Hamashbir 365 Holdings Ltd.


Hamashbir 365 Holdings Ltd. is one Israel's leading groups in retail and customer affinity clubs. The Group is incorporated as a public company, which serves as the holding company. The Group's headquarters emphasizes thinking and synergy between all Group affiliates. The Group's vision is to provide a comprehensive retail response for Club 365 members, by cooperation or collaboration with leading companies. 

Other Senior Executives
Dvora Yitzhaki

Board Chair

Amir Avni
Deputy CEO, Marketing, Advertising, and Customer Clubs

Adi Blumenfeld-Pinhas
Deputy CEO, Finance, and Operations

Moshe Brooks
VP, Group Trade

Eitan Lilian
VP, Fashion Trade

Levi Cohen
CEO – 365 Technologies

Line of Business
Holdings in retail, technology and customer affinity card clubs

Established in 2003

Hamashbir 365 Holdings Ltd. - CEO Rami Shavit
Hamashbir La'Zarchan Israel Ltd. was founded as a department store. In 2003 the older Hamashbir operations were acquired by Shavit (2003) Ltd. Hamashbir went public 2007, after an issuance of shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
The company's main asset is its database of Club 365 members, which includes over 680 thousand households, and over one million card holders (some households hold more than one club card). Club 365 is considered the leader in its field in Israel and offers its members a range of benefits and special offers in many areas, throughout the year. In addition, the club provides benefits through coalition members such as Hamashbir La'Zarchan, New-Pharm, Yainot Beitan, Aviation Links, Sonol, Tsomet Sefarim, Shlomo Sixt; discounts and benefits at family leisure events as well as discounts at a variety of restaurants throughout Israel. More details are available on the, website.
Group Companies:
Hamashbir Department Stores Ltd.
The Hamashbir department store chain operates the only department store chain in Israel and is among the leading companies in the Israeli retail trade field. The chain operates 39 branches, which are located in shopping malls and other central locations, and which cover a commercial area of more than 110 thousand square meters. Revenue in 2015 totaled NIS 1.2 billion, thanks to a skilled workforce of 1,700 employees and 1,800 sales promoters.
The chain sells a full range of quality cosmetics, fashion for women, men and children, lingerie, footwear, home appliances and jewelry, and offers its customers international brands, along with quality locally-manufactured products and a department store shopping experience.

New Pharm Drugstores Ltd.
New-Pharm is active in cosmetics, toiletries, natural and pharma products.  The company has 65 branches, with a commercial area of more than 27.5 thousand square meters. Of its 65 branches, 56 are located throughout Israel in a classic drugstore setup, while nine are considered medical branches. New Pharm was established in 1991 and has a skilled workforce of 1,200 employees and 800 sales promoters. Revenue in 2015 totaled NIS  700 million. The company has begun a process of opening new branches of significant scale, mainly through its franchising model.

Club 365 Finance
Club 365 Finance is jointly owned by Hamashbir 365 Holdings and Yainot Beitan Holdings. This unit is the financial arm of Hamashbir 365, and aims to promote and develop platforms for marketing financial products to members of Club 365, using the retail sales floors of the coalition and the database of Club 365. In June 2012, Hamashbir 365 and Club 365 Finance signed an agreement with ICC – Israel Credit Cards  to issue a joint customer club card and launch a new non-bank credit card called Family 365.
Upon completion of the acquisition of 50% of Club 365 Finance in March 2015 by Yainot Beitan Holdings, the credit card clubs of Hamashbir 365 and Yainot Beitan were merged, and the merged credit club currently offers some 200 cards and entitles Family 365 credit card holders to an affinity program which accumulates a 3% "cash-back" on every purchase at the coalition chains -  Hamashbir La'Zarchan, New-Pharm, Yainot Beitan, Aviation Links, Tsomet Sefarim, along with all regular discounts.

365 Technologies Ltd. - Levi Cohen, CEO
365 Technologies Ltd. was established in late 2011 as part of the Hamashbir 365 Holdings Group. The company operates in several areas and offers a payment and advanced management services platforms that it developed.
365 Technologies' business activities are conducted through subsidiaries in Israel and abroad, that use the company's technology platforms and know-how.

Remunera International SA
Remunera is a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in Luxembourg, which offers a new concept of dedicated management services and provides added value in the field of employee benefits for all parties involved - employees, employers, and businesses. Remunera leverages the changes in the employee benefits market, and especially restaurant meals, from the use of paper vouchers or bank cards to a market that demands something beyond payments. Remunera operates in Japan and Poland with local partners through dedicated subsidiaries. Remunera is working to expand its operations to other countries with local and global partners.

Celleb Integrations Ltd.
Celleb is an Israeli subsidiary, which was established at the end of 2013, and is involved in the distribution, promotion, marketing and operation of the mobile phone wallet concept. This is an innovative concept in Israel, bringing cooperation between merchants and their cash boxes. Celleb's mobile phone wallet integrates the management of customer clubs and consumerism while building upon the benefits and payment abilities of advanced e-wallet payment systems.  The e-wallet capabilities and integrity of Celleb are embedded today in several customer credit card clubs in Israel as well as a leading credit card company.

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