Global Internal Solutions Ltd.

Office furniture and chairs, sports facilities and floor coverings – manufacturing and installatio


Founding Year 1985
Address MAIN SHOWROOM - FOR PROJECTS ONLY 13 Kehilat Thessaloniki St., Tel Aviv - View Map
Phone 972-074-7808121
Email [email protected]
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Eli Granit, Chief Executive Officer, Global Internal Solutions Ltd.

Eli Granit

Chief Executive Officer


Global, an Israeli international industrial company and its largest furniture exporter, leads in designing, manufacturing, and providing comprehensive solutions for projects, public spaces, workspaces. Global's house brands include Teknion (furniture), Tzora (chairs) and Magnali (sports facilities and floor coverings). Some 75% of its sales revenue is based on internal -production at Global's plants in Carmiel, Beit Shemesh and Haifa. Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Global Group, with headquarters in Toronto, which includes Teknion - the office furniture giant. The Global Group is one of the five largest office furniture groups in the world.

A Leading Israeli Company
Global Israel was established in 1985 as a regional manufacturing center for the Teknion brand, and thus Teknion became the only international company producing in the country. The resulting advantage was appreciated by the Israeli market’s largest bodies, including the most significant international companies, and Global became Israel’s largest office furniture supplier, with a market share of 50% of the project furniture market.
Over time, Global has developed comprehensive solutions for other markets – health institutions, academia, sports facilities, decorative floors and more.
The Company manufactures and installs 20,000 work stations, 80,000 chairs, and countless sports halls a year, backed up by fast delivery and installation, training and ongoing support.
Global has 25o employees, with 150 involved in manufacturing. “We believe in Zionism, which is why we chose to set up our manufacturing center in Israel and to provide jobs for Israeli workers,” Global says. “As part of the global company, we are the exclusive manufacturers of “Teknion” products in Israel. This allows us to manufacture our products according to exacting local client requirements and to provide our products without delay.
Global operates an enhanced logistics system with more than 15 professional and experienced installation teams and an advanced transport system that provides swift, safe and efficient delivery anywhere and anytime.

Collaboration with our Clients
“Since Teknion was founded almost 40 years ago, everything and nothing has changed,” says President and Chief Executive Officer David Feldberg, “While the office landscape has certainly evolved dramatically over the last ten years, we have become a leading international furniture manufacturer, but, still, the nature of the company remains the same. We are human, bold, curious, connected and ready. I believe that our success lies in our approach, in the way we collaborate with our clients to secure great projects.”
And also n Israel. “Our success is based, inter alia, on our commitment to keep abreast of global trends and to advance through creative developments. “We are connected to the sources of inspiration, desires and changing tastes of our clients. We are committed to change, to innovation, to looking forward, and to promote our product basket with the help of brands, design concepts, manufacturing and planning.”

Holistic Approach
Global looks at the field of design and office furniture from a holistic perspective. “We work end-to-end – from providing solutions to the most demanding requirements of large conglomerates, to handling the smallest of details at the single employee level. We look at the firm from the microstate down to the microstate, from the concept to the furniture, from the plan to execution.”
“We are very aware of our clients’ needs, from functional furniture to designer furniture. So, in addition to our designed systems, for clients looking for the most innovative and stylish branded furniture solutions, we have built collaboration contacts with global brands and together with Teknion’s designed systems, we have created a basket of solutions, not available from anyone else in Israel”.
“Over time, we have developed a unique ability, on the one hand, to provide an efficient and competitive response for each client, and on the other, to preserve our specialness and personal interaction with our clients.”
“Professional support, the result of many years of experience is the most important thing we give to all architects, project managers, supervisors, ergonomists, contractors, procurement and construction managers, and anyone else who has partnered with us over time in our successes and hardships, and in times of effort, sweat and glory.”

Just Some of our Clients
“Most employees of international conglomerates in Israel have chosen to sit on our chairs at their work stations, although they could choose their furniture from any other international company,” says Global. “They choose us because of our range of top-quality products, flexibility in customization and schedules, reliable logistics and competitive prices. As a result, we are found in every self-respecting office or organization.”
International companies – Intel, Google, Samsung, SAP, Motorola, Cisco, Palo Alto, Panasonic, Nova, Transworld, Perrigo, Philip Morris, Qualcomm, Outbrain, Aventis, Sapiens, SolarEdge, Broadcom.
Financial companies – Leumi Bank, Bank Hapoalim, Discount Bank, Mizrahi Tefahot, First International Bank, Migdal, Phoenix, Harel, Visa CAL, Isracard, Excellence, Meitav Dash.
Leading Israeli companies – NICE, Amdocs, Bezeq, Iscar, Teva, Israel Aircraft, Elbit, Rafael, Mellanox, El Al, Pango, Adama, Hagag, Shikun & Binui, Kesselman, Ernst & Young, Amidar, Next, Adler-Chomsky-Warshavsky.
Small and medium-sized offices – many hundreds every year.
Public Institutions and Education – Weizmann Institute, The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University, Rishon Le’Zion Cultural Hall, Tel Aviv Courthouse, IDC Herzliya, Israel Post, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Municipality of Jerusalem.
Medical Institutions – Ichilov, Tel Ha’Shomer, Assaf Ha’Rofeh, Hadassah Hospital, Hadassah Medical, Bikur Rofeh, Assuta, Rambam.
Sports Facilities – Menorah-Mivtachim, in Tel Aviv, Romema in Haifa, Conch Arena in Be’er Sheva, Pais Arena in Jerusalem.
Industry, Trade and Parking – Globus Max, Aroma, Beit Ha’tfutsot, Holmes Place, Matrix, Nice, Tikshuv, Parking Lots of Hezi Hinam, Champions Motors, Fiat.

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