S.G.S. Building Company Ltd

S.G.S. is a promoter and developer of real estate for investment and residential construction purposes, as well as civil engineering projects. As well the Company develops and constructs a wide range of high-tech industrial buildings, office buildings, commercial areas, hotels, and is active in residential and urban renewal projects - PFI, BOT, and BOO, in a variety of fields - water desalination, sewage treatment plants and more


Founding Year 1972
Address 4 Raoul Wallenberg St., Ramat Ha'Hayal Tel Aviv 6971904 - View Map
Phone 03-6488777
Fax 03-6488774
Email [email protected]
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Ehud Samsonov, Chairman of the Board, S.G.S. Building Company Ltd

Ehud Samsonov

Chairman of the Board

Yaron Shemie, Chief Executive Officer, S.G.S. Building Company Ltd

Yaron Shemie

Chief Executive Officer


S.G.S has over 40 years of success and experience in the fields of construction and civil engineering. The company's success can be attributed to the fact that the buildings are constructed to the highest standards to meet tenant requirements, based on the company's unique combination of skills as both a real estate developer and building contractor with vast experience. S.G.S. has a tradition of decades of excellence and success. The company was established in the early 1970s as a contractor who primarily worked under contracts with government ministries, local authorities, and public institutions, in particular, Israel's Ministry of Defense and the US Army Corps of Engineers, which recognized S.G.S. as an "Outstanding Performer" due to the quality of its work, timely completion, safety and effective management. S.G.S. has completed a diverse range of projects over the years, including more than 2 million sq.m. of commercial and high-tech facilities, many complex projects for the Ministry of Defense and US Army Corps of Engineers at military bases throughout Israel, for the Israeli Ministry of Health and Ministry of Housing and Construction, this placed S.G.S. in the "unlimited recognized and approved construction" category.

Other major projects have been implemented for the Israel Electric Corp., Israel Airports Authority, National Lottery Organization, and municipalities. All the projects were completed successfully and to the full satisfaction of the customers.
The company’s reputation can be attributed to S.G.S.’s team of professionals, specialists, technical staff, engineering experts and managers, and to the successful completion of the most complex and challenging projects, to the highest standards. S.G.S exclusively manages Vitania’s overall activities, including the initiation, development, construction activities, marketing, and property management.
Vitania is a development company in the fields of office, commercial and real estate. S.G.S., with others, founded Vitania and is one of its shareholders. Vitania holds over 300,000 sq.m. office and commercial areas and another 250,000 sq.m. under development and construction. Vitania is active mainly in Israel, Poland, and the USA.
Initiation, Development, Construction, and Leasing for offices, commerce, and residents S.G.S. develops, builds, manages and retains ownership of office and commercial buildings and residential projects – directly and via subsidiaries and affiliated companies. After their completion and marketing, S.G.S. manages the buildings as income-producing properties.
As a developer and builder, the company is involved in all stages of the project. This provides flexibility and the ability to complete custom made projects in the shortest possible time – efficiently, at competitive prices and independent of external contractors.

Residential and Urban Renewal – S.G.S LIVING
S.G.S is active for many years in the field of urban renewal and has vast experience in Evacuation and Build projects. S.G.S. initiated and is a partner in the largest Evacuation and Build project in Tel Aviv – “Green Park neighborhood” at the renewed Neve Sharet in North Tel Aviv. S.G.S led the process of initiating and establishing the project. The project includes evacuation and demolishing of 154 apartments, and constructing six new residential towers, 10- 27 floors containing 447 apartments, totaling about 81,000 sq.m. The financial scope of the project is NIS 1 billion. Through S.G.S LIVING, the company’s Residential Division promotes and leads many urban renewal and “Tama 38” projects an overall of 2,000 residential units in several cities in Israel including Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Ramat Gan, Netanya and Herzelia.

Construction / Contracting
S.G.S. handled many projects for private and public entities, government entities, and the US Army Corps of Engineers for whom S.G.S has carried out various projects at military and security facilities such as flight simulators, technical buildings, a scope of tens of thousands sq.m. S.G.S. enjoys the experience and rich present activity in the field of construction contracting. S.G.S. has performed in the past dozens of projects for the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense, municipalities and local councils, National Lottery Organization, Israel Electric Corp. and many others throughout Israel.
B.O.T. & P.F.I. Projects
S.G.S. is active in B.O.T., P.F.I. and B.O.O. projects for the Israeli government, municipalities and various public organizations. The “Station” (the historical train station compound of Tel Aviv Jaffa) – a complex for culture, recreation, fashion and leisure that includes 22 reconstructed and preserved buildings on about 25,000 sq.m. adjacent to Neve Zedek, opposite the beach. The buildings are rented to various tenants, including restaurants, coffee shops, pubs designer fashion, and jewelry stores, and concept stores.

Water/Waste Water Treatment and Desalination Plants Projects
S.G.S. is active for many years in projects in the fields of water treatment, sewage and desalination plants. S.G.S. is part of a joint venture that built the Israeli desalination national water treatment plant at Netofa-Eshkol.

Ronimor Property Management Ltd.
Management and maintenance of properties company fully owned by S.G.S. Ronimor manages and maintains a large number of office buildings, which consist of about 400,000 sq.m.

Selected projects
Green Park, Neve Sharet – Urban renewal project. Evacuation of 154 tenants and construction of 447 housing units including 6 towers at a total scope of 81,000 sq.m.
Living Tel Aviv – An urban renewal project, the evacuation of 200 tenants and the construction of about 500 residential units, covering about 90,000 sq.m.
HaGalil, Tchernichovsky, Netanya – An urban renewal project, the evacuation of 60 tenants and the construction of a project of 180 residential units covering about 30,000 sq.m.
255-257 Ben Gurion, Ramat Gan – A TAMA 38 project (demolition and reconstruction), the evacuation of 18 tenants and the construction of a project of 60 residential units.
Herzliya Ampa Building – Office building of 85,000 sq.m. at Herzliya Pituach Industrial Zone.
Amtzur Building – Office building of 40,000 sq.m. at Herzliya Pituach Industrial Zone.
Verint Building – Office building of 50,000 sq.m. at Herzliya Pituach Industrial Zone.
Vitania Fedco Building – Office building of 40,000 sq.m. at Herzliya Pituach Industrial Zone.
Ziviel Building – Office building and hotel of 75,000 sq.m. at Ramat Hachayal Industrial Zone in Tel Aviv.
AD 120 Project – 85,000 sq.m. sheltered housing, commercial and office at Ramat Hachayal Industrial Zone in Tel Aviv.
Vitania Tower – Office building of 20,000 sq.m. with 16 floors at Ramat Hachayal Industrial Zone in Tel Aviv.
Reshet Building – Office and commercial building of 13,000 sq.m. at Ramat Hachayal in Tel Aviv.
Bauman Bar Revnai Building – Office building of 17,000 sq.m. at the Diamond Exchange compound in Ramat Gan.
Check Point Building – Office building of 45,000 sq.m. in Tel Aviv.
Kodak Building – Office building of 50,000 sq.m. in Kiryat Aryeh Industrial Zone in Petah Tikva.
Terminal Park – Office and commercial park of 86,000 sq.m. at the New South Industrial Zone in Or Yehuda.
Vitania, Tel Aviv – Located in Tel Aviv’s HaHarash St., La-Guardia Interchange, this complex covers about app. 200,000 sq.m and includes business, residential, hotel, and commerce areas.
Commercial Center Vitania – Commercial area of 5, Migdal Junction near the Sea of Galilee.
BMW Service Center – Car service center at 17,000 sq.m. at Kiryat Aryeh, Petach Tikva.
Keren Complex, American Colony – A residential, commerce and hotels project combined with the conservation of Historical buildings in Jaffa.
“The Station” Complex, Neve Zedek – Conservation and Reconstruction of the historic railway station of Tel Aviv.
Atarium 2 – A 10,000 sq.m. office complex in Modi’in’s industrial area.
Vitania-Karasso, Petah Tikva – A 200,000 sq.m. business complex in Kiryat Arye, Petah Tikva.

Overseas Projects
S.G.S. has taken part and performed two residential and office projects in Gdansk, Poland. The projects are at a scope of 30,000 sq.m. S.G.S. is a partner in the initiation and building of several office buildings and commercial centers in New Jersey, New York in the USA at a scope of 25,000 sq.m.

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