Z.F. Building Company Ltd.

Contractors and developers of residential neighborhoods, community expansions, urban renewal, and TAMA 38 projects, specialization in the construction of public buildings and the preservation of historic buildings.


Founding Year 1992
Address 143 Bialik St., Ramat Gan 5252337 - View Map
Phone 03-6420210
Fax 03-6430632
Email [email protected]
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Zvi Fox, Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Z.F. Building Company Ltd.

Zvi Fox

Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ran Yanai, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Z.F. Building Company Ltd.

Ran Yanai

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Shlomit Swirsky, Operations Manager, Z.F. Building Company Ltd.

Shlomit Swirsky

Operations Manager


Z.F. Building Company Ltd. was founded in 1992 by Zvi Fox, a building engineer, and a second–generation building contractor, who has been active in the field since 1977. Ownership is divided between Zvi Fox (60%) and Ran Yanai (40%). The Company holds a "C 5" classification with the Registrar of Contractors, which is the highest classification in the field.

Areas of Expertise
Real estate development – The Company operates in the field of real estate entrepreneurship throughout Israel, and among the projects initiated and developed are: Har Gilo – a project that offers 70 prestigious detached residential units; Yeruham – 60 residential units; Nili – 200 detached residential units; Karnei Shomron – 96 residential units; Efrat Givat Ha’Zayit – 106 residential units and a commercial center of 7,000 square meters; Efrat Givat Ha’Tamar – 36 residential units; Efrat Givat Ha’Dagan – 24 residential units; Adam – 100 residential units; the establishment of a new settlement in Givat Eden that will offer 900 residential units; Kfar Vradim – 144 residential units; 28 Yefet St. in Tel Aviv with 39 residential units; Ma’ayan Street in Givatayim with 28 residential units; an apartment building in Netanya, and even more.
Buildings for preservation – The Company specializes in preserving historic buildings. This field requires a high degree of professionalism and unique skills. Preservation requires caution, accuracy and the ability to work in a “traditional” manner, rather than in an “industrialized” manner. The preservation work includes high–quality wood carpentry, drawn cornices, sculpted brackets, and walls. To date, the Company has worked on the following buildings – in Jaffa – 26 Ben Dussa (a 19th–century building); in Tel Aviv – 90 Ha’Yarkon; 11 Allenby (an architecturally rich building); 20 Ha’Kovshim (a building of impressive design), as well as at 44–46 Kalisher, 33 Rashi, 14 Lilienblum, and 5 Levontin.
Urban renewal – TAMA 38/2 – The Company has 1,500 residential units in many TAMA 38/2 projects located in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Ramat Hasharon, including 7 Be’eri in Tel Aviv; 144 Jabotinsky in Tel Aviv; 27-29 Pincus in Tel Aviv; 22 Bar Kochva in Tel Aviv; 15 Feival in Tel Aviv; 12 Avigil in Ramat Hasharon; 18 Ha’Haruzim in Ramat Gan; 34 Assaf in Ramat Gan; 18 Nordau in Ramat Gan; 34 Ha’Amal in Ramat Gan; 1-5 Harav Elihu Hiba in Ramat Gan; 9 Avigil in Ramat Gan; 17 Hashmonaim in Ramat Gan; 4 La’an in Ramat Gan; 33-41 Arlozorov in Ramat Gan; 141 Uziel in Ramat Gan; 30 Ha’Ma’ayan in Givatayim; 54 Ha’Ma’ayan in Givatayim; 24 Keren Ka’Yemet Le’Israel in Givatayim; 5 Henrietta Sold in Ramat Ha’Sharon; 42 Golomb in Ramat Ha’Sharon; 17 Golomb in Ramat Ha’Sharon; 17 Ha’Kotzer in Ramat Ha’Sharon; 10 Bialik in Ramat Ha’Sharon; the 51, 61, 45-47, 52-54 Sokolov projects in Ramat Ha’Sharon; 6 Ha’Magid in Jerusalem and more.
Urban renewal TAMA 38/1 – The Company has 300 residential units in many TAMA 38/1 projects located in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Among the projects: 171 Yefet in Tel Aviv; 18 Irit in Tel Aviv; 17 Fichus in Tel Aviv; Nahal Oz, Shivtei Yisrael and more.
Single-family homes – The Company specializes in the development and construction of semidetached and single family homes. Among the projects that have either been populated or are under construction are 200 homes in Nili (in a variety of building styles); 100 residential units in Adam, 96 residential units in Karnei Shomron; 60 residential units in Kohav Yaakov; 166 residential units in Efrat; 140 residential units in Kfar Vradim; as well as 98 residential units in Kiryat Arba.
Public buildings – The Company has built many public buildings in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and throughout the country. The range of projects carried out in this field includes schools, kindergartens, synagogues, yeshivot, ulpanot, clinics (the Aleh Children’s Nursing Home) a ritualarium (the Dabah “Mikvah”) as well as medical buildings.
Construction projects in Tel Aviv – In addition to buildings for preservation in Tel Aviv, the Company built a prestigious residential building at 50 Ben Yehuda St.; two buildings with 20 residential units on Gershon Schatz St.; 20 residential units on 13 Ein Hakore St.; a building with 20 residential units at 12 Eiger Street; 50 residential units at 29 Allenby St.; a building at 9 Levinsky St.; one building at 34 Halutzim St.; a 12-storey building at 3 Yehuda Amichai St.; 50 residential units at 1 Fine St.; a luxurious building at 7 Gruzsenberg St., and more.
The Environment and green building – The Company stresses the highest quality standards of thermal insulation and sealing, to protect the environment. Most external facades are of high quality “Jerusalem Stone” which is durable for many years, thus creating a well–insulated home that contributes to energy savings.
In Givat Eden’s new community, the Company will undertake a green building plan that will blend in ecologically.

Zvi Fox, the Company’s owner, has volunteered for several years with the Yadid Foundation.

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