Gav-Yam Land Corporation Ltd

Promotion, planning, development, construction, leasing, maintenance and management of hi-tech and industrial parks, office buildings, commercial areas, storage structures and parking lots, nationwide.


Founding Year 1928
Address 9 Andrei Sakharov St., Matam Towers 1, Matam Park Haifa, P.O.B 15041, Haifa 31905 - View Map
Phone 972-4-6644200
Fax 972-4-8533567
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Avi Jacobovitz, Chief Executive Officer, Gav-Yam Land Corporation Ltd

Avi Jacobovitz

Chief Executive Officer


Gav-Yam Land Corporation Ltd is one of Israel's largest and oldest real estate companies. The Company is active in the promotion, planning, development, construction, leasing, maintenance, and management of hi-tech, logistic and industrial parks and centers, throughout Israel, and the construction of Tailor Made buildings leased out for long-term purposes. The Company, through a wholly owned subsidiary, also provides a variety of maintenance management services to lessees throughout the lease period.

Other Senior Executives

Mark Zack


Gideon Ackerstein

VP Engineering

Yariv Bar De’a

VP Marketing

Yoav Russo

VP assets

Shiri Weizmann

Legal Counsel and Corporate Secretary

The Company was founded in 1928, and since 1978 has been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Gav Yam’s debentures are rated AA by S&P Maalot and Aa2 by Midroog.

Income-Producing Properties

The Company owns 21 hi-tech, logistic and industrial parks and centers, in 18 cities, with a total area of 1,034,000 sqm. Most of which are founded in prime locations. The Company also has 211,000 sqm under planning and construction phases, 490,000 sqm of land reserves and 145,000 sqm in zoning proceeding. The Company has more than 440 tenants, and it’s occupancy rate is approx. 96%.

Financial Data
The Company ended 2019 with revenue of NIS 510 million, net income attributable to shareholders of NIS 463 million, equity of NIS 2.7 billion, investment property of NIS 7.8 billion, and a dividend yield of NIS 4.5.%.
Hi-Tech, Logistic and Industrial Parks and Centers
The Company specializes in promoting, developing, planning, construction and managing hi-tech, logistic and industrial parks and centers for leasing, with attention to the tenant’s special needs according to the industry type, including high-tech, biotechnical, etc
The many parks and centers have distinct advantages, such as central locations, CLASS A buildings, high accessibility close to main arteries and trains, a diverse environment for park employees, parks and green areas, partnerships with academic institutions, etc. The tenants receive services from the Company, according to the type of park and their needs. Among Gav-Yam tenants are leading Israeli and international companies, such as Apple, Intel, Elbit Systems, Philips, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, CERT IL and more.

Main Hi-Tech and Industrial Parks and Centers:
ToHa1 – Located in the growing business center next to the Shalom interchange on the Ayalon Freeway and close to the Hashalom railway station, with area of approx. 89,000 sqm, of which 57,000 sqm are aboveground. The tower is populated by leading companies such as WeWork, Natural Intelligence, Tufin, Motorola, Akamai, and Trax Retail. Company’s share – 50%.
Matam Park,Haifa – Israel’s largest hi-tech and business park, with 272,000 sqm and full occupancy. The park’s tenants enjoy complementary services, such as a clinic, post office, bank, shuttle services, catering services, a gas station, kindergartens, etc. Another project is currently under construction, with 56,000 sqm aboveground and additional land reserved for development..
Gav-Yam Herzliya Park –two parks – Gav-Yam Herzliya Center and Gav-Yam Herzliya North Park, with 250,000 sqm. The Park houses the Apple Campus as well as other hi-tech companies, service companies and commercial areas.
Gav-Yam Negev Park, Be’er Sheva – In collaboration with the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Beer Sheva Municipality (The company’s share – 73.25%). The Park is located near Ben Gurion University and to the IDF Telecommunications Center that is currently being built. The Park will Includee, upon completion, approx. 200,000 sqm. Four buildings were built in the Park with a total area of approx. 60,000 sqm .
Gav-Yam Rehovot Park – A biotechnology and hi-tech park in collaboration with the Weizmann Institute, which includes land reserves for further development. The Company has a 72% share of the project.
Gav-Yam Caesarea Park – with A built up area of approx. 50,000 sqm of logistics, industrial and offices area.

Projects Completed in 2020:
Gav-Yam Negev Park – Building 4, with 13,000 sqm. Construction was completed in 2020’s third quarter.
Gav-Yam Holon Park 2 – 22,000 square meters, of which 13,000 square meters are above ground. Most of the space has been leased/sold to the MGS Group. Construction was completed in 2020’s second quarter.
Gav-Yam Haifa Bay Park – Building 2 – The Company is developing an advanced logistic park in Haifa Bay, located next to the new Haifa-port. The first building, with an area of 7,000 sqm, was built and populated in 2019. The second building With an area of 10,600 sqm was completed and populated in 2020’s third quarter.

Projects in the Planning, Construction and Marketing Stages:Gav-Yam Ra’anana Park – Building 1 – An office and commercial building with an area of 58,000 sqm, of which 25,000 sqm aboveground. A “combination” transaction, Company’s share – 69.5%.
Matam East Towers – An office building project with an area of 93,000 sqm, of which 56,000 sqm aboveground.
Gav-Yam Gderot Park – Building 1 – A logistic center with an area of 7,500 sqm, which has been fully marketed.
Gav-Yam Ha’ivrit Park – A project in collaboration with the Hebrew University and the Jerusalem Development Authority. The first phase includees Buildings 1+2 with area of 85,000 sqm, of which 55,000 sqm are for office and commercial use.
Gav-Yam Park, Haifa Bay – Building 3 – Another logistic building planned, with an area of 6,100 sqm.
ToHa2 – Partial parking lot and development – include development work of ToHa1, partial parking and planning for ToHa2.

Major Companies Held by Gav Yam:
MATAM – Haifa Science Industries Center Ltd. (50.1%) – owns the rights to Matam Park, as well as land reserves and other properties in Haifa.
Gav-Negev Negev Ltd. (73.25%) – owns the rights to Be’er Sheva’s Gav-Yam Negev Park.

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