Gadot Chemical Terminals (1985) Ltd.

Chemicals - Value Chain – Operations, Distribution and Marketing


Founding Year 1959
Address 5 Ha'Melacha, Ogen Tower, P.O.B. 8751, Poleg, Netanya 42505540 - View Map
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Opher Linchevski, CEO, Gadot Chemical Terminals (1985) Ltd.

Opher Linchevski


Dr. Ariel Halperin, Chairman, Gadot Chemical Terminals (1985) Ltd.

Dr. Ariel Halperin



Gadot is a leader in the field of management and operations in the chemical value chain, including marketing and distribution to industries in Israel and Europe, procurement, marine transport, storage and distribution of bulk commodity chemicals, oils and other materials for various industries. Gadot was established in 1959 by the Johananoff Family. From 2014, Tene Investments Funds has ownership of Gadot. The company has various divisions that concentrate in different activities: a trade and distribution division, an operations division and a marine division.

Other Senior Executives
Itay Stolovy
Chief Commercial Officer

Relly Shimko
Chief Financial Officer

Itzik Abutbul
VP Business Development

Ofer Raz
VP Operation

Hila Ben David
VP Human Resources

Orly Fatal
VP Marketing & Sales

Shai Davidi
Managing Director – Chemichlor

Alain Paublon
CEO – VLS Group

Neils Grotz

CEO – Chemship

Trade and Distribution Division
The division is involved in importing and distribution of chemicals to a wide range of industries in Israel, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, textile, plastic, electronic, construction, detergent, cosmetic, and hi-tech industries.
• Commodities mainly solvents • Specialties – through the representation of the world’s leading chemical companies • Inorganic Chemicals Materials • consumables for laboratory research.
Branches of the Group companies enable it to provide its customers with professional and experienced service, including the acquisition of chemicals abroad, their transport by sea, storage, and distribution to the customer’s premises. The commercial division specializes in marketing bulk and packaged products, providing products and raw materials to more than 850 customers, thus providing the significant advantage of a “One Stop Shop”. Furthermore, the commercial division is recognized as an experienced and reliable source for a wide range of industrial raw materials and is the exclusive representative of the world’s leading suppliers, such as DUPONT, EXXON CHEMICALS, SUN, NESTE, NYNAS, CHEMICALS, SASOL, CELANESE, INEOS, CEPSA QUMICA, AKZO NOBEL, EASTMAN, LYONDELL, ALBAMARLE, BP, INNOSPEC, LUBRIZOL and more.

The division, through Chemichlor (2005) Chemicals Marketing Ltd., is engaged in the distribution and transport of inorganic chemicals in Israel. The division provides packaging services and the distribution of particular chemicals to research and analytical laboratories, as well as quality control, assembly, packaging and distribution for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical industries, and the distribution of packages in the life science, equipment and consumable components fields.
The division is also involved in the marketing and distribution of liquid chemicals to export markets such as Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, South America and the United States.

Energy Division and Technological Solutions
The division engages in the production, marketing and distribution of process products for the energy industry.
The division’s activity focuses on the marketing of fuels, process products and oils to a wide range of industries.
The division specializes in finding advanced technological solutions and tailor-made products.

Barak Polymers
The division specializes in the production of laser blocks for all types of packaging, using the most advanced technological equipment in the world. The activity has a professional, skilled and experienced human resource. Barak Polymers is a dynamic and innovative activity that aligns the professional aspect with the service consciousness.

Operations Division
The division operates in Israel the storage and distribution array by using operational subdivisions, including: two chemical terminals that have up to 140 tanks, with the storage capacity of 65,000 cubic meters, a filling, packaging and distribution site, an analytical laboratory and a transport fleet of chemical tankers and distribution trucks which serve a wide range of industrial customers from various fields and transports approximately 500 thousand tons of chemicals annually, including hazardous materials, oils, fuel and other products.
The division also includes the VLS group which operates in storing chemicals and other products throughout Europe and is the owner of warehouses located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, with a total capacity of 200,000 square meters. In 2010, VLS purchased a chemical terminal in the port of Ghent, Belgium, with total capacity 100,000 cubic meters. VLS can offer its customers this added value at their request.

Marine Division
The marine division is engaged in the marine transport of bulk chemicals and other liquids. Chemship B.V., located in the Netherlands manages and operates the fleet of 12 of the most modern and advanced chemical tankers in the world, all equipped with stainless steel tanks. The company operates regularly lines from Northern Europe to North America and the Mediterranean.

Business Growth and Development
Gadot regularly considers business opportunities and is operating to settle business growth and development strategies. The company takes part in expanding existing activities into new fields by introducing products, new services, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures with leading global entities.
The growth team leads the process from the level of an idea, some of which come from existing marketing demands, through the development process up to the maturity stage.

SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality)
The company maintains a quality assurance management program and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Quality standard. The company is committed to all environmental laws and conducts an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001:2004 environmental standards. The company is committed to all work safety laws, maintains an extensive network of safety systems and acts in accordance with and is certified by the Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard, OHSAS 18001: 2007. In the field of international trade, the company supports the existence of the REACH regulations for all customers who export to EU. The company maintains agreements and international conventions in the field of chemicals, hazardous materials, transportation, raw materials for food, industrial raw materials, pharmaceuticals, the cosmetics industry and the microelectronics industry.

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