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Founding Year 1923
Address HaHilazon 6, Ramat Gan 5252270, Natanzon St 1.Haifa- View Map
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The Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. Law Firm is one of Israel's most distinguished and leading firms. The Firm offers its clients complete and first-rate legal services, pertinent to the commercial, civil, and public fields. Over its nine decades of legal work, since its establishment in 1923, the Firm has developed a professional outlook, based on the human assets it has nurtured from within. In this way, the Firm has succeeded in developing and maintaining an intellectual elasticity and diversity with uncompromising devotion to providing its clients with the utmost professional quality and personal care.

Jaacov Rivanowitch

Ofer Schweizer

Hanoch Morgenstern

Nitza Posner

Narda Ben-Zvi

Asaf Samuel

Dror Timor

Eran Seraya

Almog Doron

Amit Ron

Amit Gur

Einat Carmi-Barak

Noam Bar-David

David Schottenfels

Ori Kasir

Merav Arad Salomon

Ayman Sabbah

Chen Dastagor

Maher Dali

Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. provides its clients with full one stop shop legal representation, tailored to the clients’ specific needs and characteristics. The Firm’s clientele includes many leading Israeli companies and groups from all economic sectors, including banks and financial institutions, energy and utility companies, real estate companies, industrial corporations, hi-tech and biotech companies, transportation companies, infrastructure companies, local and foreign investors in Israel and abroad and a wide variety of cooperatives. Salomon, Lipschütz & Co.’s long and successful legal activities have earned it broad recognition from international and local ranking guides, which have rated it as one of Israel’s leading law firms.
Moreover, the Firm has been chosen as the sole and exclusive Israeli law firm to take a highly-respected part in the international legal network of ABL (Alliance of Business Lawyers) – a dynamic legal network that links selected law firms in Europe, North America and across the world, allowing ABL members to communicate in a variety of languages. This fact is one of the reasons for the Firm, despite its size and persistent growth, maintaining the unique family atmosphere of its first days, as well as the high ethical standards of its lawyers.
Dedication, creativity, and expertise of its staff contribute to its ability to maintain loyal clients for many years. The Firm strongly believes that the unique and distinctive combination of young and energetic attorneys, working closely with the senior partners who, in turn, contribute their experience and leadership, is the winning combination for the Firm’s clients.

The Partners
Jaacov Rivanowitch, Adv. – Education: Hebrew University (LL.B., 1980). Practice Areas: Banking, Mortgages, Commercial Law, Securities, Contracts, and Bankruptcy. Partner since 1988.
Ofer Schweizer, Adv. – Education: Bar-Ilan University (LL.B., 1989). Practice Areas: Real-Estate, Contracts, Tenders, Commercial Law, Property, Planning and Construction and Tax. Partner since 1997.
Hanoch Morgenstern, Adv. – Education: Bar-Ilan University (LL.B., 1990). Practice Areas: Real-Estate, Planning and Construction, Contracts, Real Estate Development, Business Licensing, Partner since 1997.
Nitza Posner, Adv. – Education: Tel-Aviv University (LL.B., 1978). Practice Areas: Entities and Corporations, Banks and Finance, Insolvencies. Partner since 2013.
Narda Ben-Zvi, Adv. – Education: Tel-Aviv University (LL.B.), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1985). Practice Areas: Hi-Tech, Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Corporations, and Commercial Law. Partner since 2016.
Asaf Samuel, Adv. – Education: University of East London (LL.B., 1993), London School of Economics (LL.M.). Practice Areas: Contracts, Corporations, Banking, Bankruptcy, International Trade, Environmental Law, Litigation. Partner since 1999.
Dror Timor, Adv. – Education: University of Haifa (LL.B., 1995), Hebrew University (LL.M., 1999). Practice Areas: Banking, Corporations and Commercial Law, Execution, and Contracts. Partner since 2001.
Eran Seraya, Adv. – Education: Hebrew University (LL.B., 1995). Practice Areas: Corporations, Real-Estate, Commercial Law, and Municipal Taxation. Partner since 2001.
Almog Doron, Adv. – Education: Coventry University (LL.B., 1992). Practice Areas: Merges and Acquisitions, Energy and natural gas. Partner since 2018.
Amit Ron, Adv. – Education: University of Haifa (LL.B., B.A. Economics, 1999). Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation, Contracts, Corporations, Administrative Law, Planning and Construction, Business Licensing, Tenders, and Intellectual Property. Partner since 2006.
Amit Gur, Adv. – Education: University of Haifa (LL.B., 2000). Practice Areas: Administrative Law, Tenders, Public Transportation, Class Action and Litigation. Partner since 2007.
Einat Carmi-Barak, Adv. – Education: Tel-Aviv University (LL.B., 1997); Tel-Aviv University (B.A. Economics, 1997) with honors. The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Business Management (M.B.A 2003). Practice Areas: Employment Law, Litigation, Corporations, and Commercial law. Partner since 2014.
Noam Bar-David, Adv. – Education: University of Haifa (LL.B., B.A. Economics, 2001). Practice Areas: Commercial, Contracts, Banking, Bankruptcy, Litigation. Partner since 2009.
David Schottenfels, Adv. – Education: Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LL.B.). Practice Areas: Hi-Tech, Commercial Litigation. Partner since 2016.
Ori Kasir, Adv. – Education: Ha’Michlalah Leminhal (LL.B., 2003). Practice Areas: Hi-Tech, Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Corporations and Commercial Law, Partner since 2016.
Merav Arad Salomon, Adv. – Education: Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LL.B., 1983). Practice Areas: Commercial Law, Cooperatives, Antitrust. Partner since 2017.
Ayman Sabbah Adv. – Education: Herdfordsheir University (LL.B., 2002). Practice Areas: Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation Partner since 2018.
Chen Dastagor, Adv. – Education: Bar Ilan University of Jerusalem (LL.B., 2006). Practice Areas: Commercial Real Estate. Partner since 2018.
Maher Dali, Adv. – Education: Nottingham University (LL.B., 2002). Practice Areas: Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation Partner since 2018.

Practice Areas: • Banking • Real Estate • Hi-Tech • Commercial Litigation • Planning and Construction • Intellectual Property • Administrative Law and Tenders • Transportation • Commercial Law • Labor Law • Urban Renewal • Cooperatives • Arbitration and Mediation • Insolvency • Crisis Management • Antitrust • Class Actions • Municipal Taxation • Environment • Insurance • Torts.

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