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Founding Year 1965
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About IDE Technologies Ltd.

A world leader in water treatment solutions, IDE specializes in the development, engineering, marketing, construction and operation of enhanced desalination facilities, industrial water treatment and water reuse solutions.

With a proven track record spanning more than 50 years, IDE has established itself at the forefront of the global water industry. The company is a world leader in water treatment solutions, specializing in the development, engineering, construction and operation of some of the world’s largest and most advanced thermal and membrane desalination plants (sea and brackish water), industrial water treatment plants and water reuse facilities. The company has won many prestigious awards, including Desalination Plant of The Year (2016 – Carlsbad and 2014 – Sorek), Desalination Company of the Year award (2011) and Desalination Deal of the Year (2013 – Carlsbad). IDE works in partnership with a wide range of customers – municipalities, oil & gas, mining, refineries, power stations – on all aspects of water projects, delivering 3 million m3/day of high-quality water worldwide. IDE was twice included in the MIT Technology Review 50 smartest companies in the world (2015, 2016); and listed no. 2 in Fortune’s list of companies that are changing the world. IDE brings technological leadership, proven reliability and consistent delivery to all our customers. IDE knows that strong partnerships lead to success and growth.

Highlight Projects
• 2005: IDE operates the 396,000 m3/day Ashkelon Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plant, one of the world’s largest operating facilities. Winner of the prestigious “Desalination Plant of the Year 2006” award.
• 2008: IDE completes Reliance Industries’ 160,000 m3/day Multi-Effect Distillation (MED) facility – India’s largest desalination plant.
• 2009: IDE’s 525,000 m3/day Hadera SWRO plant follows the success of its Ashkelon plant. Both Hadera and Ashkelon SWRO plants were completed within budget and ahead of schedule, and both produce high quality water at some of the world’s lowest Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) contract prices.
• 2010: IDE commissions 4 x 25,000 m3/day units at Tianjin – making this China’s largest desalination plant with 100,000 m3/day capacity. Capacity was doubled in 2013.
• 2013: The 624,000 m3/day Sorek plant sets significant new industry benchmarks in desalination technology, capacity and water cost. It is the largest and most innovative SWRO plant in the world.
• 2015: The 204,412 m3/day Carlsbad Project begins operation. This is the largest seawater desalination plant in the Americas and a complete game changer for desalination in the US. Wins the Global Water Award for Desalination Plant of the Year in 2016.
• 2015: IDE’s horizontal MVC evaporators chosen for China’s first produced water treatment facility.
• 2017: IDE refurbishes a 20-year old SWRO plant to meet 21st century needs – the Charles E. Meyer Desalination Plant, Santa Barbara (up to 23,288 m3/day). A flexible and highly economical solution to exceptional drought threats.
• 2017: IDE’s Expansion of the Reliance Jamnagar Refinery, shortlisted by Global Water Awards 2017 as one of the most impressive technical and sustainable achievements in the sector.
• 2020: IDE is commissioned to provide Formosa Plastics Corporation’s petrochemical plant in Mailiao Taiwan with a 105,000 m3/day SWRO desalination plant.
• 2020: IDE was announced as winner of the Cherokee Metropolitan District’s wastewater treatment plant bid in Colorado, USA, for a 7,500 m3/day PFRO facility. This project will mark IDE’s largest PFRO installation to date.
• 2020: IDE was announced as winner of the Sorek B BOT tender, a 200 Million m3/year SWRO facility, which will be the largest desalination plant in Israel and one of the largest in the world.
• 2021: IDE designed, built and is now proudly operating the unique Afikey Maim reclamation plant – a first of its kind brackish/surface water reverse osmosis approximately 280 m3/h (BWRO) plant in Israel.
• 2021: IDE completed the EPC project in Bonaire Island, in which IDE carried out the planning, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning.

Broad Solution Offering
In addition to its advanced thermal and membrane desalination solutions for sea and brackish water, IDE leverages its technological know-how to provide a wide range of water-related applications.
Industrial Water Treatment Solutions – Leveraging its expertise in advanced water technologies, IDE has developed a horizontal evaporator that improves safety, reliability and cost efficiency for industrial water treatment. MAXH2O DESALTER is our proprietary RO system with an integrated salt precipitation unit – which can push recovery rates up to 98%. MAXH2O PFRO is a semi-batch operation that desalinates water through rapid and short pulses of cross-flow operation, which generates 100% water recovery between the pulses of brine discharge. Offering an eco-friendly, integrated approach, IDE’s industrial water treatment solutions are ideal for a wide range of industries including oil & gas, coal power, refineries and other industrial applications such as cooling tower blowdown and mining impacted water.
Water Reuse – IDE is ushering in the next generation of water reuse technologies by increasing recoveries using chloramine-free processes, while delivering extremely high water quality and reliability for agricultural and industrial use.

Local Global Presence
IDE has teams in the US, China, India and Chile, as well as our headquarters in Israel, enabling full client partnership all over the globe, tailoring each solution to relevant technical and commercial needs. IDE has extensive experience in offering various types of contracting methods such as Turn-Key and EPC, including long term O&M contracts, and has ample experience in developing PPP/BOT schemes for municipal and industrial clients. IDE engineering resources are always on call for ongoing support.

Worldwide Customer Base
IDE customers include governments and municipalities, mining industries, power plants and refineries, among them BHP & AES Norgener, ENEL in Chile, SDIC in China, Reliance and Essar in India, Wintershall in Germany, the Government of Israel, entities in Cyprus and the Caribbean, and more.
Familiar brands such as Nestlé, Lego and AngloGold Ashanti have also acquired IDE combined energy and water solutions.

A Solid Foundation for Growth
IDE is jointly owned by Alfa Partners, a private strategic water fund controlled by Avshalom Felber, IDE Executive Chairman, and Amir Lang, former EVP of the Delek Group.

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