S.AL Group

Provider and distributor of plumbing equipment, soil and waste systems, industrial valves and fittings, pumps, energy systems, heating, fire protection, swimming pool equipment and sporting leisure


Founding Year 1974
Address 36 Hamerkava St., Holon, 5885935 Israel - View Map
Phone 03-5566363
Fax 03-5566474
Email [email protected]
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Nir Alkalay, CEO, S.AL Group

Nir Alkalay


Sharon Weissman, VP Marketing, S.AL Group

Sharon Weissman

VP Marketing

Meir Dahan, VP of Operations and Sales, S.AL Group

Meir Dahan

VP of Operations and Sales


The S.AL Group, established in 1974, is Israel's leading marketer of products for the construction and infrastructure sectors. The Group, through its subsidiaries, offers a wide range of products under one roof, including plumbing products, sewage and waste systems, valves and fittings, pumps, energy and heating systems, fire extinguishing systems, as well as swimming pool and leisure equipment. The uniqueness of the Group lies in its ability to provide its customers with comprehensive solutions, under one roof, working with world-leading distributors and manufacturers, providing complete technical service and support through a team of professionals. The Group is ISO-9001 certified, with 350 employees. The ownership distribution of the Group is as follows – Sky 3 Investment Management Ltd. and Kidma Capital Ltd. with 35 % each; with Nir Alkalay, Sharon Weissman and Meir Dahan with 10% each. Company sales are steady and rising, with 2017 sales turnover coming in at NIS 540 million, as compared with 2016 sales turnover of NIS 520 million.

About the Group
The S. AL Group, one of Israel’s largest and leading groups in the construction and infrastructure fields, is primarily involved in representing overseas manufacturers, and the sale of a basket of complementary products. The Group markets products from 50 manufacturers, which are located in Europe, the US, and the Far East, and from leading local companies, providing the best products available in the world, with an emphasis on quality and competitive prices. The products that are imported are tested by the Israel Standards Institute. The Group’s workshops employ 15 professionals, who provide maintenance services and technical support, and guarantee all goods as is customary in the industry.
The Group maintains its family atmosphere, personal relationships with its customers and provides a highly professional level of service to its customers, also through its S.AL North, Hameshavek Trade & Engineering, XPC Pipes, S. AL Eilat, S. AL Technologies and Aviam subsidiaries. The equipment is stored at the Group’s warehouses, which cover some 50 thousand square meters.

Major Fields of Operation
Fire extinguishing systems – the supply of firefighting systems that meet UL and FM systems, including pumps, sprinklers, control systems, valves and accessories, water reservoirs, foam systems, identification and labeling systems, hangers and support for pipes, grooved joints, and other fire extinguishing products, such as: wheel loaders, fire hydrants, fabric hoses.
Group engineers, who have extensive technical background and knowledge in the field of fire extinguishing, provide customers with technical support and engineering consultation during each project.
Plumbing products – the Group markets a wide range of piping components and accessories of iron and plastic and is a leader in Israel of pipes and fittings made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), for hot and cold wastewater and stormwater drainage. The Group provides design services to contractors and engineers, advising them according to ISO standards, and professional and reliable field service, providing solutions to its customers and checks the quality of the work of contractors in the field. The Group holds training and certification courses for its customers in order to raise the contractors’ technical and professional levels.
Valves – the Group markets wedge gate valves, knife gate valves, ball valves and butterfly valves, primarily for water, fuel, steam, grease, and air use, for the sewage, pharmaceutical, and food industries, etc.
Pumps – The S. AL Group markets pumps of several types – horizontal, vertical, centrifugal, multi-gradual hot and cold-water spins, self-suction, spiral, positive rotary, submersible, fire extinguishing, hydrants, etc. The S. AL Group represents the very best European companies, including DAB Water Technology (Italy), DP – Pumps (Netherlands). As well, the S. AL Group represents companies specializing in pumps for the municipal and industrial fields, such as MONO (England), JABSCO-XYLEM (England), VARISCO (Italy), KSB (Germany) and more. In the fire extinguishing field – Aurora Pumps and more.
Heat Pumps – S. Al markets heat pumps for water, heating, and swimming pools.
Heating Equipment – water reservoirs, cast iron heating boilers, burners, and radiators.
Swimming pools – the Group markets water pumps, heat pumps, filters, cleaning facilities, disinfectants, ladders, lighting, piping, and fittings made of PVC, and equipment for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. In addition, the Group markets unique LED bulbs that offer savings advantages of up to 80% in energy and power consumption, and a special decorative mirror.
Leisure Products – S. AL is a representative of Bestway, which is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of inflatable and above-ground swimming pool products offering a range of products such as above-ground pools, inflatable pools, floats, mattresses, pool games, camping equipment, rubber boats, SUP, inflatable patio furniture and more. Some of its products are under the Disney World brand.

The Group’s sales and distribution center is located in Bat-Yam, from which its products are marketed to a variety of toy and leisure chains in Israel through the use of unique marketing and advertising methods.

S. AL North Ltd. supplies the Group’s products in the North; Hameshavek Trade & Engineering Ltd. markets plumbing and fire extinguishing equipment; XPC Pipes Ltd. specializes in the concrete lining of steel pipes, pipe extrusions and painting pipes with epoxy paint; S.AL Eilat 2009 Ltd. markets the Group’s products in Eilat and the Arava; S.AL Technologies Ltd., markets products for industry, infrastructures and air conditioning, and focuses on the sale of valves, pumps, piping and accessories to plants in the oil and gas fields; Aviam Installation and Building, distributes the Company’s products in Be’er Sheva and Israel’s South.

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