park project in Hadera – 4 towers offering 152 residential units • an expansion project in Kibbutz Ha’Ogen – 62 residential units (villas) • an office building and commercial center in Umm el-Faheem – 7,000 sqm • an auditorium in Nes Tziona • a sports hall project in Kibbutz Ha’Zorea • a sports hall in Menashe • a fire station in Hadera • a building project for the Frishman Brothers – 2,500 sqm • the Paul Kor School Project in Petah Tikva – 3,000 sqm • the Agamim School Project in Netanya – 3,000 sqm • the Pelech Religious School Project in Zichron Ya’akov • a five-school project in Harish – 15,000 sqm.

Projects Currently Under Construction – Nazareth Municipality Building • Development work in Srigim • the Stage 2 Tower in Harish • a Sports Hall in Ma’ayan Shachar • the Chabad Upper Nazareth School • the Ulpana Hadar School in Petah Tikva • the Nes Tziona School of Science • the Halat School in Netanya • various school buildings for the Lod Economic Society • Rimonim and Ben Gurion Schools in Afula • the Bereshit School in Binyamina • the Hana Senesh School in Ora Akiva • the Dora School Campus in Netanya.

Income-Producing Property Division
The Group owns rental real estate properties, land reserves for future development, a 10,000 sqm commercial building, a 1,000 sqm commercial building in Harish, 3,000 sqm of land for a commercial building in Harish, various investments in real estate companies, a gas station, rental agreements for the entire area for 10 years with companies such as Dor Alon, Meuhedet Health Maintenance Organizationm the Mey Iron Municipal Corporation, lawyers, private physicians, dentists, engineers, pharmacies, massage parlors, medical institutes and other leading companies.

Values, Vision, and Financial Stability:
Thanks to intelligent management and planning, based on a long-term vision, Fathi Brothers Building Construction Co. Ltd. has an excellent reputation and enjoys an ongoing and stable growth. The Company’s business strategy is built on moderate and continuous growth, along with consistent profitability in every field. The Company stresses a monthly analysis of each project. with comparisons to other projects, matched by cost-benefit and profitability tests.
The Company’s Chief Financial Officer has been with the Company for 12 years and is responsible for drafting contractual agreements, banking support, budgetary control, strict cash flow management and the approval of invoices and timely payment without delay.
The Company’s financial stability is reflected in its healthy and positive shareholders’ equity position, which enables it to carry out diversified business initiatives in the various real estate fields, including the financing of construction projects and acquisition of future land reserves. The Company’s values and reliable and stable equity base allow it the confidence in creating cooperation, always with salient bargaining power.
The Company holds 40 dunams of land reserves located in Hadera and Kadima designated for future residential construction.

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