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Founding Year 2017
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Klara Fonarov, Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Klara Fonarov


Israel Zigenlaub, Adv., Founding Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Israel Zigenlaub, Adv.

Founding Partner

Gitit Rosenfeld-Berger, Adv, Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Gitit Rosenfeld-Berger, Adv


Dr. Roy Bar-Kahan, Adv., Founding Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Dr. Roy Bar-Kahan, Adv.

Founding Partner


Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co. has a solid reputation and extensive experience in civil-commercial law. The Firm specializes in commercial litigation in all legal instances and ongoing legal support for corporations and business people in all areas of commercial law, while permanently representing leading commercial entities in economy's various sectors (such as energy, infrastructure, industry, trade, retail, contracting companies, tourism, hi-tech and entrepreneurs), and counsels for complex and diverse litigation cases in all areas of civil law. As part of this activity, the Firm represents corporations and business people in Israel and abroad, both regarding their daily operations, in complex business processes such as mergers and acquisitions, and litigation in the various court instances.

A Little About the Firm
The Firm, with offices on the 26th floor of the Azrieli Center’s Square Tower, has 11 advocates, 4 of whom – Roy Bar-Kahan, Israel Zigenlaub, Gitit Rosenfeld-Berger, and Klara Fonarov, are partners.

Professional Differentiation and Values
Professionalism, Excellence and Creativity – the Firm specializes in personal attention to clients in complex legal processes, at the highest professional and creative level, according to the circumstances of each case.
Availability, commitment and dedication–the central values guiding the Firm’s legal work are dedication and total commitment to clients, with full availability. The Firm is committed to providing clients with the best, fastest, most appropriate and most efficient legal counsel.
Legal counsel and a broad business understanding – as part of comprehensive support for the Firm’s clients, the Firm’s partners are intensely involved in the client’s strategic-business thinking processes. This mix provides added value to the client, helps to promote business operations in a complex legal environment, and neutralizes legal risks.

Areas of Specialization
Commercial Litigation – representation and management of disputes and complex legal proceedings in all areas of commercial law and in all instances (Supreme Court, District Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, Labor Courts, as well as at arbitrations and tribunals); contractual disputes (including interpretation, execution, violations, relief, contractual and consumer claims, including breaches of disclosure obligations, distribution agreements and exclusivity), corporate disputes (including shareholders, control struggles, directors and officers liability, discrimination against minority shareholders, “lifting the corporate veil”), and various claims in the fields of banking and guarantees, procedures relating to infrastructure and contracting projects (including regarding the manner of execution and timetables), receiverships and liquidations, class actions, antitrust proceedings, various administrative procedures, real estate disputes (including regarding land rights, construction rights, dissolution of cooperation agreements, construction defects, tenant protection) administrative and civil procedures in planning and construction, disputes with employees, procedures in municipal taxation, and more.
Counseling Corporations – ongoing legal and business counsel for the corporation and its operations, including regarding the establishment and management of businesses and ventures, the formation of partnerships, relations and disputes between shareholders, relations with employees and suppliers of the company, conduct with regulators, rental agreements, opening of branches, providing legal opinions on issues relating to the corporation’s operations.
Transactions and Business Processes – handling, counsel and the management of negotiation processes for execution of various transactions, such as founders’ agreements, mergers and acquisitions, founding companies, joint ventures, acquisition of companies, various investment and financing transactions, tenders, management of legal processes relating to regulation and licensing, representation before regulatory authorities and administrative institutions.
Energy and Infrastructure – the Firm has a particular proficiency in energy and infrastructure issues relating to this area of activity, such as investment agreements, financing agreements, contracting agreements, handling regulation and licensing in the field. All this, in both traditional energy and renewable energy fields, but especially in natural gas.
Antitrust – representation of leading corporations in the economy in matters of monopolies, restrictive arrangements, corporate mergers, concentration, internal enforcement and compliance, concentration, internal enforcement and compliance, said in administrative proceedings whether civil or criminal, lass actions and private claims in antitrust.
Banking, Mortgages and Payment Arrangements – the Firm handles negotiations and debt arrangements with banks, representation regarding claims against banks, protection against bank claims, handling disputes, and disputes with banks and non-bank lenders, as well as the security of residential buildings, drawing on its extensive proficiency and considerable reputation.
Guarantees – provision of written legal opinions and advice, handling of liabilities following the signing of guarantees, protection of guarantors from claims by banks and non-bank lenders. The Firm has a particular proficiency in consumer law provisions that protect guarantors and debtors.
Retail Trade – the Firm handles negotiations and various corporate transactions on behalf of marketing, retail, private and public companies, inter alia, with leading real estate entities in the retail trade, with franchisees, suppliers, and other third parties.

The Legal Team
Adv. Roy Bar-Kahan – 25 years’ of experience in complex and diverse litigation and commercial law issues, and counsel for corporations and private individuals in all commercial law specialties. Specializes in litigation and legal counsel for companies and individuals in commercial law, contract law, corporate law, real estate transactions, liquidations and receiverships, creditors’ arrangements, bankruptcy, and labor law.
Adv. Israel Zigenlaub – 19 years’ of experience in complex and diverse litigation and commercial law issues, and counsel for corporations and private individuals in all commercial law specialties. Interned at the Supreme Court. Specializes in commercial litigation in the fields of contracts, corporations, administrative and constitutional law, land, and tenders. Also specializes in negotiations regarding commercial transactions and complex commercial processes, including those with the various regulatory authorities.
Adv. Gitit Rosenfeld-Berger – Specializes in commercial litigation and the fields of contracts, energy, corporations, retail and wholesale trade, administrative law, land, and tenders, and is involved in complex negotiations, dealing with various commercial transactions. Contributes unique proficiency in energy, infrastructures, and retail trade.
Adv. Klara Fonarov – Specializes in litigation and counsel for companies and individuals, commercial law, contract law, companies, guarantees, banking, liquidations and receiverships, creditors’ arrangements, bankruptcies.

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