Ofek–Shely Construction & Development Ltd.

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Founding Year 2000
Address 201 Dr. Yosef Samilo, P.O.B. 450, 8771302 Netivot - View Map
Phone 972-8-9931840
Fax 972-8-9413359
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Shir Halili, Vice President - Marketing and Advertising, Ofek–Shely Construction & Development Ltd.

Shir Halili

Vice President - Marketing and Advertising

Elior Gabbay, Chief Financial Officer, Ofek–Shely Construction & Development Ltd.

Elior Gabbay

Chief Financial Officer

Siman Halili, Vice President, Ofek–Shely Construction & Development Ltd.

Siman Halili

Vice President

Dudu Ben-Zaken, Director and Owner, Ofek–Shely Construction & Development Ltd.

Dudu Ben-Zaken

Director and Owner

Ra’anan Halili, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Ofek–Shely Construction & Development Ltd.

Ra’anan Halili

Chief Executive Officer and Owner


Ofek–Shely Construction & Development Ltd. is a real estate entrepreneur and construction company, established in 2000. The Company began operations originally as a construction company for various residential, commercial, and office construction entrepreneurs. Over time, it has branched out into the field of self-development and is now recognized as a leading company in entrepreneurship and construction. For over 20 years, Ofek-Shely has been initiating, planning and building projects in both the private and public sectors, and has built over 10,000 housing units and has been involved in diverse projects, such as commercial centers, malls, hotels, etc., all to the highest standards, nationwide.

Ofek-Shely’s “I Believe”
“The customer is our top priority, and the partner-customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Ofek-Shely stresses creativity and professionalism, and we build with transparency and in partnership with our customers while ensuring the highest standards of professional work, and maximum customer service with full value for money.”
Ofek-Shely is cited for its use of high-quality materials, a high level of finishing and maintenance, thinking and planning down to the smallest of details, luxurious technical specifications, and design by leading architects in the field.

Supporting the Customer – all Along the Way
The fact that Ofek-Shely is both an independent entrepreneur and a developer that builds both housing units and commercial centers – is of great importance to its customers. Combining these forces gives customers the peace of mind they so desperately need, in a deal that is sometimes their deal of a lifetime. This way, they can be sure that Ofek-Shely’s representatives will guide them throughout the process, from the planning and the sales stage, through the on-site construction, to the finishing levels, the key delivery and the comprehensive test, all to their complete satisfaction.
A Guarantee for Success – Skilled Personnel and Advanced Equipment
Ofek-Shely has a pool of high-quality and skilled personnel, who have been carefully selected. Along with its human resources, the Company has state-of-the-art equipment that enables it to carry out large-scale projects, while adhering to excellent quality and essential deadlines. The equipment available includes, inter alia, a state-of-the-art logistics center and engineering equipment, along with state-of-the-art cranes, building molds for high-rise towers (using the Baranovich method which is the most widely accepted construction method in Israel for exterior cladding in high-rise homes and residential towers), etc. All equipment is operated by a skilled team of engineers, project managers, and construction workers.
Ofek–Shely holds the “C5” contractors classification for unlimited projects. The advanced engineering and technological knowledge gained during its years of activity enable it to deal with specialized and complex projects, which it carries out under the supervision of an experienced management and professional team.

A Company With Financial Strength
In early 2019, 50% of the Company’s shares were sold to David Ben Zaken, an American businessman. David Ben Zaken has extensive financial expertise, and the change in the shareholder mix, has contributed significantly to strengthening the Company’s capital structure and future growth possibilities. One of the most significant changes following the acquisition process was the concentration of the control and management of the Company in the reins of Ra’anan Halili. Since assuming the position of Chief Executive Officer, he has led the Company safely towards achieving its goals.
Main Areas of Activity and Primary Customers
Ofek-Shely’s “fingerprints” are clearly evident in 18 communities across the country, where the Company operates in the residential, commercial, and office sectors.

Among its most prominent projects are:
Residential Construction: The Company has undertaken thousands of residential housing construction projects for the largest companies in the industry.
Infrastructure and construction projects for commerce and services: The Company has many years of experience in complex projects for the private and public sectors, including government institutions, local authorities, and private sector entities. Inter alia, Ofek-Shely has built a vast commercial center in Kfar Saba for “Oshira” (part of the Sammy Katsav Group), residential projects for the police and security non-profit organizations, projects for Amigur and the Jewish Agency, (the Gaza Zone protection project in Sderot and the Gaza zone kibbutzim), kindergartens, schools, community centers, learning centers and banks all over the country.
The Company is the Main Contractor for the Menorah Mivtahim Project
The Company has earned a reputation for its skills, partly because of its compliance with complex engineering goals and challenging schedules. It also served as prime contractor in the transformation of the “Menorah Mivtahim” office building on Allenby Street, Tel Aviv, into a hotel belonging to the Brown Hotel chain. The project’s scope is estimated at NIS 60 million.

Projects Under Way
Following is a list of projects the Company is building, both as a building contractor and as an entrepreneur:
Projects as building contractor – Oshira’s offices in Kfar Saba – construction of the frame skeleton is over and the center is in the final stages of the finishing work; a residential project in Netanya – construction of an 18-story tower with 63 housing units for a purchase group; a residential project in Netivot – construction of 108 housing units for purchase groups; a residential project in Jerusalem – construction of 108 housing units for the Israel Police Administration; a residential project in Be’er Sheva – construction of 47 detached ground-level housing units; a residential project in Ashkelon – construction of 2, 10-story buildings; Ashdod – 146 housing units along with a commercial center; B’nei Shimon Regional Council – construction of a solar water heaters waste sorting site; Beit Shemesh – construction of 358 housing units for A.S. Yagel Entrepreneurship and Construction Ltd.; Mevasseret Zion – construction of an office building for Y. D. Barzani; Mevasseret Zion – construction of an office building for Ofer Aharon.
Projects as entrepreneur – a residential project in Ofakim – 57 housing units, with delivery now underway; a residential project in Ofakim – 16 detached, ground-level housing units, with delivery now underway; a residential project in Ashkelon – 50 housing units in five buildings in the Agamim neighborhood; a residential project in Be’er Sheva – 92 housing units; a residential project in Beit Shemesh’s Neve Shamir district – an integrated project – 50% government-controlled pricing and 50% free-market pricing for the construction of 358 housing units – the project is now underway; a residential project in Karmit (Meitar) – advanced planning for 23 detached, ground-level housing units; a residential project in Mitzpe Ramon – planning of 80 housing units – ground-level and saturated construction; a residential project in Ness Ziona – 28 housing units are now in the planning phase; a residential and commercial project – 39 housing units at government-controlled pricing and 17,500 square meters of commercial areas.

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