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Founding Year 2017
Address 1 Migdal Alon, 94 Yigal Alon St., Tel - View Map
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Amnon Sela, Owner, Sela Construction and Investment Amnon Mesilot Group

Amnon Sela


Itamar Sela, CEO, Sela Construction and Investment Amnon Mesilot Group

Itamar Sela


Naama Brener, CFO, Sela Construction and Investment Amnon Mesilot Group

Naama Brener


Shai Abuhatzira, Head of Entre-preneurship and Business Development, Sela Construction and Investment Amnon Mesilot Group

Shai Abuhatzira

Head of Entre-preneurship and Business Development

Uri Naali, Head Engineer, Sela Construction and Investment Amnon Mesilot Group

Uri Naali

Head Engineer

Benny Lev Koren, Adv Legal Counsel, Sela Construction and Investment Amnon Mesilot Group

Benny Lev Koren

Adv Legal Counsel

About Sela Construction and Investment Amnon Mesilot Group

Sela Construction and Investment specializes in construction and entrepreneurship, from planning to execution, and is involved in projects across Israel encompassing over 4,000 housing units. Backed by decades of experience, a well-earned reputation and considerable financial strength, the Company is able to pursue a wide range of residential, commercial and corporate projects. Sela Construction and Investment was founded in 2002, as part of a vision to build and settle Israel and today employs a world-class team of professionals, consisting of architects, engineers, project managers, marketing and salespeople and an extensive customer service team, all of which work closely with customers, beginning with pre-sale and through to the end of the inspection and warranty period.

With its rich, proven experience, gained over the past 20 years, Sela Construction and Investment, through its subsidiary Sela Aviv, continues to operate at the forefront of industry innovation. This translates into highly successful, groundbreaking projects that are widely accepted and appreciated by the residential buyers.

A “One-Stop”-Shop
Sela Construction and Investment’s distinct and substantial competitive edge lies in it acting as a “one stop shop”, equally effective as an entrepreneur, planner, marketer, contractor, and as the primary interface with customers throughout a project’s lifetime.

Not “Just” Customer Service: “Sela+” Department
Sela+ is not a typical customer service department, working with customers from the moment the housing contract is signed, until the end of the inspection and warranty period. The customer service team welcomes and helps customers at project initiation, refers suppliers and service providers, and provides a stable, constant and caring focal point, accompanying customers, hand-in-hand, at every project stage. The department goes beyond solving problems, continually monitoring progress, providing regular updates throughout and promptly answering all customer inquiries. In addition, the department’s professionals are responsible for carrying out preliminary inspections of new housing units before prior to handing over the keys, ensuring that the units meet the Company’s self-imposed, high standards and are perfectly ready for customers to move in.

Projects – Planning and Execution
After some 20 projects in Israel’s North, in recent years Sela Construction and Investment has undertaken significant expansion into Israel’s central region, with large projects in Glil Yam, Herzliya, Ramat Efal, Rishon Le’Zion, and two new projects in Jerusalem, in the Katamon and Arnona neighborhoods. The projects are being built in partnership with Issta Assets.
Sela Construction and Investment’s “Hamishtala” project will be built on 11,000 square meters of land that once served as a youth agricultural farm in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood, currently considered one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods. The project is located at the corner of “Yohanan Ben Zakkai” and “Ben Baba” streets. The project will offer six residential buildings in a modern Jerusalem construction style, all planned by Architect Ilan Pivko. Each building will have 10-12 floors, offering 363 housing units and another 2,100 square meters of commercial space. As part of the project’s environmental development, alongside efforts to preserve the original nursery area of the neighborhood, and values of cooperation and love of the land, a special area between the project buildings has been designated for a community garden.
The new “Consulate Towers” project will be constructed in Jerusalem’s Arnona neighborhood, with four towers of 20-24 floors each, offering 301 housing units. The project will be built at the entrance to the Arnona neighborhood and is part of the new “Mordot Arnona” master plan. Each tower will offer a distinctive and luxurious lobby, a prestigious residents’ lounge and a 4-story underground car park. The southern end of the complex will house an intimate shopping center, with 1,200 square meters of commercial space.

Subsidiaries of Sela Construction and Investment
Sela Aviv – Where Dreams Become Reality
Successful execution turns ideas into plans and visions into new homes. Thanks to Sela Aviv’s exceptional execution capabilities, Sela Construction and Investment has gained recognition as a leading national and international brand.
A private company established in 2015. Sela Aviv enjoys secure, broad financial backing, strength and equity. The Company holds a “C-5” contractor classification (unlimited) issued by the Israel Registrar of Contractors, and is involved in the planning, management and execution of residential and urban renewal projects, including vacate and rebuild projects within the framework of the “Price per Occupant” program, and income-producing real estate projects – commercial and office space. The Company maintains long-term relationships with its customers, emphasizing quality of workmanship, down to the smallest details, and full customer involvement during the construction process, unit delivery and the warranty period.
Combining these features with the strength of Sela Construction and Investment’s brand, allows Sela Aviv to provide customers with a perfect living experience: quality homes, well-kept surroundings, and high demand locations.

Sela Ya’ad – The Next Generation of Engineering Equipment
Sela Ya’ad was founded in 2016 to solve Israel’s quandary of outdated construction crane inventory. In a market where most cranes are 20 and 30 years old, Sela Ya’ad uses new, energy-efficient and fast cranes that operate effectively in every situation.
The Company provides comprehensive crane rental solutions , starting with precise planning based on terrain conditions and customer needs, continuing with handling locations, angles, work efficiency, safety, transfer permits, instructions, and loading rules, on behalf of customers and site managers, and culminating with installing cranes in the field.
In addition, the Company offers professional advice on every matter: crane placement planning, unloading and loading locations, safety and installation.

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