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Founding Year 1995
Address 250 Emek Ha'ela Modi'in - View Map
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Nahum Bittan, Co-Chief Executive Officer, yenot Bitan Ltd

Nahum Bittan

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Nurit Bittan, Co-Chief Executive Officer, yenot Bitan Ltd

Nurit Bittan

Co-Chief Executive Officer


Yeinot Bitan Ltd. is a retail food chain of 185 branches located nationwide with a combined retail space of 170 thousand square meters (net). Yeinot Bitan sells food products and household goods, as well an extensive range of other products at fair prices, while maintaining high quality standards, fair employment practices and contributing to the community. Yeinot Bitan was established in 1995 by Nahum and Nurit Bitan, who decided to pursue their dream by transforming their small wine business from which the chain’s name originated, into a thriving chain. The Bitan’s family values and warm attitude have gradually seeped to all levels of the company, and have become a strategic asset to its development.

In 2016, the company acquired the “Mega in The City” retail chain. Upon the completion of the transaction, Yeinot Bitan became Israel’s second largest retail chain. Later, the group introduced a new ultra-orthodox retail chain, “Shuk Mehadrin”. Yeinot Bitan’s decision to enter the ultra-orthodox sector is the result of its intention to specialize in dedicated target populations.
Yeinot Bitan operates in four main formats – Yeinot Bitan Market branches, Yeinot Bitan large chain stores, Small city branches of Yeinot Bitan and Mega in The City and the ultra-orthodox mehadrin branches under its “Shuk Mehadrin” brand.
Professionalism – the chain’s meat and fish depts. specialize in the highest quality products. A broad range of products is available throughout the various branches, including fresh meats, fresh sea and fresh water fish. Additionally, a team supervises the operations of each meat and fish dept., assuring that each product is carefully examined for freshness and quality. The depts. are under veterinary supervision.
Yeinot Bitan is a leading Israeli fresh fish marketer. The chain leads in its extensive range of fish available and sales turnover.
For its fruits and vegetable depts., the chain buys its produce directly from the farmer, which means that a careful selection of fruits and vegetables is made prior to its arrival, assuring freshness and top quality produce.
Yeinot Bitan is constantly evolving:
Customer Club – in 2014, the chain established its Family Card Club, in cooperation with Visa Cal. In early 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed with Club 365, in which Yeinot Bitan acquired 50% ownership interest in the club. The joint club now has 235,000 members and provides the broadest set of benefits available in Israel.
Online sales – another sales channel being developed is the online sales channel. The chain operates 2 online-shopping platforms; One under the Mega Online brand, and the second under the Yeinot Bitan Online brand.
Open Market branches – in 2015, the chain opened a unique branch that combines an open market experience with a supermarket experience. The new branch is located in Rehovot’s wholesale market. The branch covers an area of 5,000 sq.m and provides an exceptional experience that includes wine and spice departments, and fruits and vegetables that are sold in a manner similar to open market stands by in-branch sales assistants. The branch also offers freshly squeezed juices, ice cream parlors, an in-branch oven bakery, a restaurant and a cafe. Today, this format includes 8 branches and will continue to expand.
The “Shuk Mehadrin” chain – At the beginning of 2017, the group introduced a new ultra-orthodox chain in Israel. This new chain will include 20 branches, to be converted from Yeinot Bitan and Zol Beshefa branches, that were purchased over the last year. The branches are located in areas with large concentrations of ultra-orthodox populations. This move was conceived as to make the ultra-orthodox adjustments not just from the Kashrut perspective, but also for consumption characteristics.
Open Door Policy – Yeinot Bitan operates an open door policy for employees and customers alike. Aside from being open to suggestions and requests from customers, the company is also attentive to the needs of its employees, to ensure they are happy and content. Contacts between the company and its suppliers are based on trust and open communication, for the benefit of both sides.
Commitment to Employees – The chain strives to provide its employees with suitable work conditions. Most workers are directly employed by the company, and management provides them with a broad range of cultural activities and training opportunities.
Commitment to the Community – Yeinot Bitan’s owners believe that it is important to strengthen the bonds with the community in which the chain operates. Each year the chain donates substantial funds in favor of activities for the needy and various NPOs. The chain also contributes to NPOs that supply food to the needy. The chain distributes hundreds of sandwiches to needy children every day. Since 2010, Yeinot Bitan has employed many disabled employees throughout its branches. This project is a joint operation with the Israeli Employment Center and in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
Real Estate Operations – The company also manages real estate operations through B. Bitan Properties (2001) Ltd., a real estate investment company. This company owns commercial properties available for lease.
Plans – Yeinot Bitan will: continue to work across all channels, develop its customer club, expand the concept of market stores and open new branches.

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