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Founding Year 2014
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Ronit A. Zisman, Founding Partner, A. Zisman Shani, Law Firm & Mediation

Ronit A. Zisman

Founding Partner

Arthur Shani, Founding Partner, A. Zisman Shani, Law Firm & Mediation

Arthur Shani

Founding Partner

Sivan Mashiah, Associate, A. Zisman Shani, Law Firm & Mediation

Sivan Mashiah


Sapir Nachmani, Associate, A. Zisman Shani, Law Firm & Mediation

Sapir Nachmani



A. Zisman Shani Law Office deals with family matters, inheritance, wealth management and family assets, and was established following a merger of two law firms with legal and mediation practice - the Ronit A. Zisman and the Arthur Shani law firms. The merger into one firm took place after several years of cooperation and collaboration in court representations in the fields of family law, divorce and separation in general, as well as in settlement of family disputes - through negotiations, mediation and work with a multidisciplinary team. Their activities were carried out through a "private mediation" center, which is jointly owned and continues to operate alongside the Firm.

(Prior mergers – 2011 and 2014)

The Firm’s motto is: “Family law – For any Family.” The joint firm ensures that every client is respectet and that each family member receives a proper response to their needs and wishes.

How Does this Work?
Zisman Shani uses a “problem-solving framework for new lawyers.” Under this framework, new clients who approach the Firm undergo a process that enables the Firm to understand the clients bigger picture, including their legal needs and problems, and to combine the appropriate legal expertise with co-operation with other professionals to completely respond to the client’s needs.
The Firm’s staff includes Attorney and Mediator Arthur Shani, Attorney and Mediator Ronit A. Zisman, Attorney Sivan Mashiach, Attorney Sapir Nachmani and Alona Turchov, the Firm’s legal assistant – intern.

Availability and flexibility in communications – The Firm is committed to open and easy communication with the client. During the first stage there will always be a face-to-face consultation meeting (if necessary, remotely, by digital means), and later on – the consultations can be digital via e-mail, “WhatsApp” or “Skype.” Instead of registered mail and fax, the Firm uses courier services. The availability and flexibility of these communication mediums significantly improve the efficiency of handling the client’s affairs and allows the parties to be in contact whenever they feel comfortable so that they can send an e-mail or “WhatsApp” text message whenever they want and receive a timely response.
Co-operation and transparency with the client – during the handling of the legal affairs, the client receives a detailed explanation of the legal situation, as well as an account of possible methods of action, with details of the advantages and disadvantages of each legal action. In addition, clients may choose a preferred course of action, after they have understood and examined the available methods and the relevant legal points of view that the Firm has offered. Throughout the process the client is updated on what is happening with his case – everything is organized, as the Firm stresses constant follow-up.
Attention to detail diligence and legal innovation – the Firm also invests in the academic aspect of its work and is always diligent in promoting further study, regular examination of legal innovations and their use, all to remain relevant and to provide the most appropriate legal response to the contemporary world of law. The Firm provides comprehensive legal attention that considers the entire picture: both the facts on the ground and the legal aspects – including legislation, court rulings and legal and general literature.

Practice Areas
The Firm is divided along three main categories: family and divorce matters; inheritance law, wills, and estates; and the management of family property other and assets.
Family Matters, Divorce and Separation – Zisman Shani focuses on family law, and offers its clients a wide range of family law services, including divorce or separation, representation and litigation in family courts and rabbinical courts, drafting family agreements, including prenuptial agreements, joint life agreements, mutual respect agreements, parental agreements, family peace agreements – or alternatively – divorce agreements, loan or gift agreements, as well as representation in other family matters, such as determining guardianship relatives or property, etc.
When the Firm represents its clients in family disputes, its goal is to prevent the conflict from being a trauma point that will haunt the family for years. The Firm refers to the family conflict as a crisis that can be solved by cooperative and fair methods for resolving family disputes. The Firm applies to the various judicial instances and represents its clients when the conflict is already underway there, or where other avenues have been unsuccessful. The Firm operates from the perception that a family is not chosen, and that even if the parties separate and the family changes its form, the parents still do not cease to be parents and agreements must be reached respectfully and adequately.
Zisman Shani believes in equal and respectful treatment for all types of families: families where the father and mother still live in the same home; families where the father or mother live in separate homes; families that include a father and a father, or a mother and a mother; families of a first marriage, or families of later marriage; LGBT couples oror families; families with a single parent or with many parents and extended families. The Zisman Shani approach focuses on law that solves problems, allowing it to meet the specific needs of the client.
Inheritance Law, Wills, and Probate – Zisman Shani provides legal service involving wills, inheritances, and estates. The Firm deals with a variety of issues, from preparing wills and adapting them to the client’s wishes and needs, to handling inheritance disputes and the distribution of estates, including applying for a will or succession order, as well as objections to inheritances and objections to wills.
Zisman Shani believes that when a client decides to write a will, the client must ensure that the professional who edits it is knowledgeable about inheritance laws and, even more so, handles inheritance disputes and will objections so that the professional can identify problems that may surface when the time comes to trigger the will. In this way, it will be possible to edit the will, with the future in mind.
Management of Family Equity, Trusts, and Private Clients – Zisman Shani handles family assets, which is considered one of the most sensitive and complex areas of law. This field combines family law, inheritance, real estate, and commercial law.
Zisman Shani services the needs of clients who are about to, or have already accumulated various assets, such as apartments, businesses, funds, etc., and they want to preserve the assets and judicially pass them on to future generations. The Firm assists families in planning and managing their assets, investments and family trusts, with reference to law and case law, as well as offering ongoing attention in family businesses.
The proper management of family assets begins with preparing prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements in the various chapters of the relationship and proceeds with more complex activities such as trusts and complex inter-generational transfers. Zisman Shani handles complex agreements and arrangements between generations, preparing wills, planning, and tax advice at the time of property transfer, and if necessary client representation in legal proceedings related to the family assets (including intellectual property, shares, reputation, financial, digital, etc.). The Firm also handles asset management and the inter-generational transfers of family assets, matched by real estate or other transactions, and provides diverse legal advice in other areas.

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