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Founding Year 1957
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Phone 03-6235000, 04-8644433
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sharon amir, Senior Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

sharon amir

Senior Partner

Tal  Eliasaf, Managing Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Tal Eliasaf

Managing Partner

Tomi Manor, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Tomi Manor


Yoav Razin, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Yoav Razin


Shmuel Lechner, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Shmuel Lechner


Tuvia Geffen, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Tuvia Geffen


Gil Atar, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Gil Atar


Asher Assis, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Asher Assis


Einat Rosu, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Einat Rosu



Naschitz Brandes Amir is one of Israel's leading law firms, with a practice that embraces virtually the entire legal spectrum. The Firm has a long successful tradition of providing a gamut of legal services in all areas of civil and commercial law to its many clients, both in Israel and overseas. Naschitz Brandes Amir's partners and attorneys have the comprehensive legal ability and strong practical experience, along with innovation, openness, and creativity, all of which have earned the Firm, an outstanding reputation among their broad client base in Israel and abroad.


Peter Gad Naschitz


Hanina Brandes

Naschitz Brandes Amir is one of the largest and most senior law firms in Israel. Most of the attorneys workout of the head office in Tel-Aviv, while several work out of an office in Haifa. The Firm has 180 attorneys, 30 legal interns, and an administrative staff of 75. In total, the Firm has 64 partners.

Over the years, the Firm has gained extensive experience in a broad range of civil and commercial law issues. The Firm’s commercial practice is most diverse – representation of multinational corporations (including Fortune 500 companies), government entities and large public companies, counsel for hi-tech and biotech start-ups, representation of venture capital funds, investment banks, commercial banks, and other organizations. The Firm has played a leading role in large and complex transactions, including unique commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and public offerings.

The Firm’s extensive litigation practice includes involvement in commercial disputes and all areas of insurance, professional liability, medical malpractice, maritime law, product liability, securities, administrative litigation, local authorities, building and planning committees, labor law, banking, antitrust, white collar crime, environmental law  and intellectual property. The Firm’s attorneys appear regularly before all judicial court instances, including arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution forums.

The Firm has been involved in many precedent-setting cases. Besides representing clients before the courts, the Firm provides legal counsel to its clients in the insurance sector (representation of insurance companies in commercial, regulatory and insurance matters), real estate (complex commercial construction projects urban renewal projects, tenders and national infrastructure issues, including BOT projects), etc.

Throughout its many years, the Firm has played an active part in various legislative initiatives in diverse areas such as agriculture, securities, labor law, antitrust, taxation and more.

The Firm’s staff has a wealth of experience and knowledge in a wide variety of areas – along with creativity, flexibility, and openness. All this allows the Firm to serve its clients with a combination of knowledge and skill that results in optimal outcomes. Over time, the Firm has cultivated close working relationships with leading law firms around the world, in accordance with their different areas of expertise, and works closely with them to the benefit of its clients.

Commercial Law

One of the core values of the Firm is to provide superb legal counsel in all areas to businesses of all sizes and during all stages of development. The Firm’s attorneys take an active role in their clients’ legal and business affairs and in finding solutions to whatever issue may arise, on different levels, such as business agreements of any kind, employees, taxation, antitrust, relations with the authorities, administrative law, disputes (appearing before all judicial instances, the High Court of Justice, the labor courts, mediation, and arbitration), real estate, planning and construction, product liability and more. The Firm’s team has extensive expertise and experience in antitrust law and is involved in numerous matters before the Antitrust Commissioner.

International Activities

Naschitz Brandes Amir also has extensive experience in international transactions, which it has earned from business engagements for its Israeli clients and in the representation of international entities The Firm is one of the leading firms in Israel in all aspects of corporate issues of Israeli companies abroad (in some cases representing the issuing companies, and in some cases the foreign underwriters.) The Firm is also one of Israel’s leading firms in corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Naschitz Brandes Amir is one of Israel’s leaders in litigation, including torts and insurance, product liability, maritime and aviation law, commercial disputes, disputes regarding land rights, expropriations, planning and construction, creditor arrangements and liquidations, labor law and administrative litigation.

The Firm also has considerable experience in alternative dispute resolution in domestic and international disputes in various forums (local arbitrations and mediations and complex international disputes before institutional arbitration tribunals such as the ICC or ad hoc tribunals) – whether as legal representative to one of the parties to the dispute or as arbitrator or mediator.

Real Estate

The Firm’s team has extensive experience in all facets of real estate transactions, including design and construction, zoning, re-zoning, advising developers in all matters related to development regulations, levies, land betterment taxes, the Israel Land Authority, expropriations, and related issues.

The Firm has been involved in complex real estate development projects involving thousands of housing units and hundreds of thousands of square meters of office, commercial and industrial construction.

Naschitz Brandes Amir aspires to excellence at all levels. Many of its attorneys hold advanced degrees from Israel and abroad, and take part in various and varied professional development courses, as lecturers and as attendants. The Firm is also extensively involved in community service work, offering legal services and donations for educational, welfare and cultural purposes. The Firm’s partners and attorneys are active in the Israel Bar Association and are involved in initiatives related to the legal profession.

Management Profile

Partner’s Name E-Mail Address Tel Number
Sharon Amir [email protected] 03-6235022
Tamar Arad-Kareth [email protected] 03-6236009
Asher Assis [email protected] 03-6235167
Gil Atar [email protected] 03-6236050
Alona Baumgarten [email protected] 03-6235130
Liat Bechor [email protected] 03-6236009
Tamar Ben- Ari [email protected] 03-6236000
Daniella Ben- Shalom [email protected] 03-6235022
Dalit Ben-Israel [email protected] 03-6236010
Raanan Ben-Oz [email protected] 04-8644433
Gil Brandes [email protected] 03-6235022
Pnina Broder-Manor [email protected] 03-6235044
Bila Cahana [email protected] 03-6235130
Shimon Chertow [email protected] 03-6235098
Shay Cohen [email protected] 03-6235052
Itay Deutsch [email protected] 03-6236009
Noga Devecseri-Spira [email protected] 03-6235160
Shai Dill [email protected] 03-6235167
Chen Efrati [email protected] 03-6235160
Uri Eger [email protected] 03-6236000
Tal Eliasaf [email protected] 03-6236000
Avishai Eliash [email protected] 03-6235076
Moshe Elya [email protected] 03-6235076
Ilan Erez [email protected] 04-8644433
Ido Erlich [email protected] 03-6236009
Guy Eyal [email protected] 03-6235022
Noa Feit [email protected] 03-6235022
Jonathan Feuchtwanger [email protected] 03-6235167
Tuvia Geffen [email protected] 03-6235167
Tal Gendelman [email protected] 03-6236070
Ben Gofman [email protected] 03-6236050
Lior Goldberg [email protected] 03-6235098
Sarit Hauschner-Raphael [email protected] 03-6235044
Neta Heichal-Yassur [email protected] 03-6235098
Anat Igner [email protected] 03-6235130
Golan Kaneti [email protected] 03-6235052
Asa Kling [email protected] 03-6236000
Anat Langer [email protected] 03-6235130
Shmuel  Lechner [email protected] 03-6235076
Elad Levi [email protected] 03-6235013
Idan Lidor [email protected] 03-6236000
Tommy Manor [email protected] 03-6236010
Oren Maor [email protected] 03-6235052
Keren Maximov-Brandes [email protected] 03-6235098
Inbar Mishory-Bartal [email protected] 03-6235044
Amit Mor [email protected] 03-6235160
Orli Naschitz [email protected] 03-6235076
Omer Novinsky [email protected] 03-6236000
Shira Ozik [email protected] 03-6235076
Assaf Ratzon [email protected] 03-6235076
Helen Raziel [email protected] 03-6235098
Yoav Razin [email protected] 03-6235052
Assif Rosenberg [email protected] 03-6236000
Yaron Rossman [email protected] 03-6235044
Einat Rosu [email protected] 03-6235167
Azriel Rothman [email protected] 03-6235044
Arnon Samburski [email protected] 03-6235167
Erez Sapir [email protected] 03-6235167
Ori Spiegel [email protected] 03-6236009
Roi Thurgeman [email protected] 03-6235098
Shay Tzfoni [email protected] 03-6236050
Ilan Winder [email protected] 03-6236070
Meital Zimberg- Lederman [email protected] 03-6236009
Michal Zohar-Neistein [email protected] 03-6236070

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