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Founding Year 1938
Address 45 Rothschild Blvd., Zion Building, P.O.B 29141, Tel-Aviv, Israel 6578403 - View Map
Phone 03-7109191
Fax 03-5606555
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Pinhas Rubin, Chairman, Gornitzky & Co. Advocates

Pinhas Rubin


Moriel Matalon, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Gornitzky & Co. Advocates

Moriel Matalon

Chairman of the Executive Committee

Lior Porat, Managing Partner, Gornitzky & Co. Advocates

Lior Porat

Managing Partner

Kfir Yadgar, Managing Partner, Gornitzky & Co. Advocates

Kfir Yadgar

Managing Partner

About Gornitzky & Co. Advocates

Founded in 1938, Gornitzky & Co. has been involved in many of the largest and most complex transactions in the Israeli market and plays a key role in the development of Israel's economy and legal practice. Gornitzky & Co. is well-known for its extensive experience in all areas of commercial law and is consistently rated by leading Israeli and international guides as one of Israel's leading law firms.

The firm and its partners are consistently recognized and recommended by leading legal directories.
The firm’s clientele includes a significant number of Israel’s leading business groups, multinational corporations operating in Israel.

Practice Areas (partial list)
Commercial and Corporate Law – Gornitzky represents and provides legal counsel to Israeli and international corporations and public entities in all types of commercial contracts, including outsourcing agreements, service contracts, and development, production, marketing, distribution and franchising agreements, corporate governance issues, enforcement and compliance, and more.
M&A – Gornitzky has extensive experience in representing Israeli and foreign buyers, sellers and target companies in large and complex M&A transactions. Such transactions include the sale of banks, insurance companies, large energy and communications corporations, holding companies and more. The firm provides legal counsel to the world’s largest corporations and private equity funds. In addition, the firm represents Israeli corporations in their cross-border acquisitions in the US, Europe and the Far East.
Tax – The firm’s tax practice is among the leading and most skilled in Israel. The firm has widespread experience in intricate global tax cases, creative tax planning, the writing of complex opinions and the representation of individuals and corporations before various judicial bodies in Israel, including the Supreme Court and the Israel Tax Authority.
Capital Markets – Gornitzky provides legal services to Israel’s largest and most active business groups, handling offerings and private placements on capital markets in Israel and abroad, reaching billions of shekels annually. The firm advises Israeli companies with offerings on foreign exchanges, foreign companies with offerings on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and leading underwriters in offerings in Israel and abroad.
Banking and Finance – Gornitzky represents lenders and borrowers in the largest financing transactions in the Israeli market, including some of Israel’s largest commercial banks, insurance companies, provident funds and other institutional lenders.
Real-Estate – Gornitzky represents clients in real-estate transactions both in Israel and abroad, and has been involved in many of Israel’s largest and most complex real-estate projects.
Litigation – Gornitzky has vast experience in representing companies, corporations and individuals in intricate commercial disputes spreading over many countries and judicial bodies, including the Supreme Court, the High Court of Justice and international arbitration tribunals. The firm also excels in the representation of clients in class actions and derivative suits of substantial financial scopes in the fields of insurance, restrictive trade practices, banking, consumerism, environment and corporate law, and more.
Infrastructure and Project Finance – The firm has provided legal services for the construction of all the major desalination plants in Israel. The firm has extensive experience in privatizations, tenders, and BOT and PFI projects.
Energy – Gornitzky provides services to leading Israeli and foreign energy corporations in the major energy and natural resource transactions that transpire in Israel, including natural resources market, including natural gas, oil, refineries, private power stations, electricity, solar energy, water desalination, BOT transactions, and more.
Telecom – The firm specializes in the various facets of the communications sector, including infrastructure, content, technology and regulation. Clientele includes Israel’s largest communications corporations in the fields of wired and cellular telephony, internet and television, as well as start-ups in the telecommunications and satellite broadcast industries.
Hi-Tech – Gornitzky has vast experience in the representation of mature, as well as ״start-up״, hi-tech and biotechnology companies and their investors in M&A transactions in this field. Clientele also includes large venture capital funds and communications companies, including start-ups in the telecommunications and satellite broadcast industries, transmission and reception technologies, information technologies, electronic trade, medicine, outsourcing, and information protection systems.
Hotels, Travel & Leisure – Gornitzky holds the first of its kind in Israel, services Israel’s largest hotel management chain, foreign-based hotel groups, hotel franchises, management companies and hotel property owners.

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