Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Accountancy, Taxation, Internal Auditing, Investigative Auditing, SOX, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Enforcement and Compliance Plans, Information Security, Procedures, Risk Surveys, Special Audits, Embezzlement and Fraud Surveys, Expert Opinions, Arbitrations and Evaluations, Bookkeeping, Senior Employee Salaries, Business Consultations


Founding Year 1981
Address 7 Masada St., B.S.R. Tower 4, Bnei Brak 5126112 BRANCH 11 Beit Ha'Dfus St., Givat Shaul Kibbutz Tel Katzir 1516500 - View Map
Phone 03-6092020, 02-6251199, 04-6962781
Fax 03-6091113
Email [email protected]
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Yossi Ernest, CPA, CIA, Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Yossi Ernest


Meir Ilya, CPA, LL.M, MBA, CIA, Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Meir Ilya


Haya Dagan, CPA, B.Sc., Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Haya Dagan

CPA, B.Sc.

Gali Gana, CRISC CIA CISA M CJPA CRMA, Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Gali Gana


Uri Holtzman, Founding Partner CPA, LL.M, CIA, Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Uri Holtzman

Founding Partner CPA, LL.M, CIA

Shmuel Rosenblum, Founding Partner CPA, LL.M., CIA, CFE, Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Shmuel Rosenblum

Founding Partner CPA, LL.M., CIA, CFE

About Rosenblum Holtzman & Co., Certified Public Accountants Independent Member of Morison KSi

Rosenblum-Holtzman & Co. was established in 1981. The Firm provides a variety of services in various sectors, such as trade and services, insurance, hi-tech, kibbutzim and kibbutz enterprises, banking, industry, registered associations and non-profits, financial institutions, institutions related to the capital market, authorities, real estate, and infrastructure, holding companies, corporations, public sector, transport, government companies, agriculture, loans, and tourism. The Firm holds ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Rosenblum-Holtzman is an independent member of Morison Global, a network ranked among the top ten of the world’s accounting firms. The network’s 160 global offices are available to Rosenblum-Holtzman’s clients. Besides its main office in Israel’s center, there are branches in Jerusalem and Tel Katzir, and its services are provided in Hebrew, English, Spanish, Russian, and French.
In addition to traditional accounting services, the Firm provides accounting services under one umbrella, thus ensuring the most benefit to the client. For example, expertise in accounting investigations helps with valuation reporting. Help with the Sarbanes Oxley application may also help detect risks and exposures. Above all, control of information systems analysis gives the client added value in all areas. All this is besides tax consulting.

Diversified Services
Audits of Financial Statements and Representation before the Authorities–audits of annual financial statements for companies, partnerships, kibbutzim, registered associations, local government authorities, and reviews of periodic reports, as required by the entity.
Tax Planning and Consultations–keeping abreast of developments in taxation, jurisprudence, and legislation for the benefit of the Firm’s clients, enabling them to take maximum advantage of tax benefits, accessing the Firm’s international network for global tax planning as may be required, representation before the Income Tax Authority and the National Insurance Institute, assistance with voluntary disclosures (under its various tracks) and pre-rulings.
Internal Audits–internal audits for public companies, institutional bodies, capital market-related institutions, non-profit organizations, kibbutzim, and private entities. Audits are conducted in accordance with Companies Law, the Internal Audit Law, and other laws applicable to the audited entity. Assistance for the entity’s internal audit functions.
Special Forensic Accounting–special audits of financial and management matters, investigations, suspected misconduct, and misrepresentations. The investigations are conducted for owners and/or various authorities, after which reports are provided. If needed, testimony before the courts, support for legal claims, and participation in legal proceedings.
Court Appearances in Legal Proceedings–assistance for attorneys on accounting matters, including preparing expert opinions on issues in dispute (representations, accounting settlements, liquidations, and receiverships).
Audits of Foreign Corporations–substantial experience conducting internal and forensic audits for companies, partnerships, and entities abroad (subsidiaries, branches, joint ventures, etc.).
Risk Management and Surveys–Environmental, Social, and Governance issues–expertise in risk surveys (financial and operational), including surveys to prevent fraud and embezzlement, and executing enforcement and compliance programs under Israel Securities Authority directives. The Firm also advises entities on environmental, social, and governance issues, and the implementation of its principles, assistance with implementation of SOX and Goshen Report requirements.
Due Diligence Tests–conducted jointly with the Firm’s economics department, which specializes in this area. The work includes, an economic analysis of the business and verification of accounting and taxation data, while identifying potential exposures of the unit being surveyed. The Firm is prepared to conduct special post-investment audits to validate any representations that have been made.
Cyber and Information Systems–cyber consulting, risk management, information technology governance, information security services, regulatory compliance, information system implementation, computer auditing, and information system development consulting. The Firm holds the ISO 27001:2013 (information security) Certification.
Organization and Procedures–expertise in defining, writing and editing internal work procedures for complex organizations, formulating internal procedures also for overseas’ subsidiaries of Israeli corporations.
Financial Advice and Valuation Reports–the Firm has a professional economic department that provides consulting services in various areas, such as valuation reports, consulting in merger and acquisition procedures, preparing business plans, submitting expert opinions in legal proceedings and more.
U.S. and International Taxation–the Firm’s Department of US Taxation Services is managed by an Authorized US Taxation Advisor (Enrolled Agent), is authorized to issue American Tax Identification Numbers (EIN/ITIN) and offers consulting and representation services with US Taxation authorities.

Related Services
Enforcement programs (compliance) • due diligence • quality audits for internal audit departments (QA certification by the IIA–the Institute of Internal Auditors) • assistance for entities (formation/registration/accompaniment) • salary department (for senior officers) • arbitration and accounting opinions • bookkeeping and accounting services • certified salary auditors • preparation of procedures • retirement planning • dissolution of companies.

Sector Specializations
• Industry, Commerce, and Services • Finance, Insurance, Investments, and the Capital Markets • Government and Municipal Sectors, Non-Profit Organizations, and Public Entities • Kibbutzim and Moshavim • Real Estate, Energy, and Infrastructures • Private Sector (Companies, Self-Employed Parties, and Employees) • Trusteeships.

Senior Managers
Eyal Bash,
MBA, CIA-Head of the Economics and Risk Management Department

Eran Rave Robichek,
MA, CSA, CISA, ARISC, CDPSE-Head of Internal Audit Activities in the Public Sector, Information, and Innovation

Yiftach Alon,
CIA, CPA-Head of Internal Audit Activities at the Kibbutzim

Itzik Popper,
CPA-Head of the Northern Branch

Reut Eviatar,
CPA–Head of Accounting and Tax Consulting

Noam Assaf,
MBA, CPA-Head of Information and Cyber Systems Activities

Sandra Berladian,
BA, MA, CPA-Internal Audit Director

Moriah Tsivoni,
CISA, CPA-Director of Internal Audits and Resource Consulting

David Kaniel,
CPA-Head of the Jerusalem Branch, Financial Consulting and Resource Balancing

Ohad Weizmann,
MBA, CPA-Head of Investigative Audits

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