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Founding Year 1989
Address 20 Ha'Etzel St., New Industrial Zone, Rishon Le'Zion 7570622 - View Map
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Udi Gat, Chief Executive Officer, Pandoor Doors

Udi Gat

Chief Executive Officer

Avi Dahan, VP Trade, Pandoor Doors

Avi Dahan

VP Trade

Ariel Oren, VP Operations and Finance, Pandoor Doors

Ariel Oren

VP Operations and Finance

Anatoly Weiss, VP Production, Pandoor Doors

Anatoly Weiss

VP Production


Pandoor is Israel's largest door manufacturer. The Company has earned an excellent reputation for its high-quality products, spectacular design, and reliable and uncompromising customer service. The Company manufactures 240,000 doors annually for private customers and contractors and employs 250 workers.

Additional Senior Executive

Amir Gat

VP, Marketing

Since its founding in 1989, Pandoor has led and continues to lead a revolution in interior door design in Israel because of its extensive experience and expertise, the use of top-quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing methods available. The Company perceives a door as an integral part of the overall design of the home, and thus, Pandoor has changed the way of thinking of doors from merely a functional element, to one of the most important and unique components of the entire interior design.

Development and Manufacture of Doors – Professional, Quality, and Design
Pandoor has a new and advanced robotic factory in Kiryat Gat, where it operates Israel’s only automatic UV painting line, allowing for coating the doors with a watercolor, under the UV-method. The doors are durable over time and virtually do not change color with exposure to light. In 1996, Pandoor became Israel’s first company to introduce computerized manufacturing lines in the construction carpentry sector. These lines enable the manufacture of doors with quality materials and great precision, maximum details, and a high level of finish; thus, responding to the personal, technical, and design needs of each customer. The Company also supplies doors for over 35,000 housing units each year (approximately 240,000 doors), to private customers and leading contractors in the real estate market.

Interior Doors – A Part of Home Furnishings
Pandoor continues to revolutionize indoor design, offering high quality and customized interior doors to private customers and contractors, alike. The Company was the first in Israel to introduce Italian-style interior doors and to create public awareness of the importance of door design. Already in 1995, Pandoor began manufacturing and marketing door designs that changed the status of interior doors in Israel. In 2002, Pandoor was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture and market the “Laminato” model, which quickly became the best-selling door in Israel. In March 2011, Pandoor began manufacturing and marketing its “Unique” line of interior doors. “Unique” doors are designed for durability against water and wood damage, with high resistance, especially against mechanical damage. “Unique” doors come with an 8-year warranty period covering water and wood pest damage.
This year, Pandor continued its tradition of product innovation with the launch of its prestigious Pan-Zero doors series. For the first time, the series includes hidden hinges, and a concealed magnetic lock mechanism, giving the door an aesthetic look that harmonizes with the wall. In the professional language, the mechanism of the hidden axes is called a “flush to the wall doors,” since the installed door conceals the axial mechanism. This is also the inspiration for the series, since the door, the door frame, and the wall are aligned on the same line. In addition, Pan-Zero offers innovative designs with the possibility of combining two colors on the same door. The series includes a variety of doors with a thick Formica coating with a unique texture or UV acrylic paint finish in the oven and a variety of colors to choose from.

Nationwide Network – Personal Service
Pandoor has showrooms in Rishon Le’Zion, Netanya, Kiryat Gat Ashdod, and B’nei Brak, and a national network of distributors. The showrooms offer a computerized ordering system that enables the customer to combine door type, color, glass, and profile, all according to taste, budget, and the atmosphere that he/she wishes to create. The skilled installation teams ensure high quality and uncompromising work–within the scheduled timetable. The customer service setup offers immediate responses and solutions, even many years after the original purchase.

Pandoor has won the title of “Producer of the Highest Quality and Most Decorative Doors in Israel” 28 times in a row, in surveys conducted by the “Geocartography Institute” for the “Test of the State” (updated to February 2019). In 2011, Pandoor’s “Unique” series won first prize in the “Design, Compatibility, and Innovation” competition held by the “Israeli Furniture Industries Association”, for its “Unique” door line, while in 2015, Pandoor was ranked first for the sixth consecutive time in the manufacturer of interior doors sector, according to a survey prepared by BDI (Updated to 2015). In addition, a “Smith Institute” survey found that 82% of respondents would change their interior doors to Pandoor doors (Updated to July 2018).

Pandor Doors, A Sign That You Have Not Compromised!

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