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About M. Firon & Co

M. Firon & Co., one of the largest and most respected offices in Israel, has been prominent in the local landscape for seven decades and is one of the first to break through the country's borders and become international. The Firm currently operates nine branches in Israel and worldwide and has a legal team of over 300 lawyers and interns.

M. Firon & Co. is one of the largest and most respected law firms in Israel. For over 70 years, the firm has been at the top of Israel’s legal profession and was one of the first Israeli firms to operate beyond the country’s borders and become a truly international firm. The firm currently has nine branches in Israel and around the world and a legal team of more than 300 lawyers and legal interns.
The firm’s uniqueness lies in its wide professional versatility, encompassing more than 40 practices in areas of civil and commercial/business law and litigation practices — all under one roof. The firm is thus able to provide its clients comprehensive and professional services, based on the wide professional expertise and perspectives of its departments and teams, together with its emphasis on close personal attention by the Firm’s partners.
From its inception, the firm defined its basic values, to which it remains faithful today. These include professionalism and continuous learning, loyalty, ethics, and discretion, combined with innovation, creativity, and contribution to the community, strategic involvement in the client’s decision-making process, thorough familiarity with the domestic and international business scene, and an overall understanding of the client’s needs — both legal and business.
This unique combination allowed the firm to cultivate connections over decades with many of its clients while, at the same time, developing a rapid and thorough understanding of the legal needs and business activities of new clients. The firm’s clients include some of the most dynamic and best-known Israeli and international business people and companies, including government ministries and entities, industrial companies, multinational companies, and leading public and private companies in their respective fields. The firm’s clients operate in all areas of industry and commerce, including technology and high-tech, insurance, infrastructure, defense industries, real estate, tourism, banking and finance, trade, venture capital funds and investment, energy, pharmaceuticals, and medicine, communications and media, and more.
Over the past seven decades, during which M. Firon & Co. has developed and grown together with the Israeli economy, the firm has gained diverse skills and experience across the full range of commercial / business legal and litigation areas. The pride of the firm is its lawyers. The firm’s success is the direct result of the quality and uncompromising professionalism of the legal team, which includes some of the best lawyers in Israel. This eminent team, which balances its constant desire to learn, set precedents, and break new ground with the traditional conservatism of the profession and its values, has made its mark, over seven decades, in all areas of Israeli law.
M. Firon & Co. provides legal consultancy in more than 40 areas of law under one roof, including Real Estate, Infrastructure and Project Finance
• Litigation and Dispute Resolution • Capital Markets • Mergers and Acquisitions • International Corporate & Commercial
• Class Actions Litigation • Energy • High-tech and Startups
• Intellectual Property • Urban Renewal • Antitrust and Competition • Labor law, and more.
The firm’s impressive capabilities are regularly acknowledged by the most prestigious Israeli and international legal guides, including BDI, Dun’s 100, IFLR 1000, The Legal 500, Chambers Global, and GCR. In this way, the firm gains consistent recognition, year after year, for its quality endeavors and excellence in its diverse areas of practice. In addition, many of the firm’s partners are personally ranked as leaders in their fields, reflecting the firm’s permanent position in the top tier of law firms for more than 70 years.

Main Practice Areas

Litigation and Dispute Resolution – The Firm’s involvement in litigation spans over 70 years and is at the forefront of the diverse legal fields in which the Firm specializes, thanks to decades of winning practice in managing complex and financial, legal disputes in all areas of commercial and contracting litigation. The litigation partners accompany the Firm’s clients personally, and provide the Firm’s clients with in-depth, effective, creative, and winning legal advice thanks to deep legal understanding, comprehensive business vision, full consideration of clients’ needs and excellent service awareness. The clients of the litigation department include international corporations, local corporations – private, public and statutory, defense industries, and private entities in many and varied fields, including real estate, infrastructure, finance, insurance, communications, health, energy, tourism, retail and more.

Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Project Finance – The Firm is one of the leading and pioneering firms in representing and handling all legal aspects of real estate projects. The Firm’s activity in this field extends over 70 years. It encompasses all aspects of construction from the base to the beams, including real estate transactions for residential and commercial, urban renewal projects, financing aspects, planning and construction, and various commercial aspects. It has been involved for many years in leading projects in Israel and abroad. The department’s staff includes many partners and lawyers specializing in the field, all with rich experience in representing leading companies in Israel and abroad. Private individuals, entrepreneurs, buyers and sellers, property owners, financing bodies, contractors, many public bodies, government ministries, and government companies. The Firm provides a service in a holistic way that relates to the real estate project as a whole, utilizing the vast experience and deep professional understanding to get to the smallest details.

Capital Markets – The Firm. provides legal advice, guidance, and representation in the various legal aspects involved in capital market activities to public companies, corporations, mutual funds, provident funds, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange members, and other organizations operating in the financial sector. The Firm has handled some of the most prominent issues on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in recent years.

Mergers and Acquisitions – The field of mergers and acquisitions is one of the Firm’s pillars of  activities. The Firm’s lawyers have accumulated decades of experience in accompanying large conglomerates in merger and acquisition deals, which have been landmarks in the Israeli economy. This rich database of local and international experience places the Firm at the forefront of action in the State of Israel in the field and gives it the ability to handle complex transactions on any scale and anywhere across the globe.

Commercial Law – The Firm provides its clients with a solution to all their legal-commercial needs. The Firm assigns the client with a professional team with experience in the areas of practice relevant to the client, and works with the client in his day-to-day business activities, with the assistance of the Firm’s experts in unique fields (such as mergers and acquisitions, real estate, intellectual property, antitrust, competition law and more).

International Trade and International Activity – The Firm has decades of experience in international legal activity and leading complex projects and transactions, including representing Israeli and foreign clients in complex and cross-border merger and acquisition transactions, international financing transactions, real estate transactions, private equity, distribution and trade, hi-tech, joint ventures, etc. The Firm has extensive experience in managing and executing multi-jurisdiction transactions spanning several countries simultaneously. The Firm has extensive operations in Eastern Europe and diverse operations in the United States, the Far East, South America, and various countries in Africa and Asia. The Firm also has branches in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Infrastructure and Project Finance – The Firm handles national infrastructure projects of significant importance to the economy at all times, and over the years, has been involved in mega-projects in transportation, delivery, energy, and water, along with public institutions for various purposes. The Firm has unique experience in accompanying projects at all stages, including the planning, financing, construction, and operation stages. The Firm has an excellent reputation in counseling large corporations and large contracting groups in BOT, PFI, and PPP tenders (large-scale projects in which the public and private sectors combine forces and share risks).

Energy – The Firm is one of the leading firms in Israel in the field of energy. The Firm represents one of the largest Israeli and foreign companies in the field, and over time,  has been able to be involved in groundbreaking mega-projects, in Israel and around the world. The Firm accompanies a wide range of energy projects such as water, gas, oil, and renewable energy projects, including solar energy, wind energy, server farms, and energy storage. The Firm’s lawyers specialize in promoting complex and investment-intensive energy projects involving commercial companies, foreign investors, government officials, and advanced technologies.

Hi-Tech and Start-Ups – The Firm has a rich and valued practice in the field of hi tech and start-ups. The Firm specializes in assisting technology companies in all industries and fields, from innovative start-ups to the world’s most influential multinational hi-tech companies. The Firm provides its clients with full support that spans the entire life cycle of the client, from its establishment, through company’s representation in all capital issuance rounds from the initial phase, representation during day-to-day operations, including complex technology licensing agreements. The experience of the Firm’s lawyers encompasses the most difficult aspects of its clients’ activities, including support for their international activities. The Firm’s lawyers have many years of experience in the Israeli and global technology market and are proud of their contribution to some of the transactions and influential moves in the field in recent years that have gained widespread resonance in Israel and abroad.

Antitrust and Competition – The antitrust and competition law field is one of the most prominent and developing fields in the legal world, and its impact on the entire commercial life is growing. The Firm has extensive experience and proven capabilities in representing leading Israeli and international companies in complex transactions, both in the field of mergers and acquisitions, in collaborations between competitors, and complex commercial agreements. The antitrust team is constantly working to support the Firm’s clients to comply with the requirements of competition law while ensuring maximum freedom of action within the law.

Class Action Litigation – Starting from the moment when class actions have become a common practice in its modern form in the country, The Firm was already there, at the forefront of the field. Today, the Firm is the leading and most acknowledged law office in class actions and is consistently ranked at the top of the ranking guides due to proven success in representing and protecting the largest companies in the economy from class actions on a considerable scale.

Each year, the Firm handles over one hundred new class action lawsuits, with a team that is proficient in the field and with more proven successes than any other firm in Israel. Its clients include international companies, media outlets, insurance companies, some of the largest commercial companies in the country, and more.

International Arbitration – The Firm has unique professional experience in representing clients in international arbitration proceedings. As a worldwide firm, its partners have accumulated experience and expertise in conducting the most complex arbitration proceedings before various international arbitration instances, sometimes under foreign law, in collaboration with the world’s leading law firms.

In addition, the Firm’s partners are also frequently appointed as arbitrators. The Firm prides itself on its dominant involvement in the arbitration chain in the Egyptian Gas Pipeline affair and other complex disputes between foreign governments, multinational corporations, and senior business people.

Labor Law – The Firm’s labor law department has many years of experience in labor law, and over time, it has been a partner in precedent-setting tenures in the field. The main objective of the department is to represent employers and companies from the largest in the Israeli economy, both in the public sector and in the business sector, which includes statutory bodies; government companies; government offices; health bodies and hospitals; insurance companies; hotel chains; shuttle companies; hi-tech companies; real estate companies; industrial plants; marketing chains; academic bodies and more. The variety of clients requires a deep understanding and extensive reference to various and diverse areas to provide the best legal representation and advice. .

Intellectual Property – Legal issues in this field are evolving and undergoing changes – in direct proportion to the pace at which the Internet is evolving and the new technologies sprouting in it. The Firm was one of the first firms to identify the need for comprehensive legal advice in intellectual property and works vigorously to ensure that its clients receive the best professional care by the department’s partners, who are considered renowned experts in this field. The department provides guidance and representation regarding all aspects of intellectual property in all relevant instances, from drafting and registering patents, designs, and trademarks, litigation, and protection of rights in courts to the commercialization of intellectual property rights. In addition, the department also synergizes with other departments of the Firm, in commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, issues, and capital issuances, for example.

Administrative Law, Tenders and Regulation – The Firm has many years of experience representing leading companies in their relations with all administrative authorities and government ministries, including planning, construction, and real estate issues. In addition, the Firm enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of tenders and is well regarded for its achievements.

Insolvency & Restructuring – The Firm is one of the most active and valued firms in Israel in the fields of insolvency and corporate recovery. The Firm’s lawyers have accumulated decades of experience in the area, during which they have served as functionaries in large corporations (usually in public companies) and as creditors’ representatives (including Israeli and foreign financial corporations and bondholders). At any given moment, the Firm’s lawyers handle many of the most well-known and complex insolvency cases in the economy.

Insurance – The Firm has faithfully represented the insurance organizations in Israel and the vast majority of the large insurance companies. In addition, the Firm stands out for its involvement in principled cases in the field of insurance over the years and for its contribution to the formulation of significant legal rulings that have shaped the insurance market as a whole. In addition, the Firm represents its clients in principled legal proceedings relating to insurance, before the Commissioner of Insurance and before government bodies, and represents factors in the insurance industry before legislative processes in the Knesset.


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