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Founding Year 1997
Address CARMIEL BRANCH: 28 Hamatehet St., Carmiel 2165448 MAIN OFFICE: 15 Ma'ale Ha-Shikhrur St., Haifa 3328439 HAMEGINIM BRANCH: 39-41 Hameginim Road, Haifa - View Map
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Adv. Rachel Ben-Ari (Bar Rav Hay), Founding Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Adv. Rachel Ben-Ari (Bar Rav Hay)

Founding Partner

Gilat Vizel-Saban, Founding Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Gilat Vizel-Saban

Founding Partner

Abir Assadi, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Abir Assadi


YUVAL ADLER, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co



Eran Aloni, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Eran Aloni


Gili Shefer, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Gili Shefer


Shachar Hoffman, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Shachar Hoffman


Heli Dankner-Kohn, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Heli Dankner-Kohn


Avi Gabai, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Avi Gabai


Erez Milner, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Erez Milner


Moshe Parzanchevski, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Moshe Parzanchevski


Tzachi Fistel, Partner, Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co

Tzachi Fistel



The Ben-Ari, Fish, Saban & Co. law firm was founded in 1997 as a merger between two veteran Haifa firms and has a staff of 31 lawyers. In 2015, the firm moved to its new offices in the Even building (historic preservation), one of its kind, which combines old and new, and is known as Adam House, after the late Adv. Adam Fish. The law firm Ben-Ari, Fish, Saban & Co. is consistently ranked since 2009 as one of the leading law firms in Israel in national metrics. Ranked in the elite section of BDi Coface 2019 in the areas of labor law, higher education and local authorities. Also ranked as leading/outstanding/valued in the following fields: administrative law, environmental law, planning and construction, urban renewal, family wealth management, international commerce, hi-tech, mergers and acquisitions, municipal taxation and, slander, class action and litigation


Iris Gros, Irit Hocherman, Yael Hadani, Shay Notkin, Liat Werner-Cohen, Ronen Shklarsh, Eitan Fluger, Anat Lazar,Tal Regev, Adi Arman, Efrat Sagi, Luna Halloun, Nivi Attias, Hadas Gery, Noa Shahaf Rabi, Shir Sasson-Metzger, Eyal Sarid, Sapir Telumak, Berta Levin

Areas of Expertise
Public & Administrative Law – Litigation and consultation for local authorities, public bodies as well as private clients, in the fields of tenders, environmental issues, freedom of information, business licensing, national budget allocations for educational institutions, non-profit organizations.

Civil & Commercial Litigation – The Firm represents business, public and private clients in complex civil and commercial litigations, and has acquired unique expertise in conducting defamation and privacy protection cases.
Labor Relations – The Firm offers litigation services and ongoing legal advice to employers and employees in both collective disputes and individual issues.
Tenders Law – Consultation for local authorities, public bodies, and private clients, representation in legal proceedings, accompanying tenders, membership in tenders committees.
General education and higher education – longstanding expertise in all legal aspects of the higher education system in Israel, specializing in litigation and comprehensive legal counsel to educational institutions and leading higher education institutes.
Planning & Building – The Firm advises and supports planning projects of contracting companies, local authorities and private projects, specializes in representation vis-à-vis and of local, regional and national planning institutions.
Class actions – The Firm represents business, public and private clients, both as plaintiffs and defendants, in class actions involving a wide range of legal issues.
Municipal Taxes, Water & Sewage Corporations – The Firm offers advice and representation to local authorities, water and sewage corporations and taxpayers.
Environmental Law – Handling class actions, civil and criminal suits in the field of environmental protection, representation of entrepreneurs and public associations in the field.
Criminal and Disciplinary Procedures – The Firm provides representation in criminal, white collar, planning and building and business licensing cases.
Local and international Commercial Law – The Firm handles merges and acquisitions while engaging experts in contracts and corporate law, intellectual property, taxes, real estate, Energy and labor laws, and provides ongoing advice to low-tech and hi-tech corporations as well as public and government companies, including corporate secretary services.
Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations – The Firm provides ongoing legal advice in all aspects relating to registration and management of nonprofit organizations and work vis-à-vis the Corporations Authority and Tax Authority, inter alia, in matters of financial support and budgeting.
Real Estate Law – The Firm provides representation to companies, associations and private clients in all types of real estate transactions, and offers support and representation for National Master Plan 38 projects and evacuation and construction transactions.
Bequests, wills, inheritance disputes, inter-generational transfer and family wealth management – The Firm prepares complex wills and agreements between heirs, administers estates and endowments and provides representation on any related issues in all judicial instances.
Legal Capacity and Guardianship – Representation in proceedings to appoint a guardian, drafting a continuous power of attorney,, representation in proceedings to appoint a decision-making supporter.
Accessibility – The Firm renders advice to public organizations and entities obligated to make adjustments for accessibility to services for disabled people, provides trainings to employees regarding accessibility to services and representation in accessibility-related legal proceedings.
Arbitrations and Mediation – the firm’s senior lawyers serve as mediators and arbitrators in disputes in all legal fields.
Community outreach – Handling public and precedential cases pro-bono.

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