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Initiation, development and marketing of residential projects


Founding Year 1972
Address 57 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv - View Map
Phone 03-6374200; *4900
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Gil Gueron, Chairman of Ashdar Building Company & CEO of Ashtrom Group, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Gil Gueron

Chairman of Ashdar Building Company & CEO of Ashtrom Group

Arnon Fridman, Chief Executive Officer of Ashdar, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Arnon Fridman

Chief Executive Officer of Ashdar

Or Arielli, Chief Financial Officer, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Or Arielli

Chief Financial Officer

Amnon Machrez, CTO, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Amnon Machrez


Racheli Brizel, VP Marketing & Sales, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Racheli Brizel

VP Marketing & Sales

Tamar Herzig Peled, VP Business Development, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Tamar Herzig Peled

VP Business Development

Micha Kurtzbard, Manager of Real Estate Development, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Micha Kurtzbard

Manager of Real Estate Development

Omer Guggenheim, Head of Ashdar Boutique and Vice President of Ashdar, Ashdar Building Company Ltd. – Part of the Ashtrom Group

Omer Guggenheim

Head of Ashdar Boutique and Vice President of Ashdar


Ashdar Building Co. Ltd., part of the Ashtrom Group, and under the management of Arnon Fridman, is one of Israel's leading companies in entrepreneurial residential construction. The Company, whose bonds are traded on the TASE, is active in the initiation, development, and marketing of high-quality residential projects throughout Israel, and as well, is a leader in the urban renewal field. Ashdar sells hundreds of residential units annually and has a backlog of thousands of residential units at various planning stages. The Company is involved in the initiation, planning, and construction of residential projects for over 10,000 additional residential units. Ashdar is under the full control of the Ashtrom Group, one of the largest and most stable companies in Israel.

An Innovative Residence Concept
The high importance placed by Ashdar on understanding its customers’ needs has made it a leader in its field for over 40 years of activity, specializing in the construction of residential projects with a particular emphasis on the planning of the residential units and buildings. As part of its innovational approach, Ashdar promotes “demolition and reconstruction” projects and is one of Israel’s front runners in obtaining urban renewal outline plan approvals. The Company has contracts with residential unit owners in urban renewal projects in dozens of localities throughout Israel.

Ashdar aspires to continue as a leader in its field and provide services in a high-quality living environment. The Company’s business strategy is to expand its scope of operations to some 1,000 residential units each year, with revenue totaling NIS 1.5 billion while focusing on the construction of residential projects in high-demand areas throughout Israel.

Ashdar Boutique
Over the last ten years, Ashdar has been operating through “Ashdar Boutique” in the initiation, planning, construction, and marketing of small-scale projects, most of as TAMA 38 projects. Ashdar has over 40 projects in various planning and execution stages in Ra’anana, Ramat Ha’Sharon, Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Gan, Givatayim, Kiryat Ono and other locations.

Selected Projects
Recanati Residence – Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv: This desirable and well-known quarter is undergoing a facelift and adapting itself to the latest trends in the world of design, architecture, and lifestyle.
Ashdar’s Recanati Residence project blends in harmoniously within the local texture while maintaining a studied, elegant presence, consisting of 3 buildings rising to 16 stories above ground level, and offering 198 residential units. The project is a unique and exceptional example of urban renewal, offering a high-quality living experience, emphasizing the quality of the living spaces, good air flows, and a particularly high standard of finish. The project includes 3-, 4- and 5-room residential units together with 6-room penthouses and mini-penthouses, all provided with high quality advanced aluminum infrastructures, flooring, and cladding to a high standard, individual air-conditioning systems, high-quality kitchen, and bathroom cabinets and deluxe sanitary ware and taps.
Ashdar Tagor – Neve Avivim, Tel Aviv: The Ashdar Tagor project is located on the corner of Einstein and Tagor streets in the upscale Neve Avivim neighborhood, opposite the Ramat Aviv Mall.
The project envelopes three meticulously designed buildings that agree with international residential trends, with high standards of construction, and spectacular design. The project offers 3,5 and 6 room residential units, a garden duplex, a garden unit, mini-penthouses and penthouses. The project is located nearby the Ramat Aviv Mall, a short distance from Tel Aviv University, and nearby the “Chess Park”.
Ashdar Agamim, Netanya: In Netanya’s Agamim quarter, Ashdar is building 581 residential units in twelve 4-16-story buildings. The project includes 4- and 5-room spacious residential units, penthouses, mini-penthouses, and garden units, adjoining the Netanya Winter Lake Park currently being renovated.
Ashdar Sharona, Kfar Yona: The project offers 318 residential units in seven 9-story buildings. The project is located in the Sharona neighborhood in the developing eastern part of Kfar Yona, close to Moshav Yanuv. Also planned for the neighborhood is an extensive park, a country club, educational institutions, various public buildings and a commercial center. The neighborhood benefits from good access to Highways 6, 4, and 2.
Ashdar Monosson: In Neve Monosson-Yehud, progress continues on the last stage of Ashdar’s upscale project, forming part of an entrepreneurial “demolition-reconstruction” program. The project is built upon the last remaining land block available in the settlement and is located at the center of the Ono Valley nearby the Savion Junction and offers 620 residential units in ten multi-story buildings with 4- and 5-room residential units, garden units and penthouses.
Lev Ganei Tikva: In line with the growing trend in Israel and globally of mixed residential and commercial use projects, Ashdar and its partner are building a project with a careful architectural design in Ganei Tikva. The project offers 250 residential units in two 22-23-story towers with 4-, 5- and 6-room residential units, mini-penthouses, and penthouses.
New Krinitzi: Ashdar, in collaboration with partners, is developing the New Krinitzi project, which offers 476 residential units in four 20-25-story luxury towers, planned to an exceptionally high standard. The project entails meticulously designed modern residential units with luxurious lobbies to a rich specification and a wealth of spaces for the resident’s enjoyment and a 40-dunam public park.
Ashdar Harish: In Harish’s Prachim neighborhood, Ashdar is building a project offering 340 residential units in eleven buildings, with 4 and 5-room residential units, garden units, and penthouses, all geared to young couples, families, and home upgraders.
Ashdar Nahalat Yehuda in Rishon Le’Zion: Located in the western neighborhood of Nahalat Yehuda, construction of the “Ashdar Nahalat Yehuda” project’s two residential towers is underway. Each tower will have 27 floors and offer 212 housing units, with 4 and 5 rooms and penthouses. The project overlooks a villa neighborhood to the east, Rishon Le’Zion’s west and to the sea. The project has been carefully planned, and its apartments offer a particularly high standard of construction and living.

Selected Future Projects:
In the upcoming year, Ashdar plans to market some 800 apartments in Kiryat Ono, some of them under the Government’s Mechir Lamishtaken (Buyer’s Price) scheme, and others on the open market, as well as urban renewal projects in Ramat Gan.
The company has been offering high-quality res-idential solutions in Israel for over 40 years, in the course of which it has provided housing for tens of thousands of families all over the coun-try, materializing its vision as a leading company in its field for many years to come.

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