Iskoor Group

Professional iron, building iron, sheets, non-ferrous metals, pipes and profiles, fittings, flex deck, steel sheet coverings, shutters, pallets and flame cutting, galvanizing plant, road railings, and uprights/tracks


Founding Year 1973
Address 55 Israel Polack, Kiryat Gat Industrial Zone - View Map
Phone 972-8-6878444
Email [email protected]
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Sason Har Sinay, Chief Executive Officer of the Iskoor Group, Iskoor Group

Sason Har Sinay

Chief Executive Officer of the Iskoor Group

About Iskoor Group

The Iskoor Group, established in 1973, is one of Israel's most senior, professional, and leading companies in importing, distributing, and processing metals and steels. In 2018, Iskoor was acquired by the Kedma Capital Investment Fund, one of Israel's leading investment funds. The Iskoor Group specializes in the on-demand import of all types of metals and elements. The Group owns a chain of steel metal warehouses located throughout Israel, from the South to the North. The warehouses provide quality, professional and efficient service to private customers and leading companies in the market. The Group's three plants are equipped with advanced equipment for cutting, rolling, bending and galvanizing steels.

Areas of Activity, Processes, and Materials
Service centers for steel and flat metals, equipped with advanced equipment for cutting, rolling, and bending steel.
A network of steel metal warehouses located throughout Israel for long steel products, steel beams and rods, professional iron, building iron, pallets, sheets, pipes.
A factory to manufacture welded pipes and profiles in a wide range of sizes and qualities.
A factory for hot galvanizing of steels and metals.
A set up for flame cutting arrays of thick plates and sheets.
Non-ferrous metals department specializing in aluminum products and stainless steels.
Professional iron, building iron, standard products, and special elements.
Pallets, flex deck, shutters (products sold as standard or on-demand).
Galvanized black bins, decoupage, pickled sheet metal, painted pickled sheet metal
Road railings – the most advanced VR systems in the world.

Company Vision
Iskur Group continues to lead Israel’s metals and steels market while expanding and providing significant value for its stakeholders.
The Group is based on the values of professionalism, innovation, partnership, respect and fairness.
The Group strives to provide customers with a personal and quality service experience while offering high service norms based on the same values and the principles of innovation, professionalism, and no less important – reliability.

Brand Values
• Power – Israel’s largest and leading company in its field, production capacity and inventory, nationwide distribution.
• Professionalism – professional and skilled human capital that strives for continuous improvement.
• Innovation – in products, customer service and business approach.
• Reliability – a partnership on the road to success – with respect and fairness.

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