Guy Farbman, Reshef & Co. Law Firm

Real Estate, Planning and Construction, Urban Renewal (National Outline Plan No. 38, Gentrification), Real Estate Taxation, Civil-Commercial, Litigation


Founding Year 2001
Address 9 Metsada St. (BSR Tower 3), Bnei Brak
Phone 972-3-6129607
Fax 972-3-7511059
Email [email protected]
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Efrat Reshef, Partner, Guy Farbman, Reshef & Co. Law Firm

Efrat Reshef


Guy Farbman, Advocate and Notary Founding Partner, Guy Farbman, Reshef & Co. Law Firm

Guy Farbman

Advocate and Notary Founding Partner


The Guy Farbman, Reshef & Co. Law Firm, founded in 2001, is one of Israel's leading and most respected law firms, and specializes in real estate and urban renewal issues. The Firm stresses personal, professional and thorough service for its clients, basing itself on the values of professionalism, reliability, fairness, and creativity. Services include planning, zoning, taxation; corporate law, planning proceedings, registration, and civil litigation. As well, the Firm provides notarial and civil arbitration services.


Mary Yaakobi, Advocate

Chen Cohen, Advocate

Eran Shachnai, Advocate

Yasmin Azulay, Advocate

Tom Tsur, Advocate

The Firm represents a broad spectrum of clients, such as rights holders, acquisition groups, as well as private and public real estate companies, which have been active in the field for many years and make up an essential element in the Israeli real estate sector’s development.

Firm Management
Advocate and Notary Guy Farbman – Founding Partner
Adv. Farbman is a renowned expert in real estate issues, pioneer and leading opinion maker in urban renewal issues (evacuation and construction and TAMA 38). Advocate Farbman has extensive experience in civil and commercial law, including corporate law, planning and construction, real estate taxation, working with acquisition groups and being involved in complex transactions. Advocate Farbman regularly appears before legal tribunals, such as appeal committees, local and district planning and construction committees. Advocate Farbman also lectures on a variety of real estate issues and serves as Chairman of the Urban Renewal Committee of the Israel Bar Association and the Tel Aviv District.
Advocate Farbman holds an LL.B., from the Faculty of Law of the Netanya Academic College, and an M.B.A., from the Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University; as well as a license to practice as a notary, awarded by the Ministry of Justice.
Advocate Farbman was called before the Israel Bar Association in 2001.
He is also a certified arbitrator.

Advocate and Notary Efrat Reshef – Partner
Advocate Reshef is one of Israel’s leading professionals in real estate issues for her involvement in various evacuation and construction and TAMA 38 projects. Advocate Reshef has extensive experience in planning and executing complex real estate transactions on behalf of rights holders, private and public companies, as well as local planning committees, and is intimately involving in the drafting and close-work with combination transactions, land tenders, consultation and accompaniment for complex reparcilization plans, consulting and promotion of planning of municipal building plans and providing opinions on all issues and areas that are relevant to the field. Advocate Reshef also lectures at various real estate forums.
Advocate Reshef holds an LL.B. from the Faculty of Law and a B.A., from the Faculty of Business Administration, at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.
Advocate Reshef was called before the Israel Bar Association in 2003, and as well holds a license to practice as a notary.

Areas of Expertise
Real Estate Law / Real Estate and Arbitration Services – Real estate is one of the Firm’s main areas of expertise, and its services in this field are broad and include the economic and legal aspect of the transaction, in full synergy with the other areas of activity of the Firm, such as real estate taxation, planning and construction, urban renewal and litigation, all combining to provide the best service and results for its clients.
The Firm specializes in all aspects of real estate – legal support for developers and contractors, from the negotiation stage regarding the transaction to the registration of the transaction in the various real estate registries, urban renewal transactions (TAMA 38, evacuation and construction, etc.) combination transactions, acquisition groups, sale and acquisition, income-generation real estate projects, public and private groups, and due diligence tests. The Firm’s extensive experience in real estate issues enables it to provide arbitration and legal advice for all stages of the transaction, including rights acquisition, negotiations, the preparation of contracts with various parties, financial agreements, arranging and providing solutions for complex registrations.
Urban Renewal – The Firm leads Israel’s field of urban renewal and provides legal advice and support to both private clients and developers in all areas of urban renewal, including (TAMA 38, evacuation – reconstruction), from the initial stages of planning the idea up to completion, up to delivery of the new apartments to its owners. The Firm is one of Israel’s few to have completed urban renewal projects (over 50- projects have already been finalized). The Firm’s expertise and experience in completing projects have made it into a leading force in the field.
Real Estate Taxation – The Firm has extensive experience and a strategic vision in all aspects of real estate taxation (purchases, land improvements, Value Added Tax), in various real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of real estate properties, acquisition groups, evacuation-reconstruction projects, combination transactions, mobility of rights and transactions in real estate associations. The Firm’s staff works in cooperation and in full coordination with the various government agencies to execute transactions in the most correct, accurate and economical manner for the Firm’s clients. The Firm’s activity in the field is matched by preliminary planning before signing of the transaction and, as necessary, obtains pre-ruling decisions, reports, drafts opinions, preparation of self-assessments and representation at various proceedings and tribunals, including appeals and appeals proceedings.
Planning and Construction – The area of planning and construction is an inseparable part of the Firm’s ongoing work. An in-depth understanding of the area directly affects the characteristics of the real estate transaction being forged between the parties. The Firm’s expertise and experience enable it to optimize and maximize the client’s transaction and to implement it most optimally, in many diverse ways such as complementary land in projects of evacuation-reconstruction. The Firm regularly works with owners and entrepreneurs in the promotion of plans, along with projects that include buildings for preservation, expropriation, and change of designation, and provides comprehensive and professional legal advice to local and regional planning and construction committees, before appeals committees, administrative courts, district courts, and the Supreme Court.

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