Tidhar Group

Development, construction and marketing of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and operations in the income-producing sector, and fitouts works in Israel and abroad.


Founding Year 1993
Address 14 Ha'Tidhar St., Ra'anana - View Map
Phone 09-7766111, 3604*
Fax 09-7766100
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Gil Geva, Chairman of the Board, Tidhar Group

Gil Geva

Chairman of the Board

Arye Bachar, President of Tidhar Group Director and Founder, Tidhar Group

Arye Bachar

President of Tidhar Group Director and Founder

Mark Weissman, Director, Tidhar Group

Mark Weissman


Rachel Lavine, Executive Vice Chairman of Tidhar Group, Tidhar Group

Rachel Lavine

Executive Vice Chairman of Tidhar Group

Udi Sharvit, CEO, Tidhar Group

Udi Sharvit


Tal Hershkovitz, Deputy CEO & CEO Tidhar Construction, Tidhar Group

Tal Hershkovitz

Deputy CEO & CEO Tidhar Construction

About Tidhar Group

The Tidhar Group is Israel's largest private real estate group, and among its few companies that handle the entire value chain, from the initiation, planning and licensing phase, through marketing and sales, execution, inspection and responsibility. The Group operates in several areas: entrepreneurship, residential homes, offices and commerce, logistics, urban renewal, and finishing work, in Israel and abroad.

From a Vision to Reality
A combination of vision, values, advanced management, and engineering methods are what transformed Tidhar from a young and ambitious contractor company established in 1993 to what it is today – a leading and dynamic real estate group, involved in many projects in Israel and abroad and constantly developing a solid asset base.

Group Activities
The Group operates in five major areas through specialized divisions, with a strong emphasis on a coherent concept of operation and optimal synchronization. This is to achieve continuity in the management and execution processes and to achieve the best results while maximizing added value and its many capabilities:
Initiation Division – The division handles the entire value chain for the customer, from locating, purchasing, and improving the land, through the planning, licensing, marketing, and sales processes, to the delivery of the apartment to the customer. The division’s main strategic focus is on the field of residences and offices, and it also operates in hotels, logistics, and commerce.
Tidhar Construction – Tidhar is one of the leading contracting companies in the industry, The division undertakes projects for Tidhar Investments and for other entrepreneurs in the real estate market. Its pronounced and professional abilities, which have become a role model in the entire industry, enable the company to build mega projects–of the largest and most complex in the country. To date, the company has established over 250 projects in Israel and abroad and delivered over 17,500 apartments and over one and a half million square meters of commercial real estate.
Tidhar Properties – The Group owns high-quality income-producing properties, with a total area of over 280,000 square meters, in prime locations in Israel and abroad.
These properties serve as a solid capital base for the Group, which enjoys a stable income stream.
Tidhar has a strategic collaboration agreement with the Harel Insurance and Financial Group for joint ventures, which will deal with the initiation, development and expansion of the two companies’ income-producing assets portfolio.
Tidhar Finishing Works–A market leader and one of the Group’s growth engines. The division specializes in commercial real estate, and its customers include Microsoft, WIX, Amdocs, and other campuses. To date, it has completed hundreds of thousands of meters for the leading companies in Israel, offering its customers a unique contracting route and a comprehensive package of solutions, including planning and execution of the structure and finishing work – up to the delivery of a perfect business space to the customer.
Tidhar Abroad – In addition to its activities in Israel, Tidhar operates in Bulgaria, the United States, and Germany. As part of this activity, several residential and employment projects are underway.

Group Vision
The Group’s vision, as formulated by its employees, make it a daily reality on the ground: • To be the leading real estate group in Israel, with a global distribution, which cultivates values of excellence and innovation and is a role model • To be a growing, profitable and stable company, which develops and rewards its employees and is a home and source of power and pride. • Tidhar strives to contribute to society and the economy through community outreach, creating jobs, and improving construction and management methods.

Service as a Key-Value
Tidhar is a customer-oriented organization that considers its customers as its main asset. As such, Tidhar is motivated by the changing needs of its customers, to which it adapts its products and services.
Peace of mind and a positive and pleasant customer experience are a significant added value for Tidhar customers, which sets their satisfaction as a goal that is measured daily, Tidhar operates a large and high-quality customer service system that includes a unique customer service center, operating 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Management Capabilities
Over time, Tidhar has developed a unique methodology for managing, planning and executing projects, based on a rich and wide range of processes, tools, methods and groundbreaking technologies. Today, it is the only real estate group in Israel that works with advanced methods and technology for 3D design along the entire value chain, and among the only companies in the world that plan and build using VDC (“virtual design and construction”), and only then actual construction. Tidhar is a learning organization that encourages a culture of ongoing research and learning. The Group is organized in a dynamic and “flat” structure which allows for maximum supervision, efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to quickly organize for the various tasks.

Quality, Excellence, and Innovation
The constant pursuit of excellence has led Tidhar to develop innovative tools, management methods, unique planning and execution methods and new and effective management strategies. These allow it to meet the high standards set by its managers, manage and execute the projects with the necessary quality and time and reap success each time.
The Group is a leader in innovation in the real estate industry and the worlds of sustainability and green construction and has already invested significant sums in the development and integration of start-ups and advanced technologies in the entire value chain of the organization.
The Group’s unique activity for its customers has won it a long list of awards: In the field of quality, in 2017, it was cited for its work and achievements by the National Award for Quality and Excellence named after the late Yitzhak Rabin, in 2009 Tidhar won first prize for small organizations, in 2018, Tidhar won the Business Excellence Award in Construction and for the sixth time, first place in the Excellence in Service Award, in 2019 it won first place in the Excellence in Human Resources Israel competition category and 2021 won first place in Excellence in Construction in Green Building in a Microsoft project on behalf of the Builders of the Land Contractors Association.

Financial Strength
The Group’s financial data indicate its economic strength and stable capital base. In addition to its impressive financial record, Tidhar enjoys an impeccable reputation among the financial entities that work with it and its partners in Israel and around the world. Accordingly, the Group possesses significant capital raising capabilities, which enable it to initiate and establish large-scale projects in peak time and turn a vision into reality.

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