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Representing entities working in the building, infrastructure, development, and engineering sectors


Founding Year 1949
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Raul Srugo, President, Israel Builders Association – Boney Ha'aretz

Raul Srugo


Amnon Merhav, Advocate Director General, Israel Builders Association – Boney Ha'aretz

Amnon Merhav

Advocate Director General


Israel Builders Association is the only organization dealing with the Israeli markets' construction, infrastructure, development, and engineering issues, and strives to promote the building and infrastructure sectors in Israel, to promote the interests and rights of all contractors and builders in Israel, and to resolve various professional issues. The Israel Builders Association has over 2,000 members.

In 1949, the Association was formed to unite all organizations engaged in the building sector. In February 2019, Raul Srugo was elected President of the Association, for a three-year term, while Advocate Amnon Merhav now serves as its Director General.
Three professional divisions operate within the Association’s framework – an Entrepreneurship and Building Division, headed by Haim Feiglin, as Deputy President; an Infrastructure Division, headed by Zvika David, as Deputy President; and the Contract Building Division, headed by Nir Yanushvsky, as Deputy President. In addition, 14 local branches operate within the framework of the Association. Advocate Vered Sarfati – Zvulun, Deputy President of the Association serves as Chair of the local associations.
In 2008, the Association signed a cooperation agreement with the Renovation Contractors Association, and in 2019, an agreement was signed with the Association of Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors. The Associations work together to raise the level of professionalism, to battle workplace accidents and to offer joint training sessions for professional workers.
The Association partners with the Association of Building Workers, to encourage and develop the construction industry. The Association’s main objectives include training, absorption and concern for the welfare of Israeli workers in the sector. In 2014, a broad cooperation agreement with the Government to finance and support the training of Israeli workers in the construction sector was signed.
The Association is a full partner in all decision-making processes of the Government in all aspects of activities related to solving the housing shortage in Israel, developing infrastructures and the construction of public buildings, including a long-term perspective on the Israeli real estate market.

Members of Association receive a basket of services in a wide range of fields, such as:
• Representation before various regulators, as well as central and large-scale entities, including the Government, the Histadrut, local authorities, Netivei Israel, government companies and others.
• A parity committee dealing with employee claims against contractors in matters of wages and professional assistance in preparing pay slips.
• Professional help in raising the classification of contractors’ vis-a-vis the Registrar of Contractors and compliance with the monitoring requirements in the field of skilled labor.
• Assistance and training for converting the registration of a private contractor to the registration of a company with the Registrar of Contractors.
• Assistance in applying for employment of Palestinian workers.
• Assistance and guidance for eliminating hurdles with local authorities and municipalities.
• Professional assistance for registration with the Recognized Contractors Authority*.

The elected representatives of the Association along with its professional staff are always working on several levels aimed at promoting the construction and infrastructure industry and improving the situation of home buyers in Israel. Recently, the Association recorded several significant achievements for its members and apartment buyers, such as:
• Expansion of contracting activity to include Class C1-C3 holders.
• An additional quota of tens of thousands of Palestinian workers and an agreement to bring in foreign workers from Europe and China.
• Canceling threshold terms for government company tenders and changing the tender system to eliminates automatic winnings at a low price.
• Cancelling the calculation of construction meters that are the result of building reinforcement plans – as the main area within the framework of TAMA 38.
• Establishment of an innovative building technology development system in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Housing.

Committee Work
The primary work of the Association is through its professional committees, such as its Safety, Standardization, Planning and Construction, Urban Renewal Committees. An elected Contractor chairs each Committee, and each includes Association members, external consultants, and representatives of the Association’s management.

The Association operates an innovation program in the field of building technologies, within the framework of a unique partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Ministry of Economy. The program under operates under various frameworks to locate developers, encourage technology companies to establish construction projects, provide professional support for these bodies, and opening doors to government offices and in the construction industry. The program provides startups with professional support, connection to the industry, workspaces, mentoring and networking.

The Association’s Newspaper
The Association publishes its “Boney Ha’aretz” professional magazine, on a quarterly basis. The magazine includes a range of professional articles to further the knowledge of the Association’s members and reports on the Association’s activities in various fields.

The Association’s Website
The Association operates a website, which provides vital information for the builder and homebuyers, including new tenders, available job listings, building and land tender bid listings, notices by the Association’s Spokesman, information on conferences and events, etc. The website also offers professional forums on various issues, and Association members and the home buying public can get immediate replies to various professional questions, from Association experts.

Scholarship Fund
The Association established the scholarship fund to provide substantial scholarship aid annually to students studying subjects related to the building sector. The Fund also makes donations to the community.
To promote the building sector, the Association employs a professional staff of engineers, economists, lawyers, and marketers, and is also assisted by Israel’s leading law offices, lobbyists, and accounting firms.

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