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Founding Year 2017
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Tzvi Schwartz, Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Tzvi Schwartz


Dr. Roy Bar-Kahan, Adv., Founding Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Dr. Roy Bar-Kahan, Adv.

Founding Partner

Israel Zigenlaub, Adv., Founding Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Israel Zigenlaub, Adv.

Founding Partner

Klara Fonarov, Partner, Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Klara Fonarov


About Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co. has a solid reputation and extensive experience in civil-commercial law. The Firm specializes in commercial litigation in all legal instances and ongoing legal support for corporations and business people in all areas of commercial law, while permanently representing leading commercial entities in economy’s various sectors (such as energy, infrastructure, industry, trade, retail, contracting companies, tourism, hi-tech and entrepreneurs), and counsels for complex and diverse litigation cases in all areas of civil law. As part of this activity, the Firm represents corporations and business people in Israel and abroad, both regarding their daily operations, in complex business processes such as mergers and acquisitions, and litigation in the various court instances.

A Little About the Firm

The Firm, with offices on the 26th floor of the Azrieli Center’s Square Tower, has 12 advocates, 4 of whom – Roy Bar-Kahan, Israel Zigenlaub, Klara Fonarov, and Tzvi Schwartz, are partners.

Professional Differentiation and Values

Professionalism, Excellence and Creativity – the Firm specializes in personal attention to clients in complex legal processes, at the highest professional and creative level, according to the circumstances of each case.

Availability, commitment and dedication – the central values guiding the Firm’s legal work are dedication and total commitment to clients, with full availability. The Firm is committed to providing clients with the best, fastest, most appropriate and most efficient legal counsel.

Legal counsel and a broad business understanding – as part of comprehensive support for the Firm’s clients, the Firm’s partners are intensely involved in the client’s strategic-business thinking processes. This mix provides added value to the client, helps to promote business operations in a complex legal environment, and neutralizes legal risks.

Areas of Specialization

Commercial Litigation – Representing clients and managing complex legal disputes and proceedings in all fields of commercial law and in all courts of law, contract disputes, corporate disputes, various claims related to banking and guarantees, procedures related to infrastructure and various contracting projects, receivership and liquidation, class action suits, cases involving antitrust issues, administrative proceedings and real estate disputes, administrative and civil proceedings in the field of building planning and construction, worker disputes, municipal tax issues, etc.

Rehabilitation of companies – The firm has special expertise in stay of proceedings procedures and rehabilitation of companies under the new Insolvency and Rehabilitation Law.

Transactions and Business Procedures – Providing counsel and managing negotiations for different types of deals.

Corporate Legal Counsel – Ongoing legal/business counsel for corporations.

Energy and Infrastructure – The firm has special expertise in all legal issues about energy and infrastructure.

Antitrust – Representing leading corporations on issues related to antitrust issues.

Banking, Mortgages, Guarantees, and Repayment.

Plans – The firm handles negotiations and debt restructuring with banks.

Retail Commerce – The firm represents both private and publicly-owned retail businesses in various negotiations and transactions.

The Legal Team

Adv. Dr. Roy Bar-Kahan – 26 years of experience in complex litigation and supporting companies and individuals in all aspects of commercial law, and a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1994. LL.B. LL.M. and J.S.D. from the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. Dr. Bar-Kahan is an expert in litigation and counseling companies and individuals in commercial law, contract law, corporate law, real estate transactions, liquidations and receivership, creditor settlements, bankruptcies, labor law, and municipal law – with special expertise in banking and guarantees. Dr. Bar-Kahan frequently lectures at Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, IDC Herzliya and the College of Management. He also lectures at the Institute for Advanced Judicial Studies, the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, the Ministry of Justice and the Israel Bar Association (courses and training seminars on business law, contract law, banking law, guarantees, collateral, and deeds). He is a mediator and a member of the Israeli Arbitration Institute; former chairperson of the Property Tax and Compensation Fund Appeals Committee, Jerusalem; and author of the books “Guarantees” and “Guarantor Protection Laws,” and of many legal articles.

Adv. Israel Zigenlaub – 20 years of complex litigation experience and supporting individuals and companies in all aspects of commercial law. Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2000. LL.B. (with honors), Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University; interned at the Supreme Court. Adv. Zigenlaub specializes in commercial litigation in the following fields: contracts, corporate law, administrative and constitutional law, real estate and tenders. He is an expert negotiator who has handled a wide range of complex commercial transactions, including those involving administrative and regulatory authorities. He has particular expertise in the fields of energy and infrastructure and was a lecturer on contract law and the author of articles in legal journals.

Adv. Klara Fonarov – LL.B., LL.M. (with honors), Tel Aviv University. Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2012. Adv. Fonarov specializes in litigation and supporting companies and individuals in commercial law, contracts law, corporate law, guarantees, banking, liquidation and receivership, creditor arrangements, and bankruptcies.

She also supports day-to-day corporate activities such as: drawing up contracts, reviews, negotiations, consultations during complex transactions, Labor law, etc. and she is experienced in representing clients in international transactions. Adv. Fonarov has special expertise in municipal law (municipal property law).

Adv. Tzvi Schwartz – LL.B, Bar-Ilan University. Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2013. Adv. Schwartz specializes in commercial and civil litigation (including alternative dispute resolution) in a broad variety of commercial field such as contracts, securities, property, labor, and insolvency; various commercial transactions, incorporation and establishment of legal entities, investment agreement and transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and counsel in regard to various aspects of the transactions; and on-going counsel to corporations and individuals.

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