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Law Firm specializing in Family Law and Mediation including Divorce, Wills and Inheritances


Founding Year 1998
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Ruth Dayan Wolfner, Senior Partner Owner and Manager, Ruth Dayan Law Firm

Ruth Dayan Wolfner

Senior Partner Owner and Manager

About Ruth Dayan Law Firm

The Ruth Dayan Law Firm is one of Israel's leading law firms specializing in family law. The Firm is active in the field of divorce and the ancillary areas of family law practice, such as common-law partners, prenuptial agreements, wills, and inheritances. The Firm was established by Advocate Ruth Dayan-Wolfner in 1998 and has expanded rapidly due to uncompromising professionalism, comprehensive understanding of the complex aspects of all areas of family law, a personal approach, and effective results.

The Firm has extensive experience in handling the most complex family law cases, including representation before the Family Affairs Courts, Rabbinical Tribunals, and other judicial instances in Israel. The Firm provides comprehensive legal services, such as representation in divorce cases, from the stage of filing a petition for dispute resolution, including holding negotiations and mediation processes, including drafting divorce agreements, drawing up legal documents, depositions, legal actions of all kinds and cross-examining witnesses, as well as representation in will and inheritance proceedings, including in complex cases and will defense proceedings against such proceedings. The Firm’s staff includes highly experienced lawyers with expertise in family law and inheritance issues, and who continuously strive to be up to date and to use all possible technological means.
Ruth Dayan-Wolfner received her cum laude degree from Tel Aviv University and also holds a B.A. degree in Criminology, Sociology and Anthropology from Bar Ilan University. She has accumulated extensive experience by representing many clients in divorce cases and will disputes, and by settling other family disputes in the Family Affairs Courts, Rabbinical Tribunals and judicial instances in Israel.
Following her admission to the Israel Bar Association, Ruth Dayan-Wolfner undertook numerous diploma courses in Israel and New York in the fields of family law and joint mediation. In 2003, Ruth Dayan-Wolfner authored “The Israeli Guide to Divorce,” which now serves as a guide to thousands of divorcees. In 2019, Steimatsky Publications published her second book, “Karma’s -a-Bitch: Stories from a Divorce Attorney’s Diary.”
Ruth Dayan-Wolfner is also the founder of a divorce guide: “Get UP”, which is one of the leading websites in its field – as well as the LARESHET wills and inheritance portal. As well, Ruth Dayan-Wolfner owns a successful blog, and blogs incidents from her professional and personal world every week, professional articles which are widely published in the media, and frequently appears on various media outlets. Ruth Dayan-Wolfner is known for her uncompromising professionalism, comprehensive understanding of all complex aspects of the field of family law, personal and intelligent attitude, and effective results.

Professional Vision
The Firm strives to achieve the best results for its clients, with particular emphasis on client support at all stages of the legal process, uncompromising professionalism, humanity, and awareness of the particular emotional state of a person involved in a family conflict, legal innovation, thoroughness, professionalism, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Fields of Expertise
Consultation and Building Legal Strategies – Family Law is a complex field. Due to parallel authority between judicial instances and case-law dynamics in the area, an accurate legal strategy can alter the entire divorce trajectory, since each case is entirely different, and the decision on what plan to use must be tailored to the unique circumstances of the case, to obtain the most significant advantage for the client, such as selecting the appropriate instance and determining the correct legal course in advance, even before proceedings have commenced.
Litigation – The Firm’s representation in Family Court, in Rabbinical Tribunals, in appellate instances – District Court, Supreme Court and at the High Rabbinical Tribunal, has earned it a sterling reputation, built on successful representation which has led to extraordinary results in the most complex and sensitive proceedings. The Firm attains these achievements due to ground-breaking, thorough, and creative litigation over two decades of representing clients in all instances, mainly due to strategic thinking, which takes into account the broad and long-term needs of the client.
The Firm provides expert representation in all the proceedings held in Rabbinical Tribunals and Family Courts, including the preparation of statements of claim, statements of defense, the preparation and filing of petitions, witness cross-examination, representation in hearings as well as in the various appellate instances.

Conducting Complex Legal Proceedings in the Following Areas
Divorce Proceedings – The Firm has extensive knowledge and experience in managing divorce proceedings and representation at all Rabbinical Tribunals on all matters related to divorce proceedings, including complex halachic issues related to divorce, such as divorce petitions, home peace claims, rabbinical divorce claims, “ketubah” claims, proof of betrayal, authority claims, and international divorce proceedings, even when the parties do not reside in Israel
Property Distribution – The Firm has vast experience in all issues which are linked to the distribution of family property at the time of divorce. The Firm’s reputation is due to its many successes in managing complex property distribution proceedings, involving complex legal issues with extensive property in Israel and abroad. Inter alia, the Firm specializes in procedures related to family businesses, partnerships in start-up companies and ventures as well as investments abroad, shares and options, personal and business reputation, wage gaps, unequal distribution of family property, dissolving partnerships in real estate assets, claims for specific partnership in assets, locating hidden property, evaluation of worth and cross-examination of experts.
Alimony – The Firm has extensive expertise in representation in claims for alimony, including defending against claims for alimony or child support, while calculating earning potential, proving a standard of living and unreported income. The Firm also has vast experience in representation in claims to determine the “main parent” and in sharing the burden of the child costs, including claims on behalf of the father to bind the mother to bear her share of child support.
Child Custody – The Firm has extensive experience in handling complex custody cases, in all judicial instances. Handling custody claims requires professionalism and preciseness in working with professional experts. The Firm has the know-how and experience to work with professional factors and closely works with its clients vis-à-vis these factors, from social services employees, up to private factors who are appointed to render an opinion in cases, such as psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, as well as their cross-examination at the various judicial instances professionally contending with professional opinions rendered in these proceedings.
Migration and Claims for the Return of Abducted Children – The Firm has extensive experience in managing all aspects of migration claims, as well as returning minors to their countries of origin while representing the parent from whom a child has been abducted. On the other hand, the Firm knows how to help the parent to release the child brought to Israel, despite the provisions of the Hague Convention on the Return of Abducted Children, with emphasis on the court’s exceptions in the treaty.
Common Law Marriage – The Firm has vast experience in conducting legal proceedings which pertain to the rights of couples who never officially married and are considered being “publicly known.” Such claims include property claims, inheritance rights, alimony payments, and recognition as conducting a common law relationship for purposes of pension and other rights.
Will Objection or Will Defense Proceedings – The Firm has vast experience and proven successes in handling will objections and will defenses, including in cases of undue influence over the drafting of the will, arguments against the mental fitness of the testator, defects in the will, will interpretation and more. These procedures require in-depth legal knowledge, as well as thoroughness, meticulousness, and the ability to investigate and examine facts and events that occurred before the death.
Additional Procedures Concerning Wills and Inheritances – The Firm has extensive experience in managing ancillary estate-related proceedings, including claims against the estate, claims related to determining the extent of the estate claims against heirs, etc.

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