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Development, Engineering and Construction – Real Estate Infrastructure and Industrial Projects, Concessions, and Income-Producing Properties


Founding Year 1969
Address 3 Ha'Bosem St., P.O.B. 153, Ashdod 77101 - View Map
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About Minrav Group LTD

Minrav Group, founded in 1969, is one of Israel's leading and longstanding real estate, engineering and infrastructures groups, which is also active in the residential development and yielding properties. For many decades, Minrav has been serving an important role in some of the largest and most complex projects constructed in Israel, such as: the IDF Training Base, Yad VaShem Museum, Terminal 3, the Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem Rail Tunnels, government ministries in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, public buildings, roads and bridges, sewage treatment facilities and more. Minrav Group is currently held by a group of investors, headed by Essence Partners, which includes some of the leading entities in the Israeli economy, including some leading institutional investors and financiers from the Israeli capital market.

Other Senior Managers

Ronen Shefer

Deputy CEO

Adi Sahar

CEO, Minrav Infrastructures

Etai Reshef

CEO, Minrav Properties

Pini Liberman

CEO, Minrav Engineering

Chaim Rotlevy


Minrav is involved in the execution of engineering, construction contracting and infrastructure projects for the public, business and private sectors, development of residential projects in Israel and abroad, BOT concessions and lease and management of income-yielding properties. Since its inception, Minrav has stably grown due to its engineering excellence, its project management abilities, its ability to successfully provide comprehensive solutions for complex multidisciplinary projects and its compliance with strict international standards.

Minrav provides its clients with comprehensive solutions, including multi-disciplinary integration of various entrepreneurship and financing solutions, design and execution, asset management, production and supply of materials supported by the Group’s reputation and significant equity. Minrav’s 52 years of experience in real estate, engineering, entrepreneurship, construction, infrastructure and industry, together with its expertise, financial strength, and management vision, have made it the first-choice entrepreneurship and engineering company by business entities, government authorities and companies in all sectors for the execution of complex projects.

Business Segments
Minrav Engineering – The Group, through Minrav Engineering, undertakes complex and large-scale construction projects for the public, business, and private sectors and complex construction and finishing works and urban renewal projects.

Among its current projects:
• The Israel Defense Forces legal complex “Neve Tzedek” – including a military prison and courts of justice, adjacent to the Beit Lid complex • The new “BIG” complex in Carmei Gat • Bank Leumi’s new management offices in Lod • Office buildings in Rehovot’s hi-tech employment center • the “Aleh Negev” Rehabilitation Hospital, next to the Negev Junction • Execution of works in six underground stations as part of the Tel Aviv “Red Line” LRT • the “Magen David Adom” complex that will serve as a protected reserve for the storage of blood transfusion portions • Students dormitories Be’er Sheva and Herzliya, for the Be’er Sheva University and the IDC Herzliya • A complex for the IDF’s Intelligence Corps cadets in Be’er Sheva.

Among the major projects that Minrav has undertaken during its decades of activity: • Ben Gurion Airport 2000 – Air terminal, bridge and parking lots • the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts • the Government complex in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a cumulative volume of over 200,000 square meters • the new Israel Railways office complex in Lod • the private prison in Be’er Sheva • the Yad Vashem Museum – a foyer, school, archive, memorial site and a museum.

Minrav Infrastructure – The Group, through Minrav Infrastructures, undertakes some of Israel’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects.
Among its current projects: The “Turkish Railway Portal” along the route of the Metropolitan Mass Transit System’s (“NTA”) Red Line • Infrastructure work along Road 461 between the Mesubim Interchange and the Tayasim Junction along the route of the purple line of the Tel Aviv Light Rail line • Infrastructure work on Einstein Road, including lowering the roadbed, along the Tel Aviv Green Rail Line of the Tel Aviv Light Rail line • Engineering and steelworks at power generation stations • Wind turbine farms in the Golan Heights.
Among the major projects that Minrav has undertaken during its decades of activity *: The IDF’s training camp (Ir HaBahadim) next to the Negev junction – a project valued at NIS 6 billion • the “Shenkar Portal” for the NTA’s Red Line • A 7.5 km tunnel using the TBM method as part of the high-speed train line to Jerusalem • Two of the longest railway bridges in Israel (1.2 km) on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem rail line.

PPP Concessions – Minrav is the pioneer in the field of concessions in Israel. The Group is the major shareholder in the concessionaire, as well as the EPC and O&M contractors under the B.O.T agreement of the “IDF Training Base” project, for 25 years. The IDF Training Base is the Ministry of Defense largest infrastructure project. The project is now in the O&M phase. Even before that, Minrav built and operated a wastewater treatment plants in Netanya, Be’er Sheva and Ben Gurion Airport. Minrav was a partner in the establishment of the first private prison in Israel, which was turned over to the State through the Prison Service after construction was completed. Minrav is currently participating in several groups (some of which include leading global companies) for several significant concessions tenders, including the construction of the LRT systems

Minrav Properties – Minrav Properties Is the residential development and yielding properties arm of the Group.
In residential development, the Group has developed residential complexes, from the purchase of the land, their statutory improvement, to construction and delivery to customers. It has completed thousands of housing units in Israel and abroad and hundreds of thousands of square meters of offices and commercial space. For example: Holon – 111 housing units; Haifa – 156 housing units; Be’er Yaakov – 147 housing units; Jerusalem – 160 housing units, including a commercial center and large commercial parking lot, as well as a ground floor for commerce and public parking; Acre – 268 housing units; Beitar Illit – 90 housing units.
In addition, Minrav has worked on various urban renewal projects (evacuation – reconstruction) involving more than 1,800 housing units in Bat Yam, Herzliya, Jerusalem, Givatayim, Yehud, and more. The Group also has a unit to initiate housing complexes in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
In the field of income-producing properties, the Group leases and manages income-producing properties owned and operated under the BOT method, including the CITY TECH Science and Technology Campus in Ashdod (32,000 square meters), the Minrav Center Shopping Center (28,000 square meters), construction and operation of the Biotechnology Park at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem (15,000 square meters) and more.

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