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Racheli Gazit, Founding Partner, Joulus Gazit & Co. – Law Office

Racheli Gazit

Founding Partner

Ram Joulus, Founding Partner, Joulus Gazit & Co. – Law Office

Ram Joulus

Founding Partner

About Joulus Gazit & Co. – Law Office

The Joulus Gazit & Co. Law Office is a boutique firm with extensive experience and proven expertise in all aspects of tax laws, reliant upon the knowledge and excellence of its staff of attorneys, which is the result of an inter-generational composition. The Firm was founded by Advocates Ram Joulus and Racheli Gazit, leaders and veterans in taxation, who are joined by professional and experienced attorneys who are experts in the field. The Firm provides ongoing, comprehensive, and meticulous support and solutions that cover all aspects of the taxation of transactions, in tandem with adjustments to the specific characteristics of the clients and meeting their needs.

The Firm’s Fields of Expertise
The Firm offers extensive services in the various aspects of taxation, including comprehensive opinions, ongoing accompaniment and planning of transactions, representation before the various authorities, obtaining preliminary authorizations from the professional departments at the Tax Authority and tax arrangements with the assessment offices, handling assessment and appeal procedures, effecting tax planning and representing clients at the various judicial courts.
Income Tax – The Firm specializes in all income tax related matters, including corporate tax, employee options, mergers and divestitures, partnership taxation, capital markets, taxation of individuals, tax settlement arrangements as part of the voluntary disclosure process, trusteeship taxation, incentive tax laws and the tax aspects of financing transactions.
Insolvency Process Taxation – a unique field of expertise, the result of many years of experience and endeavor on the part of the staff, is insolvency process taxation. In this field, the Firm deals with the entire gambit of relevant entities, including banks, institutions, and various entities involved in the process (liquidators, receivers, bankruptcy trustees, creditor payment arrangement trustees, bond settlement arrangement trustees, etc.). The Firm’s attorneys are involved in the majority of the largest and most complex insolvency and bond settlement arrangement processes in the market and handle all tax related aspects.
Real Estate Taxation – In the field of real estate taxation, the Firm’s staff advises on complex transactions, including combination construction and proceeds transactions, real estate purchase groups, gentrification projects, TAMA 38 [National Outline Plan 38], land association building rights taxation, etc. The Firm’s client list includes real estate developers, as well as private and public construction companies.
Value Added Tax – The Firm specializes in all Value Added Tax (VAT) aspects, provides comprehensive opinions in the field and represents clients before the VAT authorities.
International Taxation – The Firm’s staff provides first-rate consulting services on international taxation issues, including residency, handling returning residents and new immigrants, voluntary disclosures, tax treaties and international tax planning. In these matters, the Firm operates in conjunction with various entities, including private individuals, companies, and public bodies. The Firm also cooperates with a range of overseas consultants who are experts in their respective fields.

The Firm’s Clients
Some of the largest and agenda setting economic and public entities in the Israeli market are Firm clients, including banks, public entities, Government entities, associations, local authorities, leading real estate companies and large commercial enterprises. Leading private Israeli and international business individuals are also clients of the Firm. In addition, the Firm professionally attracts the best CPAs, who approach the Firm for advice, as well as attorneys who are required to argue cases before the Tax Authorities, and handling the tax aspects of their clients, wishing to provide them with the best possible service.

Adv. Ram Joulus, Founding Partner
Adv. Ram Joulus holds a B.A. in Law (LL.B.) and a B.A. in Accounting from Tel Aviv University. Adv. Joulus regularly accompanies and advises some of the leading companies and entities in the Israeli market on the various aspects of tax and consults regarding complex transactions and a range of tax arrangements of significant proportions. Adv. Joulus founded and ran the Liquidation, Receivership, and Bankruptcies Unit of the Income Tax Authority. Within this framework, he formulated and laid down the majority of the administrative procedures in the field and was privy to setting many precedents. After leaving the Tax Authority some 20 years ago, he founded his law firm and established his reputation building on the quality and uncompromising professionalism of his work. In addition, Adv. Joulus lectures on taxes and accounting at Tel Aviv University, at the Management College, at the IDC Herzliya, and at Ruppin College. He partnered in writing the Tax Instruction Manuals published by the Open University and has also written many articles which have been published in professional journals and the daily press. Adv. Joulus also serves as Co-Chairman of the Israel Bar’s Taxation Committee and as Chairman of its Insolvency Committee.

Adv. Racheli Gazit, Founding Partner
Adv. Racheli Gazit holds a B.A. in Law (LL.B.) (Cum Laude) and a Master’s in Law (LL.M.) from Bar Ilan University. Adv. Gazit has unique expertise and extensive experience in tax assessment work before the Tax Authorities and in various judicial instances, as well as advising on an ongoing basis, large-scope tax planning, and also heads and accompanies some of the largest case files in the field of insolvency taxation in the Israeli market. Adv. Gazit apprenticed and worked as an attorney at the IDF’s Military Advocate General Office and served as Acting Military Command Prosecutor. In this position, she accumulated extensive experience in appearing in court and conducting litigation.

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