Hamashbir 365 Holdings Ltd.


Hamashbir La'Zarchan Israel Ltd. was founded in 1947 and the Hamashbir La'Zarchan department store chain in 2003. Operations of the old Hamashbir were bought by the Shavit Group (2003) Ltd. The Company is a public company, following a 2007 share issuance on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 

Other Senior Executives
Dvora Itzhaki

Chairperson of the Board

Adi Blumenfeld
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Marketing, Clubs, and Finance

Bilha Barokas
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Trade

Nissim Hassan
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Operations, and Sales

Amir Avni
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Eitan Lillian
Director, Intersport

Ronen Laviv
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Club 365

Ibrahim Magzal
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Sales

Itzik Pe'er
Chief Information Technology Officer

Anat Yona
Chief Financial Officer

Attorney Tomer Cohen
Legal Counsel

Line of Business
Department Store Chain Operations

Established in 2003

Hamashbir Department Stores Ltd.

Hamashbir Department Stores operates the only chain of department stores in Israel and is among the leading companies in the field of retail trade. .
The chain has 37 independent branches, located in shopping malls, and other central locations, with a total commercial area of more than 110,000 square meters.
Revenue of the company in 2016 totaled NIS 1 billion, thanks to a skilled workforce of 1,700 employees and 1,800 salespeople.
The chain offers a wide range of quality products, including cosmetics; women's, men's, and children's fashion wear; lingerie' footwear; household products; electrical appliances; and jewelry, and offers international brands along with quality local products, and a true shopping experience.

CLUB 365

Club 365 was established in 2013 and is owned by Hamashbir Department Stores Ltd. The company's main asset is the Club 365 database, which has over 700,000 households and over a million cardholders (some households hold more than one club card).
Club 365 is considered the leader in its field in Israel and offers its members a variety of benefits, 365 days a year.
In addition, the club offers benefits at coalition companies, such as Hamashbir La'Zarchan, New Pharm, Yainot Bitan, Aviation Links, Sonol, Tsomet Sefarim, Shlomo Sixt, discounts and benefits in entertainment venues and family attractions, as well as discounts at various restaurants throughout the country.
Details can be found at:

Club 365 Finance

Club 365 Finance is jointly owned by Hamashbir 365 and Yainot Bitan Holdings. The company is the financial arm of Hamashbir 365, and its goal is to promote and develop platforms for the marketing of financial products to Club 365 members, using the retail sales floors of the coalition and the Club 365 database.
In June 2012, Hamashbir 365 and Club 365 Finance signed an agreement with CAL - Israel Credit Cards.
The Club has already issued 230,000 cards, and Family 365 credit card holders are entitled to a 3% cash-back loyalty program at Hamashbir La'Zarchan, New Pharm, Yainot Bitan, Mega B'Ir, Aviation Links, Tsomet Sefarim and more, all in addition to the existing discounts. .


In 2017, Hamashbir La'Zarchan Department Stores Ltd. acquired the concession to operate ISRAEL INTERSPORT.
  is the world's largest sports retailer, operating in 46 countries with 5,500 stores and a sales turnover of more than 11 billion Euro. The chain appeals to sports fans and offers a wide variety of professional products in the fields of footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories in all sports categories. Alongside the international sports brands, the chain develops and markets exclusive high-quality brands.
Twenty branches are planned in Israel, each to offer 1,000 meters of sales space as well as an advanced marketing internet site. By the end of 2018, the first four branches will be opened, and the trade site will offer, besides a wide range of products, an exceptional buying experience, professional advice, and exceptional service.

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