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Founding Year 1999
Address 35 Jabotinsky St., Twin Towers (Tower No. 2), Ramat Gan
Phone 972-3-6184414
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Ayana Unger-Latin, Founding Partner and Managing Partner, Unger - Latin, Law Office

Ayana Unger-Latin

Founding Partner and Managing Partner

Gal Shlomo, Attorney, Unger - Latin, Law Office

Gal Shlomo


Assaf Latin, Attorney, Unger - Latin, Law Office

Assaf Latin


Michal Agayev, Office Manager, Unger - Latin, Law Office

Michal Agayev

Office Manager


Unger-Latin, Law Office specializes in all aspects of personal status and emphasizes a personal and unique solution for each client according to their individual needs and objectives. The Firm is headed by Attorney Ayana Unger-Latin, who has practiced family law for the last 22 years. Attorney Ungar and the Firm's staff have managed thousands of cases, some of which highly complex, and provide representation in family courts, rabbinical courts and other judicial instances on all matters relating to personal status. In April 2010, the Firm moved to its new location in Ramat Gan's Twin Towers. The design of the new office layout is noted for a young, creative and up-to-date spirit that reflects the Firm's values and activities. According to the BDI CODE rating for 2014-2019, the Firm is one of Israel's leading and most prominent family law firms.

The Goal – Personal and Humane Treatment for Clients
The Firm’s staff, headed by Attorney Unger-Latin, strive to complete the divorce process while achieving the goals set by the client, quickly and efficiently, while providing personal, empathic, and above all humane treatment, to minimize the aggravation and the unpleasantness of the divorce process.
The Professional Team
Ayena Unger-Latin is the Firm’s founding partner and managing partner. She holds an LL.B., and an LL.M. (Magna Cum Laude), both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has served as Legal Advisor to the WIZO organization in Petah Tikva for 14 years.
Gal Shlomo holds an LL.B. from the College of Management and was included on the Dean’s Honor List in her first and second years. Attorney Shlomo interned with the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (Civil).
Assaf Latin is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Law School, interned with the Firm and has served as a legal assistant for several years.
Michal Agayev is the Firm’s Office Manager.

Practice Areas
Attorney Unger-Latin has extensive experience in case file management and representation in family courts, rabbinical courts and other judicial instances in all matters relating to personal status, including: divorce, alimony, child support, property, dissolution of partnership between a couple, child custody, paternity suits, child abduction, prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements, common law marriages, marriage annulments, protection orders, stay of exit from the country, wills, estates, inheritance orders, etc. The Firm also provides services to clients in related fields such as real estate transactions.
Attorney Unger-Latin and the Firm’s staff handle complex divorce cases, which are often exposed to media exposure, especially when dealing with wealthy clients. Some of these cases often involve severe disagreements and struggles over authority, control of businesses and companies, property, custody of minors and more. To provide a perfect solution to issues, which surface during the case discussions, the Firm also cooperates closely with professionals from various fields, such as private investigators, accountants, actuaries, and psychologists.

Mediation – A Procedure With Many Advantages
If the parties involved have already reached the unpleasant status of separation and a dissolution of the family unit, which are situations that do not add to one’s health, neither to the spouses, and especially to any minor children involved, then the Firm suggests examining the possibility of reaching a comprehensive divorce agreement that will save much time and especially the severe aggravation that accompanies the conduct of legal proceedings.
If there is an agreement between the parties, or if the parties believe that it is possible to agree on the central issues, and on the more serious problems which are usually related to the division of property, arrangements for a stay with the minors and the payment of their support, the Firm believes that the parties involved consider a divorce agreement and financial settlement. This agreement will be signed and confirmed by the various relevant judicial instances such as a family court or regional rabbinical court. The parties involved would save many resources, economic and other, and will separate fairly, without becoming “long-term clients” of the judicial instances.

Prenuptial Agreement
A prenuptial agreement prearranges the property relationship in case of any separation. Any prenuptial agreement prepared by a seasoned attorney may save the parties complex and challenging litigation in case of divorce and can be recognized even during the marriage period.
A couple who have not yet married can approve a prenuptial agreement and have it affirmed by a family court, a notary or the registrar of marriages.
A married couple can approve a prenuptial agreement and have it affirmed only by a family court order or by a rabbinical court, and not by a notary.

Before taking any action against a spouse, it is best to seek legal advice. A reckless step that seems reasonable in the circumstances, often, is liable to turn out to be a mistake that may decide the fate of the legal proceeding down the road.

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