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Founding Year 1987
Address Beit Amot Hashkaot, 2 Weizmann St. Tel Aviv, Israel 6423902 - View Map
Phone 03-6070600
Fax 03-6070666
Email [email protected]il
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Dr. Lipa Meir, Founding Partner and Chairman of the Firm, Lipa Meir & Co.

Dr. Lipa Meir

Founding Partner and Chairman of the Firm

Zuriel Lavie, Senior Partner, Lipa Meir & Co.

Zuriel Lavie

Senior Partner

Alon Pomeranc, Managing Partner and Head of Litigation Department, Lipa Meir & Co.

Alon Pomeranc

Managing Partner and Head of Litigation Department

Uzi Mor, Head of Commercial Department, Lipa Meir & Co.

Uzi Mor

Head of Commercial Department

Yariv Shalom, Head of Real Estate and Financing Department, Lipa Meir & Co.

Yariv Shalom

Head of Real Estate and Financing Department

Ronen Baharav, Co-Head of the International Department M&As Banking and Finance, Lipa Meir & Co.

Ronen Baharav

Co-Head of the International Department M&As Banking and Finance

Dr. Ziv Preis, Co-Head of the International Department M&As Banking and Finance, Lipa Meir & Co.

Dr. Ziv Preis

Co-Head of the International Department M&As Banking and Finance

Gary Copelovitz, Head of the International Department, Lipa Meir & Co.

Gary Copelovitz

Head of the International Department

Shabtai (Shabi) Michaeli, Head of Labor Department, Lipa Meir & Co.

Shabtai (Shabi) Michaeli

Head of Labor Department


Lipa Meir & Co. specializes in all aspects of commercial-civil law and is consistently ranked by the Israeli and international ranking guides as a leader in Israel in over 20 categories. We provide a comprehensive package of legal services, with emphasis on personal service, as befits a boutique firm, as well as uncompromising creativity and professionalism tailored to the unique needs of each client. As a "one stop shop", we offer our clients an entire spectrum of legal services under a single roof and at the highest quality.


Dr. Lipa Meir, Zuriel Lavie, Alon Pomeranc, Uzi Mor, Gary Copelovitz, Erez Dar Lulu, Yariv Shalom, Ronen Baharav

Dr. Ziv Preis, Eitan Shmueli, Amir Zolty, Shabtai Michaeli, Gad Azor, David Weinstein, Roy Aiz, Michal Schwartz

Shirley Ifrach-Azor, Arthur Moher, Dr. Tzipi Iser Itsiq, Gali Opinsky, Danit Rimon, Dr. Yariv Ilan, Admit Cohen, Weinshtok, Meir Elbaum, Tali Lev, Sylvia Gal-Yahav, Asaf Iluz, Shay Tamar, Dr. Guy Carmi, Yossi Mandelbaum,

Shimrit Carmy Naamatת Omer Meiri, Karnit Akrish, Yaara Freund, Isaac Anidjar, Dor Avinery, Gregory Irgo, Ayelet Ramת Reut Beitz

External Counsel

Eyal Khayat

Dr. Yehuda Ben Meir

Dr. Irit Mevorach

Spanning a wide range of sectors, our diverse roster includes corporations; the largest institutions and organizations in Israel, including banks, insurance companies, financial companies, capital and investment funds; large government and public offices such as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance and others; multinational corporations; public companies; health corporations; municipalities and local authorities; cooperatives and companies from the kibbutzim sector; real estate companies; communication and technology companies; start-ups; private entrepreneurs and investors, and more.
An outstanding reputation in our fields of expertise, we have earned the recognition of IFLR 1000, WTR, Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, BDI and Dun’s 100.

Principal Areas of Expertise

Commercial Law: With vast experience in commercial and corporate law, we handle a wide range of transactions, regularly advising Israeli and multinational corporations alike in all types of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures and others.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution: We represent clients in all civil and commercial cases, involving class actions, derivative actions, administrative claims, securities, real estate, banking and finance, insurance, tenders, technology and Internet, IP, antitrust law, environmental, libel, privacy, and more. We are also regularly appointed as arbitrators and mediators to resolve a range of disputes.
Real Estate: We advise on all aspects of real estate, including purchase, sale and rental transactions, development and construction projects, urban renewal projects, handling objections in planning committees, and much more.
Banking and Finance: We represent banks, financial institutions, lenders, creditors and borrowers in complex financial transactions (including syndication) and financing large-scale projects, as well as in relation to regulatory issues, loan securities and true sale opinions, a particular niche of the firm.
International: The firm offers legal counsel for a wide range of multinational transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, and ongoing legal and strategic counsel to multinational corporations (public and private companies) operating in a range of markets in Israel and Israeli companies with worldwide operations.
High-Tech and Intellectual Property: We accompany all types of high-tech companies on their journey from foundation, through all commercialization and culminating in “Exit”. This encompasses, among others, the raising of capital and debt; mergers and acquisitions; and prosecution of intellectual property rights.
Labor Law: We represent employers and organizations in relation to both private and collective labor law, advising on all matters related to implementing workplace regulations and organizational processes. We draft collective agreements and conduct negotiations with labor unions, advise on matters of employee rights in cases of bankruptcy, and act for clients in all courts of law (civil and criminal) and in front of the various authorities.
Collectives and Agriculture: With a longstanding and unique expertise in the matters affecting rural settlements, agriculture and cooperatives, we are a go-to firm for collectives and kibbutzim, regional associations, national networks, and others regarding organizational, management-related and business matters.
Creditor Arrangements, Bankruptcy and Insolvency: We are recognized as a leader in advising companies in distress and those facing receiverships, liquidations, stay-of-proceedings, debt restructuring and refinancing, as well as reorganizations and litigation connected with bankruptcy.
Health and Life Sciences Law: We act for health funds, hospitals, supplementary health programs, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, professional health and medical organizations. We are involved in drafting and shaping of new laws vis-a-vis the Ministry of Health, among other things.
Environment, Cleantech and Clean Energy: A leader in promoting clean energy and environmental technology initiatives, we advise on environmental regulations, legal and administrative proceedings, and handle the environmental aspects of deals involving exposure to environmental hazards.
Tenders: With experience in drafting tenders and procurement processes for public and municipal entities, we also counsel the government and corporations required to conduct tenders and conversely, counsel entities that take part in tenders.
Energy, Infrastructure and Project Financing: We are involved in a wide range of infrastructure and energy projects, including desalination plants and power stations based on gas, wind, solar energy, electricity and more. We are also renowned for our creativity in financing projects, through BOT, BOO and PPP.
Intellectual Property: We offer a full range of legal services to assist our clients with commercializing their intellectual property, be it copyrights, trademarks or patents. The range of services additionally includes all aspects of intellectual property litigation.
Antitrust: We advise on the enforcement of Israeli antitrust laws, including approving restrictive arrangements, approvals of mergers and the implementation of internal enforcement plans.

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