Inter Industries- Inter Electric Installations Ltd

The execution of large projects in the field of electricity, electro-mechanical systems, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity infrastructure, civil engineering; the manufacture of low voltage and high voltage electrical panels, the import, and marketing of electrical and lighting equipment


Founding Year 1973
Address P.O.B. 609 Tziporit Industrial Zone, Nazareth Illit 1710502 - View Map
Phone 04-6414555
Fax 04-6414300


Arie Korotkin, Chief Executive Officer - Inter Industries, Inter Industries- Inter Electric Installations Ltd

Arie Korotkin

Chief Executive Officer - Inter Industries


Inter Electric Installations (1983) Ltd - Inter Industries Ltd. is a leading Israeli company in the field of electrical, electro-mechanics, energy, and infrastructure projects. Company shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Inter Industries is the parent company of Inter Electric Installations (1983) Ltd., which was founded in 1973. The company has extensive experience in the electromechanical field. Calculated, sober and prudent management has contributed to financial stability and strength, and many years of continuous growth. The company has 370 employees, with an annual turnover of NIS 340 million.

Other Senior Executives

Eliezer Rotenstreich

Chief Financial Officer

Nitzan Waxman

Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Trade and Business Development

Yossi Tachman

Chief Executive Officer – Inter Electric

Shimon Elul

Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Engineering and Marketing – Inter Electric

Nati Bilibau

Chief Executive Officer – Inter Electro-Mechanical Systems

Ohad Leshem

Chief Executive Officer – Steinitz Lirad Engineering Lighting

Gadi Leshem

Chief Executive Officer – Ambel Electrical Engineering Ltd.

Naphtali Klein

Chief Executive Officer – Etalon Engineering Projects Ltd.

Goals and Values
Inter Industries has decided to become a leader in its field and to achieve growth by increasing the number of active customers, sales volume, and profitability. The core values that guide the company are integrity and business ethics, attention to quality, reliability and placing the customer at the center.
Inter Electric Installations (1983) Ltd.
Operates in the energy and infrastructure fields and is one of the more senior and experienced companies in its field. Inter Electric provides a wide range of products for electricity infrastructures, installations and project services, regular maintenance services, and expert professional advice for entrepreneurs. Inter Electric’s key customers include companies, entrepreneurs, large governmental and private entities, which are active in industrial and infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad.
Inter Electric specializes in medium and large sized projects. The company undertakes electrical work in high voltage, low voltage, control systems, instrumentation, outdoor and indoor lighting, photovoltaic projects, medium voltage switchgear production and assembly, low voltage switchgear according to IEC 61439. Inter Electric also imports, assembles and markets high voltage boards up to 36 kV.
Inter Electric holds ISO 1001 (2015) and ISO 18001 certifications. The company is also certified by General Electric for the installation and servicing of high voltage sub-station(AIS and GIS) and is registered with the Registrar of Contractors in the A-5 Class (unlimited).
Inter Electric customers include institutional, military, agricultural, large industrial companies, kibbutzim, and factories, including the Hadera desalination plant, various Strauss plants, Tnuva Dairies, Elbit Systems, the Israel Electric Corporation, Rafael, and the Ministry of Defense. The company also operates overseas, mainly in Africa.
Under the Management Umbrella of Inter Electric are Several Subsidiaries and Business Units, Such as:
Inter Electro-Mechanical Systems Ltd. – The company provides a comprehensive solution for projects in the electro-mechanical, electricity, air conditioning, sanitary plumbing, and fire protection fields, with full integration between the disciplines and total customer solutions. The company is involved in hi-rise buildings, public buildings, and more. The company has a team of well-experienced managers and employees, most of whom are managers and employees of Dalkia Energy and Services Ltd. The company’s staff includes a senior engineering team, project managers, technical supervisors, and others, who have many years of experience, broad vision, and a proven ability to provide integrated solutions for large-scale projects throughout Israel. The company’s experienced professionals in the planning and construction departments have over the years specialized in many integrated projects, and they are the driving force behind the success of projects while always meeting deadlines to the satisfaction of the customer.
Steinitz Lirad Engineering Lighting Ltd. – The company provides a full range of lighting solutions for complex projects and is involved in the import, production, and distribution of various outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures. Steinitz Lirad represents the world’s leading lighting industry companies, such as Thorn, Unilamp, Aldabra, Fagerhult, LED Linear, the Hubbel Group and more. Steinitz Lirad’s skilled and professional staff allows for a perfect fit of the product with the project’s requirements. The company has an engineering and consultancy department which specializes in complex projects, with coordination between the various parties involved in the project. Examples of projects include the Sarona complex, the Tel Aviv promenade, Hadassah Hospital, Ichilov Hospital, IKEA, and other complexes. The company’s logistics center and production and assembly plant for lighting fixtures is located in the Tziporit Industrial Zone.
Ambel Electrical Engineering Ltd. – is involved in the import and marketing of cable ducts and ladders, and the supply and installation of Graziadio lighting tracks, protective equipment against lightning and voltage surges, fireproof office ducts and fire-proof sealing equipment. Ambel is the exclusive representative of the German OBO-Bettermann company. The company is also involved in the import, marketing, and distribution of integrated electrical and communications installations.
Inter – Enerlec Ltd. – Inter – Enerlec provides 24/7 maintenance services for high voltage, transformer testing, including high voltage transformers, service and testing for high voltage switchboards, including periodic maintenance, malfunctions, replacement of damaged equipment, calibration of protection relays, treatment of underground faults and overhead lines, and the supply of electromagnetic radiation laboratory reports. The company has advanced equipment for providing services such as a filtration and oil treatment machine, testing and calibrating equipment for protection relays and a mobile laboratory for testing equipment and infrastructure on site. The service includes GIS and AIS high voltage stations.
Etalon Engineering Projects Ltd. – Etalon serves as a contractor for civil engineering projects and holds ISO-9000 certification from the Israel Standards Institute. Etalon focuses on construction contracts, primarily for offices and government companies and executes complex and systems-heavy projects for such entities. For example, among the company’s public building projects are the Tel Aviv Cultural Center, the Hiriya Environmental Education Center, kindergartens, hospital wards, and clinics, the Ben Gurion Airport fueling station, an air force command structure, a flight control tower, airport hangers, etc.

Inter-Industries – Sample Projects
Inter Industries is involved in large-scale complex projects, such as a water purification facility in Israel’s south, the Oz poultry factory, the Sorek power plant, a sizeable electro-mechanical project in a building designated for the government, and the Hadera Paper Mills electrical power station, including a GIS high voltage sub-station.

The Community and the Environment
Inter Industries considers itself as an integral part of its environment and of the community in which it operates. The Company is one of the largest concerns in Nazareth and recognizes the importance of contributing to the community. As a result, the Company contributes to the community in various ways, including supporting AKIM Nazareth Illit.

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