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Founding Year 1959
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Shraga F. Biran, Adv., S. Biran & Co., Law Firm

Shraga F. Biran


David Amid, Adv., S. Biran & Co., Law Firm

David Amid


Meir Porges, Adv., S. Biran & Co., Law Firm

Meir Porges


Efrat Karazi-Gough, Adv., S. Biran & Co., Law Firm

Efrat Karazi-Gough


About S. Biran & Co., Law Firm

Founded in the 1950s, S. Biran & Co. is one of Israel's senior leading law firms. Advocates Shraga Biran (Founder), David Amid, Meir Porges and Efrat Karazi-Gough lead the firm, joined by a diverse team of attorneys with extensive expertise in wide ranging legal areas.

The S. Biran Credo – maximum commitment to best fulfillment of the client’s goals. The firm’s staff combines extensive experience and diverse knowledge, accumulated in 50 years of activity, with creativity, currentness and purposefulness. The services provided by the firm are best suited to the client’s unique goals, and are based upon a broad-based long-term inter-disciplinary approach to their affairs, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. The firm’s organizational culture is characterized by team work, mutual assistance and cooperation between all of the attorneys responsible for different legal fields, in addition to personal and professional nurturing.

Primary Fields of Expertise

The firm’s primary fields of expertise include real estate, planning & building, commercial litigation and class actions, financing, , mergers & acquisitions, commercial law, corporate law, securities law and energy. S. Biran & Co. is Israel’s leader in the field of real estate and planning & building. The firm has expertise and years of experience in legal consultation to real estate companies and real estate transactions in Israel and abroad. The Firm accompanies its clients through all facets and stages related to real estate project promotion and execution in Israel and abroad, including planning, propriety, financing, business and financial issues. The firm provides ongoing counsel to Israel’s most large and prominent companies and groups in all of their fields of interest and business development.

Real Estate – S. Biran & Co. specializes in accompanying closely and comprehensively real estate projects through all of their facets and stages. This includes comprehensive legal counseling in the promotion, development and execution of real estate projects in Israel and abroad, rezoning, maximizing building rights, betterment tax, and selling completed projects. The firm has specific expertise in establishing and accompanying complex, large-scale real estate projects such as residential neighborhoods, employment centers, campuses and commercial centers. The firm leads major urban renewal projects in Israel, including national outline plan 38 (TMA 38), hundreds of thousands of square meters of residential areas and offices in Israel’s major cities.

The firm provides legal counseling concerning establishing the client’s property rights, preparing a set of agreements with the relevant authorities. The firm also provides all of the legal services at the stage of project execution, including selling agreements, rent agreements and registration procedures. The firm accompanies real estate companies, in Israel and abroad, during all stages of their transactions and development, including the acquisition of new property, sale and rent transactions, partnerships, property development, etc.

Planning and Building – The firm has many years of experience in handling planning and building matters in all aspects. This includes advising the client at the phase of formulating the optimal planning program, accompanying the forming of the planning documents required by law, handling their submission to the authorities, representing the client through the whole planning procedure, including objections, appeals, petitions. In addition, the firm specializes in litigating administrative petitions in matters of planning and building, submitting claims according to s. 197 of the Planning and Building law, defending against such claims and defending clients in criminal proceedings according to the Planning and Building law.

Commercial Litigation and Class Actions – S. Biran & Co. represents clients in wide-ranging litigation matters, including commercial arbitration, petitions and administrative proceedings, before all of Israel’s court instances. The firm’s litigation department has extensive experience in representing companies defending against class actions in various issues including consumer protections laws, corporate and securities laws. The firm’s litigators firmly pursue creative solutions to best achieve the client’s business goals, while utilizing the firm’s knowledge, experience and expertise.

Corporate & Securities Law – The firm provides comprehensive legal services to public companies and to companies raising capital. Among the firm’s clients are leading public companies in Israel. The legal services in this area include counseling and accompanying private and public capitalization, preparing securities prospectuses, ongoing counseling to publicly traded companies, founder agreements and shareholder agreements, benefit programs, internal enforcement programs and general counseling in Corporate Law, Securities Law and Corporate Governance.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Commercial Law  – The firm handles large-scale transactions in a wide range of areas, including acquisitions, re-organization, joint ventures, cooperation agreements, investments agreements etc.

Financing – The firm specializes in representing clients in complex and innovative financing agreements foreign bank financing for Israeli clients with projects in Israel and abroad.

Energy – The firm has extensive experience in providing legal counsel for energy-related issues, particularly fuel and gas (including natural gas). The firm represents fuel and gas companies and provides ongoing counsel relating a wide range of issues of their activity and development.


Biran & Co.’s clients include leading companies, both public and private, in the fields of real estate, retail, fuel and energy, government companies, alongside entrepreneurs and private and institutional real estate holders.

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