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Retail marketing chains for food and consumer goods; real estate activities


Founding Year 1957
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Yisrael Berman, Chairman of the Board, Shufersal Ltd.

Yisrael Berman

Chairman of the Board

Yitzchak Abercohen, CEO, Shufersal Ltd.

Yitzchak Abercohen



Shufersal is Israel's most extensive and leading food retail chain, with 272 stores, an area of 487 thousand square meters, and 14,000 employees.

Other Senior Executives
Shlomo Zohar
Deputy CEO, and Head of Research, Development, and Real Estate Properties

Talya Huber

Uri Kilstein
VP, Trade and Marketing

David Laron
VP, Operations and the Supply Chain

Zvika Fishheimer
VP, Human Resources and Head of Information Technology

Aran Meiri
Legal Counsel

Zvi Baida
VP, Customers and Service

Shufersal – Updated Financial Data
Revenue for 2017 totaled NIS 11.8 billion. The Company’s securities are listed for trading on the Tel Aviv 35 and Tel-Div indices.

A Spearhead for Personal Consumption
Over time, Shufersal has established itself as the Israel’s leading consumer goods supplier, thanks to a vision and strategy that bring benefit and value to its diverse audiences throughout the country, both in city centers and beyond.
Following on this vision, and out of familiarity with its target audience and their changing needs, Shufersal operates the following store formats:
Shufersal Deal (110 stores) – A nationwide chain of stores noted for discounted prices and a wide variety of products.
“Yesh” format (26 stores) – Designed to respond to relatively large consumption baskets, high-level kashrut certification, and a pure shopping experience, while adapting its range of products to different populations.
The “Yesh” chain includes the following sub-formats – Yesh Hesed – which addresses the ultra-Orthodox sector, and Yesh Be’Schuna – which is based on a pure shopping experience, at less dear prices.
Shufersal Sheli (80 stores) – Neighborhood supermarkets located in city centers. The format provides convenience, service, proximity, availability, and freshness.
Shufersal Express (51 stores) – An urban chain adapted to current consumption and convenience habits. The stores are operated mainly by franchisees.
Organic Market – As part of the Israeli health-foods revolution, Shufersal seeks to respond to the demand for healthy, fresh, and organic foods. Today, there are 70 organic market sub-stores within the Shufersal stores, in addition to five stand-alone stores.

Shufersal Online
The largest e-commerce sales site in Israel for the sale of food products in a convenient and available shopping experience, along with discount prices. In 2017, Shufersal’s online sales accounted for 11.5% of the chain’s total sales. The Company expects further growth in sales and is preparing itself to maintain the quality of the service provided to customers in this channel.
The Company is in the process of planning the operation of new automatic. online warehouses.

The “Shufersal” Private Label
The Shufersal chain offers some 4,500 products under its private label. These products are carefully selected by experts and are subject to stringent quality controls. The purpose of private label products is to offer customers a less dear alternative to quality products such as the quality of branded products in the category. Under the Shufersal brand, products can be found in all categories, including groceries, meat products, frozen and chilled products, vegetables, fruit, and beverages, as well as pharma, baby, home care, as well non-food products. In 2017, sales of private label products accounted for 21% of the chain’s total sales.

The Loyalty Club
Shufersal is keen to nurture its customer club and to offer its members real benefits, based on a familiarity with their specific and personal consumption habits. Club members enjoy accumulating points on every purchase, exclusive offers, personal mailings with discount coupons, special promotions and dedicated events held at the stores. By the end of 2017, the club had 1.8 million households.

Shufersal Credit Card
At the end of 2017, Shufersal completed a 10-year partnership with Leumi Card and embarked on a new venture with CAL. The Company began building the new credit card customers club after formulating a unique value proposition for its customers. The partnership between Shufersal and CAL is expected to provide card customers with superior benefits.

New Pharm
Shufersal acquired the New-Pharm chain in 2017, to strengthen its pharma arm and to offer its customers the world of beauty and toiletries, which until then was controlled by a single dominant player. In 2018, the chain will be re-launched under a new and vibrant brand that will offer customers an innovative and exciting shopping experience. The chain has 60 stores nationwide.

Logistic Centers
Shufersal has three main distribution centers, enabling the management of controlled and concentrated goods, and substantial savings in logistics costs. The operation of the new logistic centers enables an increase in the percentage of self-distribution and the improvement of work processes and the supply chain.

Shufersal Real Estate
This unit was formed with the aim of developing and improving the chain’s real estate properties, thereby increasing the value of the Company for its shareholders and enabling management to focus on real estate as a separate field. Shufersal Real Estate operates income-generating real estate properties, with the chain’s stores in the center, surrounded by commercial areas designated for rent as well as various yielding real estate properties. The value of properties is approx. NIS 2.3 B.

Gidron is a Shufersal subsidiary that manufactures and supplies baked goods for Shufersal, as well as various other third-party customers.

Shufersal for Business
Shufersal Business is a business unit that coordinates Shufersal’s activity with the business sector, public organizations, and non-profit organizations. The Company intends to continue to develop its activity in this field, and to increase its exposure in other channels, including expansion of the direct selling activity to small businesses (through Shufersal Online and the Company’s branches) and direct sales from the Company’s logistic centers. At the beginning of 2018, Shufersal launched its first store in the “Cash & Carry” format, which addresses the business sector and the institutional market in wholesale sales.

Customers and Service
Shufersal has identified service as a point of strength and differentiation and invests heavily in improving the customer Internet experience. In 2017, many steps were taken to establish a customer-focused organizational culture, alongside the assimilation of technological infrastructures that advance the Company’s service concept.

Commitment to Customers
Self-service check out points • The Shufersal app • The Scan and Buy project.

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