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Founding Year 1946
Address 8 Beit Oved St., Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6721108 - View Map
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Zvi Salant, Attorney Partner, A. Salant & Co.

Zvi Salant

Attorney Partner

Ronny Salant, Attorney Manager, A. Salant & Co.

Ronny Salant

Attorney Manager

About A. Salant & Co.

A Salant & Co. is one of Israel's most experienced law firms, being founded in 1946 by the Late Avraham Salant, one of Israel's first attorneys. Over time his two sons, Zvi Salant and Rami Salant, joined the Firm. The Firm provides legal counsel for many construction projects throughout the country and specializes in complex real estate transactions, including in urban renewal (TAMA 38/evacuation-reconstruction).

Other Partner

Attorney Rami Salant

The Firm has extensive experience from the initial stage of unifying landowners, preparing sharing agreements, receiving offers from contractors, selecting a contractor for the project, arranging bank support and guarantees to landowners, selling the housing units, and registering the building as a condominium.

Close and Personal Attention
Among its clients are hundreds of landowners, developers, and contractors. The Firm provides each client with a service tailored to his unique needs. Landowners receive close personal guidance and advice all along the way, enabling them to maximize their rights in the land.
The Firm has significant expertise in real estate transaction taxation. This expertise allows for a broad vision when being involved in real estate transactions, allowing the Firm to find creative solutions and reducing the payments that landowners have to pay to a minimum.

Areas of Expertise
Real Estate Transactions
A. Salant & Co. has extensive experience in certain transactions such as TAMA 38 agreements, evacuation-reconstruction projects, evictions, combination and construction agreements, sales contracts for housing units, shops, plots and commercial properties.

Project Counsel
The Firm has extensive experience in accompanying complex construction projects while achieving maximum returns for its clients and ensuring that guarantees are issued against each project. The Firm represents hundreds of private landowners, contractors and developers, all who receive professional and close guidance throughout. The Firm provides its clients with a complete package of required legal services. It accompanies every project from the initial stage (unification of landowners and signing a sharing agreement, locating a developer and signing a combination or construction agreement, arranging banking support for the project), to advising on building taxation, etc.

Urban Renewal
The field of urban renewal has been gaining momentum in recent years. The Firm accompanies many TAMA 38/1 projects (building strengthening), TAMA 38/2 (demolition and construction) and evacuation – reconstruction projects throughout the country (Haifa, Tel Aviv, Rishon Le’Zion, Ramla, Holon and more). The Firm’s clients include many entrepreneurs as well as apartment owners, who receive professional legal assistance while maintaining their rights.

Real Estate Taxation
The Firm has earned a remarkable reputation when it comes to handling the taxation of complex real estate transactions. Not infrequently, the key to signing an agreement depends on optimal tax planning. The Firm’s expertise in tax law allows it to think creatively when planning the transaction structure thus reducing the tax liability to the client.

Improvement Levies
The Firm has extensive experience in reducing improvement levies. The Firm accompanies the landowners from the assessment process, through checking the amount of the levy and ending with an appeal if necessary.
The Firm also has extensive experience in reducing arrears interest and even in arranging an exemption from the improvement levy in respect of residential housing (commitment to live in the property).

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