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Laurie Shachar, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Laurie Shachar


Uri Mor Yosef, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Uri Mor Yosef


Keren Cohen Saad, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Keren Cohen Saad


Eran Spielman, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Eran Spielman


Omer Shalev, Managing Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Omer Shalev

Managing Partner

Rena Egulsky, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Rena Egulsky


Maya Salomon, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Maya Salomon


Noya Yulish, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Noya Yulish


Orit Amiran-Sinn, Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Orit Amiran-Sinn


Sigal Schlimoff-Rechtman, Founder & Partner, Lloyd's Representative in Israel, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Sigal Schlimoff-Rechtman

Founder & Partner, Lloyd's Representative in Israel

Harry Orad, Founding Partner, Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Harry Orad

Founding Partner


Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co. (GOS) is a leading international boutique law firm specializing mainly in exclusive commercial insurance areas, aviation and tourism and legal advice to international companies from the life science and pharmaceutical companies. In recent years the firm has gained substantial reputation and is rated by global ranking agencies, including the UK ranking firm Legal 500, as a leading law firm in insurance sector. In the Insurance sector, the firm's expertise includes reinsurance, financial lines insurance, D&O, E&O, Jewelers Block, aviation insurance, product liability, medical malpractice, clinical trials, property insurance and energy insurance. The firm's clientele includes international clients, local and international insurance companies and reputable foreign insurers and reinsurers. The firm also specializes in Aviation and tourism and provides legal services and consultancy, including contracts, regulatory issues and comprehensive legal service to airlines and companies this sector, as well as representation of these clients in claims filed against them in courts (litigation). In addition, the firm represents foreign companies that operate business in Israel, in commercial matters, including Pharmaceutical companies.

Reputation and Professionalism

The firm’s team comprises of lawyers with extensive experience in the various fields of insurance as well as in commercial matters. The firm also maintains close working relations with international law firms and other professionals.

The firm’s team of experienced lawyers provides the client with unique and professional service, handling cases while taking into consideration all relevant insurance aspects, thus enhancing the firm’s established reputation as a leader in its field. The firm is characterized by a dynamic, thorough and creative approach, steering its clients towards the most favorable results. The firm has acquired a reputation, both locally and internationally, as a premier Israeli law firm bearing excellence as its trademark. Furthermore, the firm manages to maintain a low profile although involved in the most high profile insurance cases in Israel.

Major Areas of Practic

Insurance and Re-Insurance

D&O Insurance – The firm specializes in handling claims against officers of both private and public companies and has also gained substantial experience in many insurance class actions. The firm’s lawyers are frequent speakers at major conferences and various forums and regular contributors of professional articles to international journals.

Financial Institution Insurance – During recent years, the firm has established itself as a leader in representation of insurers of significant Israeli financial institutions, including banks, investment houses, pension funds and insurance companies.

Professional Liability and Product Liability Insurances – The firm has broad knowledge and experience in this field, including medical malpractice insurance and insurance of other professionals such as lawyers, accountants, architects, insurance agents and engineers as well various product liability matters.

Diamonds and Jewelers Block Insurance – The firm is among the few law firms providing services to this unique sector, which is characterized by complex insurance policies including diamond and specie insurance, on tours and shipping’s insurance, exhibition insurance and tailor-made insurance policies designed to meet the special requirements of the industry.

Aviation Insurance – The firm’s expertise extends to handling insurance claims resulting from property damage and bodily injuries covered under the aviation insurances of airlines operating in Israel. The firm also handled Insurance matters resulting from aircraft accidents, and has been involved in many claims in Israel in this area in recent years.

Cyber Insurance – The firm specializes in handling Cyber events on behalf of insurers, which include various services in case of Cyber events. The firm specializes in conducting audits of insurance agencies and companies and risk surveys on behalf of insurers while advising on regulatory matters. The firm further specializes in insurance regulation and drafting unique policies and the adaptation thereof to Israeli law.

Aviation and Tourism

The firm provides ongoing legal advice to airlines and companies from the aviation & tourism sector in addition to its services in aviation insurance. The services include, inter alia, legal consultancy for commercial aviation matters, aviation law and regulations, contract drafting and negotiating, aircraft purchase and lease agreements and all relevant legal matters. The firm specializes in aviation litigation and represents airlines in Courts in Israel.

Legal Consultancy & Commercial matters

The firm provides ongoing legal advice on commercial and contract law to commercial companies from the life science and pharmaceutical companies. The firm also provides legal services for commercial law and corporate law as well as various real estate transactions.


The firm is specializing in litigation, both in various insurance matters as well as representation in commercial and tort litigation. The firm has a specialty in international private law and represents foreign litigants before all Israeli tribunal instances.

Arbitration and Mediation – The firm routinely represents its clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings and has a highly successful record in this field.

Pro Bono

Gross Orad Schlimoff and Co. takes special pride in its involvement in pro bono activities, including legal representation of nonprofit organizations and the underprivileged such as Tabeka, Cfar Idud, Kav Hazinuk, etc. and is very proud in its active involvement in the realm of civil rights.

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